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    (This is not the real story. . .obviously)
    The setting is the summer of 1888 in London, England. A String of murders have been popping up, the current victims are local prostitutes with their stomachs ripped open and organs missing. The horrid site stirred panic quickly and the Police were forced into extreme measures to catch this man they have named 'Jack the Ripper'. What they don't know is that Jack isn't even a human being, but a celestial being taking control of poor innocents to commit his murderous deeds, but what about the organs that were missing?

    Soon, the police find a man hiding away in a dark abandoned home. Blood was caked onto his outfit, he wore a mask and was preaching about being 'Jack'. They took him in for questioning but he didn't say anything noteworthy, except for 'Jack is coming and no one can stop him...' was all the man could manage to say. They passed it off as a mental illness and imprisoned the man in a local Asylum.


    A week after the supposed arrest of 'Jack' another string of murders appear in the same bloody fashion. This time, organs weren't missing. Limbs were. Toes, feet, fingers and everything in between would be stripped from the bodies. They believed it was just a cheap imitation of the real killer and quickly set out to find this phony and bring him in. They did just that, they found a man dressed in the same fashion as the last. They brought him in for questioning and he preached the same thing as the last one. 'Jack is coming and no one can stop him...'

    Word spread quickly of the two arrested men, the words they sputtered. Panic is beginning arise in London and the Police are losing control of the situation quickly. What will happen? Why are these murderers gathering organs and body parts, where are all the missing pieces and who is the real 'Jack'?

    Will you be able to help solve the mystery as a normal Civilian, or maybe you are one of the working Officers on the case. Or perhaps you are even one of the deranged Murderers that are under the control of 'Jack'.


    Okay, that is the gist of things going on in the roleplay. There will essentially be three 'factions' in this roleplay. I assume you will be able to pinpoint which Factions will be in the roleplay and yes, each one will have a limit.

    In this Roleplay, 'Jack' is a supernatural being from Hell itself and needs a corporal body instead of his spirit one. He can only do so much in the form he is in now, and that is only being able to take over the minds of the 'weak' ones. He strikes when someone is at their mentally weakest moment. Maybe the person is stressing out to much, or they begin to give up on life and that is when he takes over. This will also take place after the second arrest, leaving everyone in the middle of things so it doesn't start off so slow. It is possible in the roleplay to be taken over by Jack and join the side of the Murderers.

    This is just an Interest Check, if more people get on this idea then I will make an actual Thread in the Horror Group and make a Skeleton Sheet for everyone.

    If anyone has any questions that I may have forgotten to mention in this, please ask them in this Thread or even PM me about them.
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  6. this looks awesome..gotta love Jack the Ripper! *sighs* due to health I wouldn't be very active at the moment..so I may have to give this one a miss..dang it! but it looks sooo awesome! :] uhh..if there's any spots open in the future , may I reserve one? JR always has a special place in my dark and twisted heart :]
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