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    (This is not the real story. . .obviously)
    The setting is the summer of 1888 in London, England. A String of murders have been popping up, the current victims are local prostitutes with their stomachs ripped open and organs missing. The horrid site stirred panic quickly and the Police were forced into extreme measures to catch this man they have named 'Jack the Ripper'. What they don't know is that Jack isn't even a human being, but a celestial being taking control of poor innocents to commit his murderous deeds, but what about the organs that were missing?

    Soon, the police find a man hiding away in a dark abandoned home. Blood was caked onto his outfit, he wore a mask and was preaching about being 'Jack'. They took him in for questioning but he didn't say anything noteworthy, except for 'Jack is coming and no one can stop him...' was all the man could manage to say. They passed it off as a mental illness and imprisoned the man in a local Asylum.


    A week after the supposed arrest of 'Jack' another string of murders appear in the same bloody fashion. This time, organs weren't missing. Limbs were. Toes, feet, fingers and everything in between would be stripped from the bodies. They believed it was just a cheap imitation of the real killer and quickly set out to find this phony and bring him in. They did just that, they found a man dressed in the same fashion as the last. They brought him in for questioning and he preached the same thing as the last one. 'Jack is coming and no one can stop him...'

    Word spread quickly of the two arrested men, the words they sputtered. Panic is beginning arise in London and the Police are losing control of the situation quickly. What will happen? Why are these murderers gathering organs and body parts, where are all the missing pieces and who is the real 'Jack'?

    Will you be able to help solve the mystery as a normal Civilian, or maybe you are one of the working Officers on the case. Or perhaps you are even one of the deranged Murderers that are under the control of 'Jack'.

    (Slot sizes may increase the more interest this gains)

    You are the Civilian of London. Living your life in fear of the string of murders going around. Many will not survive, but will you? Will you stand by and let the officers deal with the problem, or will you take it into your own hands?

    1. Cameron Braggire| Private Detective| @DacksonFlux
    2. Erksine Chalmers| New CEO| @FetusMaknae
    3. Jurgen Baumann| Protestant Priest| @Blandman

    You are the law enforcement of London, on the case of fining Jack and putting him to justice. Lately, things have been getting out of control and only a select few are on the case of finding Jack. The rest of the Officers are trying to keep the peace.

    1. Chief of Police - Reserved
    2. Reserved - Justice Hunt

    You are the unfortunate members of society that could not stay mentally sane. Jack attacked at your weakest moment and made you a slave. A Murderer, someone who will do the bidding of the spiritual being and kill for his ultimate goal.

    1. Reserved - Zackymas
    2. Cameron Braggire| Private Detective| @DacksonFlux

    1. Your characters can die, no one is safe. This does not mean everyone will, but if your character encounters a situation that ends in death, they will die, no bullshitting out of it and saving yourself. You can make a new character if you had yours killed off.
    2. For now, only 1 Character per RPer, you might be able to have more depending on the interest of the RP.
    3. I have the right to kick you out of the RP if you are causing havoc and drama.
    4. You must have at least a paragraph. Give people something to work with.
    5. You are required to post once a week, if you do not inform me on why you cannot post within the week then your character will be taken over by me and most likely killed off.
    6. Not everyone can become an Officer, first come fist serve.
    7. Be realistic. I don't want the Officers/Civilians/Murderers figuring everything out in the first post. No one knows what is going on, no one knows that Jack is a being from Hell.
    8. I may have forgotten some things, I will update the rules when I think of them. I will inform everyone when the rules have been updated.

    Character Sheet

    Appearance: (Real Photo or Description is fine)

    (I like to learn a Characters personality and History through RP. I like surprises, so I don't want to know your Characters life story right off the bat.)


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  2. Reserve me a murderer please
  3. Name: Zachariah Taylor.
    Appearance: He is definetly a plain clothes detective type. Often will wear a suit in a rebellious fashion and with trench coat. very casual outside of work. has messy black hair with slight beard growth and sharp green eyes with a scar on the right side of his face.
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Plain Clothes detective.
    Likes: The occasional drink or smoke, Friends,Loyalty to friends, Moral type Justice, Standing up for the little guy, making a life alittle easier for the unfortunate.
    Fears: That his past will catch up to him, he will fail to solve the case.
    Extra: Was once a street rat and had a record but had enough talent and street connections he became an asset and weaseled himself a job. the murders hit close to home due to death of his mother and sister though both in separate cases.​
  4. This seems like hella fun, sign me up for murderer please. :)

    Name: Cameron Braggire
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Private Detective (I'm big on irony, so I want to play a detective/criminal)
    Likes: Learning and discovering new things, Italian cuisine, and solving mysteries/puzzles (he has a collection of puzzle boxes, jigsaw, etc...)
    Fears: Black birds, black cats, and other black animals associated with bad omens...he's also terrified of the possibility of going insane
    Extra: He twitches when he's angry
  5. can i reserve one of the officers?
  6. ( I'll sign up as a civilian )
    Name: Erskine Chalmers
    Appearance: Shoulder length, bright orange hair, normally half tied up with the other half and the bangs out. Pale, Scottish skin with freckles on the cheeks and nose. 174cm, 60kgs, slim built body type. Big, bright green eyes with v-shape jaw-line and a skinny and high-bridged nose.
    Age: 15
    Occupation: New owner of his father's company.
    Likes: Logical games like chess, reading, writing, maths, science.
    Fears: Fire and the woods.
    Extras: Blind on the left eye, wears a brown, leather eye patch.
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  7. (Hope this is okay)

    Name: Jurgen Auguste Baumann

    Show Spoiler

    Age: 27

    Occupation: Protestant Priest

    Likes: Jurgen is a humble man, and so his list of hobbies are appropriately modest. Most days he can content himself with playing the piano or church organ, reading the book (diligent study of the Bible on a Sunday), or listening to those who need a friendly ear.

    Fears: Coming from a family of German Christians, Jurgen has had the Faith strongly instilled within him and he fears straying from this path. He has found his belief wavering of late due to continuing scientific advancement and the challenges it throws in the face of Christianity. But above all he fears failing in his duty as a Priest.

    Extra: Jurgen's church is a poor one, and he has been given it due to his relative youth. Most of his people are poor, and a few of those who have been murdered recently were buried by him. The spat of murders has thrown the local populace into fear, and he is keen to alleviate their worries.
  8. Name: Sigfried Yugoslav

    Appearance: His hair is dark black but the sides have started to go grey from the stress placed on him. He stands at 71 cm and weighs 160 pounds. His facial features are skeletal and his nose is slightly pointed. He has green eyes, slim black eyebrows, and calm pale skin.

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Medical Doctor

    Likes: Sigfried has a fascination with performing surgery on living specimens trying to observe how the body works under certain stresses. He enjoys having intelligent conversations with people who possess the ability to hold a intelligent conversations.

    Fears: Being apprehended by police or being killed before he can complete his work.

    Extra:He keeps an eye on the newspapers and lacks faith in anything. He looks to take advantage of the chaos that has taken over the local populace to let his inner demon out or at least he thinks it's his demon.

    (I hope you're still taking and yes Sigfried is a Murderer)
  9. @Edge you ever going to look at my char?
  10. Yes we are still accepting and daemon, I was looking over. Plain Clothes Detective...so is he on the Officer side or the Civilian? I assume you mean Officers but I may be wrong.
  11. ah. should've said it but yeah my guy is a cop.
  12. So what do you think of my mad doctor?
  13. This might be a really really uber skyrocketing duper stupid question but...has the IC begun and if so, where is it?
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