Jack - The search for Constables and a Co-GM

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    May 6th, 1888 - Oxford, London

    A strange occurrence happened earlier that week at the Saint Jude Hospital... a corpse disappeared. You are a constable of London, and it is your job to unveil the mystery of the vanished dead man, and the strange blood trail leading to a simple word shining crimson on the wall; Jack. The following year will be crucial, for a great monster will be unleashed if you do not discover that corpse... and what took it...

    As you can see, it will be an alternate, low-key supernatural horror piece, where nothing is what it originally seems. You will incarnate one sole constable, on the bottom of the law enforcement echelon, even, that will struggle for both recognition and answers. It will be dangerous, it will be challenging and it will be a long journey to high positions and solved mysteries.

    Even with the Case of Jack underway, you will still have to solve other cases, as money means a place to sleep, warmth in the cold London weather and finally food to feed yourself an any who are dependent on you. Half visual novel and half murder mystery, will you find what you seek?

    The various mysteries and cases as well as the world is still very much merely a thought on the back of my head, but I wanted to see who would be willing to try such a rp, and who would be willing to be my Co-GM. If you are interested at all with this idea, just say so here, and I will work with you to make it a reality :)!
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  2. Holy mother of baby jesus i love this!
  3. Haha, I like your reaction! Are you here for a Constable position or as a prospective Co-GM? :)
  4. Well explain to me what id be doing as a co gm?
  5. You'll be helping me come up with more minor cases and help keep things nice and tidy.
  6. Oh yeah i can do that!
  7. I like it! This sounds really cool!
  8. Ooh, great!

    I think two interests is enough for me to get out there and make an OOC.
  9. Would you mind me being a constable and a co gm?
  10. Sure but in that case you would only be able to help me keep things tidy and elaborate on my result stubs I would give you, are you fine with that? Or else knowing the plots and cases would kinda remove the fun for you.
  11. Oh thennvm lol ill just be a co gm i like writing mysteries
  12. Okay then :)!
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