Jack of All Trades [OoC]

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  1. Once upon a time, there lived an odd entity who existed through many incarnations. Throughout these incarnations, he was known by many names, and retained memories of every life he ever had...

    During his final incarnation, he had achieved true immortality, and in turn, took the shape of an odd, otherwordly being - an amalgamation of all things he had command of over his lifetimes.

    Today, he intends to pass his traits on to potential heroes, in an effort to ignite the flames that will guide them to becomes Masters of his abilities.

    He is the Master of None...

    He is the...


    You are one of the four Jacks training under the Master of None. But, which one?

    has mastery over the very flames of hell. Often known by names such as 'will o the wisp', a being of this power can function using demonic powers. The demonic affinity of this ability allows one to summon demonic familiars from the depths of hell at higher levels. In other words, a witch, a spirit, or something like that. The Jack-o-Lantern, when mastered, can either be a demon to fear, or a hero to respect.

    Jack Frost is the personification of frigid winter, frosty snow, and the very cold. Jack Frost has the ability to manipulate the very cold around him. Jack Frost has the potential to create many forms of ice-based natural phenomenom, from avalanches to hail. If mastered beyond Jack, it could potentially freeze the unfreezable. Now I know what you must be thinking - everything has a freezing point. Every THING that is.

    Jack the Ripper is the title given to thirteen different serial killers whose true identities were never truly found. Their leader was the Master of None. The Jack the Ripper of today - you - will be nurtured into a great assassin. As Jack the Ripper, you must be swift in movement, thinking, dexterity and reaction time. Time waits for no one, which makes being one with the wind important. As a true assassin, it is also important to ensure that none see you before you land your first strike. The key has, and will always be, stealth.

    Jack Kent, the trickster, the prankster, the one who fools. Think it's just a simpleton? Well, think again. While it is important for Jack Kent to be a natural prankster, capable of decieving the minds of unintelligent foes, it is also important for Jack Kent to learn to play mind games and utilise all kinds of trickery and illusions on opponents, as well as close-range debuffs that... are not very honourable. It must be remembered that, to destabilize a mind, you need a stable mind. Jack Kent is at its weakest when the mind is not present.​
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  2. Four different people of four different origins, inhabiting different lands.

    They have been seen and chosen by the Master who calls himself the Master of None.

    He may be a Master of versatility, but he intends to teach his students individual skills, hoping that they will reach peaks not even he could touch.

    After his task is done, he has passed his teachings, and thus, the decision of destiny is up to the four students.

    But for now, these four students train under the Master of None, learning about their inert potential, a power that could exceed many. As they do, they will be faced with many challenges, both in and out of the training halls...

    Rules and Notes

    Naturally, one Jack one person. The Master of None is an NPC played by me.
    The usual rules. No godmods or powerplays and all that.
    The training hall's interdimensional, the Jacks can use their portal devices to enter and exit. Be careful to not let it get in the wrong hands! And to those who bear these wrong hands, be careful!
    Aside from Jack characters, max 3 characters per person.
    The 'Others' characters are an umbrella term for allies and antagonists alike.​
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    • (Insert picture/s here, preferably anime-themed)

      Name: Your real name
      Age: You're just a human with potential. Preferably below 18.
      Gender: Well, just make sure that we don't have a monogender main cast. What is this? TMNT?
      Role: Which Jack are you?
      Appearance: Your picture above isn't 100% accurate. Add traits, such as height! Don't put a picture here.
      Personality: Well?
      History: Up until you meet the Master of None. Do note that you uncover your hidden potential before stumbling upon him. For e.g. you find yourself conjuring elements of fire or ice, or you have actually had slight prior experience in the art of conning/assassination.
      Abilities: What abilities do you start off with?
      Potential Future Abilities: What will you learn in future? Nothing too broken, we're not looking that far into the future.
      Skills: What can your character do apart from just fight?

      Master State Appearance: Master State is a state which is activated when a Jack is pushed too far into a corner, metaphorically that is. It is a somewhat of a Deus Ex Machina button, but it won't always win.
      Master State Alterations: Any enhanced stats? A few additional abilities?

      Others: Stuff that don't fit up there.
    • (Insert Picture Here)

      Role: Like, are you an ally to the Jacks? An antagonist? Something? Maybe your job.
      Appearance: In addition to the above picture.
      Personality: Duh.
      History: Well?
      Abilities: Well...
      Others: Stuff that don't fit up there.
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  3. Cast

    Main cast

    Jack Frost - IceQueen - ??? - ???
    Jack-o-Lantern - Cactush - Greg - Male
    Jack the Ripper - Crow - Asuka - Female
    Jack Kent - EternalMusic - Alexandria - Female


    ??? - ??? - ???​
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  4. [​IMG]
    "I am a bird, uncaged and free."




    Jack the Ripper

    Despite her age, she is a 1.7 metres tall and has a bust of size B. Her slender figure has been perfected to allow streamlined agility. Her skin is rather pale in comparison to others, and her eyes are bloody red like dead victims of hers.

    Asuka is cold. Asuka is ruthless. She is a child who cares little about others, and only believes in making herself stronger, and her own survival. She is one who believes that everyone else is a burden, and she is better off alone, free like a bird, hence her name. She is difficult to warm up to. One can see that she does not like owing others anything, and hence, wishes for others to not do favours for her.

    Asuka is a rogue, runaway ninja from the a clan in Kyoto, who disagreed with their rules and thus, chose to leave, accepting what she recognises as 'freedom'. As such, she has long forgotten her name, and thus adopted a new one, leading an independant life. She chose to forge her own path by surviving in the wilderness, living off what she could, and occasionally sneaking into civilisation to steal what she can. She is self-taught in many things, from techniques to basic knowledge.
    One day, she encounters a flock of yokai, the first she had ever seen. She had faced regular thieves and animals, but yokai? As she barely scraped past them, a mysterious entity aids her, a mysterious entity who called himself the Master of None. He agreed to teach Asuka skills that she wishes to learn. At first... she is reluctant, but...

    Tsubamegaeshi - an unmastered series of three swift strikes of unknown properties.
    Jiraiya - a unique ability that allows her to morph into a toad, slightly bigger than the average toad. The size of this toad may vary, but the stated size is the maximum. In her current state, she can only use it for disguise or infiltration, or swift movement without losing any stamina. Toads camouflage as rocks pretty well. It jumps higher than she can and can scale walls.
    Invisibility - she can temporarily make herself invisible, should she find herself in a place with no plausible hiding spots. It can also be used for stealth attacks.
    Heavy Stamina - well...

    Potential Future Abilities:
    Flee Strike - if the user is trapped in a tight space, swift movements will be used to create space between the user and said area, allowing escape. If used INSIDE foes... well, you'll see.
    Tengu - she can take the form of the originators of ninjutsu, the Tengu Race. This allows her to perform various flight-based capabilities, and boost her other abilities and reduce stamina consumption by 30%.
    Megatonne Frog - Via the Jiraiya technique, she can enhance her toad form's size to that of even mountains, allowing her to jump absurd heights and crush foes with a tongue punch.
    Brutal Maria - an extreme attack once improvised by the Master of None. It consists of thirteen direct, swift slashes that could result in quite a gory mess.
    Infinite Speed - she moves so fast, the split second that this attack lasts will feel like 1 minute to her, enough time to toss various attacks. At first, it uses quite a bit of stamina. It is best used in situations with frozen or slowed time, which will allow her to move at astonishing speeds since her movement speed will not be affected.

    Weapon-wielding - she wields a variety of thin, light weapons, from katanas to kunai.
    Disguise - she is good at blending in with the crowd, like traditional ninjas in daytime
    Speed and dexterity - self-learnt, self-trained, self-explanatory.
    Wilderness Survival - that's what she does. A LOT.
    Ninjutsu - her martial art and primary offensive style that may or may not require weapons.

    Master State Appearance:
    In her master state, Asuka is the ideal assassin - the ultimate adaptability. She is now technoorganic is appearance and physiology. She is now 1.9 metres tall, and wields larger, sharper weapons that hit harder. She also has much longer hair
    Master State Alterations:
    Her physiology is now technoorganic in nature, and she can now use some form of electromagnetic telekinetic abilities to hover her enhanced weaponry. Her weapon output, speed, strength and durability are all boosted, mostly speed. She is now equipped with various weaponry from wire-tendrils, such as tasers, flamethrowers and laserbeams. She appears to be lighter.

    She wields a great deal of light weaponry.
    She does not appear to want to talk about any tales of her past.
    She lives in a self-constructed abode in the middle of the forest.​
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  5. So, is it one person per Jack, and everyone else uses the Other CS sheet?
  6. Yes, one person per jack.
  7. Ah~ Sorry I will post it really really soon~
  8. [​IMG]

    :: Name ::
    Alexandria (Alex/Lexie)

    :: Age ::

    :: Gender ::

    :: Role ::
    Jack the Kent

    :: Appearance ::
    A small girl, Alexandria is a little smaller looking than most girls her age. Her height is 101 cm, yes she is a tiny tiny little thing, a small flat chested girl with an appearance of a male. Due to the fact that she had to survive on the streets, Alexandria decided to live her life as a male and thus the male outer appearance. Her hair is tied up and shoved into her hat so it looks like she has short hair.

    :: Personality ::
    Not one to stick to just the one mood, Alexandria is a strange girl who's mood changes as quickly as the wind. Sometimes she can be a sweet innocent girl and then other times she can be a real wise butt. Basically she has a split personality and tends t enjoy talking in third person, overall she is a strange girl.

    :: History ::
    An orphan left on the streets, Alexandria had to learn other means of gathering food and after being picked up by a traveling circus she began to learn one or two tricks by being with them. Most of them were petty tricks, gambling tricks that she used to get extra food, money and other essentials to just survive.

    Although a strange group of men who seemed to be rather adamant of chasing after her after she had squandered a little bit of money from them. A strange being came to her aid although she was able to scrap through by lies and twisting the truth using her words as her power.

    To come with the being to learn more about her powers... Lucky for the being her mood was good at the time.

    :: Abilities ::
    Most of these abilities have been used in the situations when she has gambled and sometimes things aren't going her way

    ~ Kent ~​
    When someone lies or hides something from Alexandria she is able to tell immediately by small signs that are shown on their body and by using those signs she is able to catch the truth which is hidden amongst the lies and is able to use it to her advantage.

    ~ Reality Enhancement ~
    She is able to create a new reality in a persons mind for a couple of minutes by twisting words and truths that would be known to the person. By changing their reality into her own by speaking riddles and feeding them false truths she is able to enhance her reality that she has on the subject. But it is only for a couple of crucial moments, long enough for her to get away whilst they try and decipher what she has said.

    ~ Deck of Cards ~
    It might seem a little something that can be commonly done by those who practice with bicycle cards. But she is able to throw bicycle cards at great speeds to even slice through a tree although it doesn't cut down the tree but creates a tiny slit which it goes through. She uses this only when she feels physically threatened and only for self defence.

    :: Potential Future Abilities ::

    ~ Kentality ~
    A further enhancement on her ability Kent and also her Reality Enhancement where she is able to not only catch the truths of others around her but she is able to affect them slightly by using those movements and by copying the small movements and by changing them slightly she is able to alter their subconsciouses thoughts slightly and alter their reality and beliefs for a short amount of time.

    ~ Ethical Enchantment ~
    A further enhancement of Reality Enhancement standing alone and for this ability, Alexandria is able to hold the grip on the subjects beliefs and ethical reasons a lot longer and is able to even to a certain extent get her to aid her in fights. Of course that requires a great deal of strength and also depends on which personality she has during the time.

    ~ Cycle of Thoughts ~
    A further enhancement of her Deck of Cards ability but not only is she able to inflict physical damage but she is able to create mental images and take memories from others by throwing a special type of card from a special deck at a specific subject straight at the heart.

    ~ Imagery Paintings ~
    By creating drawings on a sheet of paper or writing a description of a scene she is then able to create that specific illusion to someone else when drawn in a particular book, or with a particular pen. With this she is able to create an illusion.

    :: Skills ::
    All skills she picked up at the circus and living on the streets

    Twisting Truths/Lies
    To twist the reality and the truth to fit her own benefit is something that Alexandria is able to do very well

    Casually reaching into someone's pockets and taking something that may or may not be hers is something that she does.


    :: Master State Appearance ::
    Despite the fact that one would think that a large dress would be hard to move in due to the fact that has been created in a way easy for her to run in it gives the illusion that she isn't running fast when she is actually. Furthermore her hair comes out in two ponytails no longer having to hide her gender in this form where she truly allows her mind to settle.

    :: Master State Alterations ::
    This is where most of her more "magical" based powers come to play and she is able to use them without having the need for special cards, books or pens and is able to just look at someone with her eye and create the illusion or twist their beliefs.

    :: Others ::
  9. Well, the abilities are a little powerful but they'll be alright.

  10. Sorry to say this, but afraid I gotta drop outta this, gotta get the two roleplays I run in working order before I can join a whole nother story :( Sorry!
  11. I might join this, if I do it will be as jack frost
  12. And thus, the reserves list has been modified.
  13. I am really tempted to make a girl, but I will hold back, for the sake of having things be even.
  14. [​IMG]
    Jackson (Jack) Overloard Frost




    Jack is a lumbering figure, and stands at 6'5" and has a lean body type. He has a negative cup size, and is pretty proud of his slim
    figure. He has 4 piercings in each ear, because he chose to have them put there, and he has pale skin.
    Jacks eyes are a clear, light blue, Ice blue as his mom would have said.

    Jack is a playful kind of guy, a tease. He isn't one to follow the rules all the time and he makes his
    own way. He likes to make it snow and just play in it. His favorite thing is causing the boring adults chaos.
    While around girls, Jack tends to tease and flirt playfully with girls, but he knows when to stop.

    Jack, truthfully, can be difficult to deal with most of the time, because following the rules really isn't his style,
    but if you get to know him, he get's kind of depressing. Jack is weighed down by his past, but he
    likes to keep happy for others around him, but really it's more of a way to keep himself
    feeling alive, and not suicidal.

    Jack was born in a small town up in Norway, where it was pretty cold most of the time. His parents
    weren't the wealthiest of people, but they managed to get by. And that is when Jack's sister,
    Elise came along. Jack's mom was not prepared for a second child, and after
    a few months with the new child, they started to like her more.
    One day, they sent Jack on a hunt to gather food, and when
    he came back, they had disappeared.

    Frightened and lost, the 6 year old Jack began to cry, sitting down in his small makeshift home that
    his parents had made in the forest, and crying. It wasn't long before a creature heard him, a
    wolf to be exact. It wasn't just any wolf, it was an Alpha Female, who found the small child
    and scooped him up. He was raised as a wolf cub for a few


    When people get to close to him, or he get's really nervous, things start to get frosty.
    This drops the temperature of the room, and sometimes thing can get a little bit frosted over.

    -Winter's Wind-
    Using a frosted staff, one that he always carries around with him, Jack can fly to certain places on the wind of winter. Wherever he goes, he usually leaves snow behind him.

    With only his bare hands, Jack can create snowfall in small areas. The area increases if he is holding his staff

    Jack can create a few snowballs to use to his advantage, though most of them have ice centers.

    -Ice Maker-
    Jack can sculpt anything out of ice, but only to the size of a regular sword or long bow. He can't make
    anything huge, or complex, mostly weapons

    -Artic Owl-
    In certain situations, Jack can turn into a small Winter Owl, and fly where he wishes, but a cloud of snow will
    follow him.

    ~:Potential Future Abilities:~

    What can your character do apart from just fight?

    ~:Master State Appearance:~
    In his mater state, Jack becomes as cold as ice. His appearance becomes more frightening, as he grows another
    two inches, making his height 6'7", and his eyes turn a pale white, the irises almost aren't there.
    If that wasn't enough, his snow attacks are even worse, and he could possible, put anything,
    or anyone he wanted to inside an ice brick, so be very careful around him.

    ~:Master State Alterations:~
    In his master state, Jack becomes extremely bloodthirsty. His attacks become less calculated and more like a barrage of
    whatever he can throw at them. He becomes lighter on his feet, faster, he can create larger objects out
    of ice. He usually switches to melee weapons close up to hit people faster and combines
    that attack with ice.

    Stuff that don't fit up there.

    HA, yeah WIP​
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  15. hawt Icey~

    And don't worry Crow they have their disadvantages such as her having headaches and only being able to do them for a set amount of time~
  16. I'll take Jack-o-Lantern if I'm not too late.
    And if I'm not I'll post it in the morning, got it half done but I'm really tired.
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  17. You're not too late, my occultic friend.
  18. [​IMG]
    Greg Smith​

    Age: 17​

    Gender: Male

    Role: Jack-o-Lantern

    5ft7 in height, Slim build

    Kind and Compassionate, Greg is the kind of guy who'll defend a stranger to the death, even if he only met them 3 seconds ago. Greg often believes his strength comes from his bond with those around him, and so, he spends his time getting to know friends, classmates, work colleagues, random neighbours, etc. There is no real proof to his claim, but his boundless optimism keeps him blissfully aware of how stupid it sounds. Greg is also quite imaginative, spending a lot of his time with his head in the clouds. It is also very rare to see Greg serious about anything, often treating situations such as battles as performances rather than a fight, if Greg is serious about something, than you've got him pissed off, which is about as common as Hell freezing over.

    However, Greg has guynophobia, the fear of women. He can talk to them, from a distance, but he can't handle getting too close to them, and god help him if he actually gets close enough to touch. (I want this to dissolve during the RP as character development).


    "Australia, the home of dangerous wildlife, dangerous weather, laid-back people, and absolutely dull minded adults...". Greg ran away from school and all of his studies at 15, because he felt that he was too constricted of his free will and thought, his mind was busting with fresh ideas and plans for fun, all of this was deemed useless thought and was shunned at school. His teachers were all stupid, blinded and bound by their jobs, if only they could see the world that they had abandoned, trapped it, it was now without a cause.

    Greg now works around town, using his vivid imagination to sell cartoons and paintings to random people he met, he sold well, and he met a lot of nice people. One night, he met a man, covered up in clothing, hard to tell of his age or stature, he brought Greg a firework, and asked if he could light it for him, it was a nice night, stars were fully visible under the Harbour Bridge, of course, Greg had no matches,but he wanted to light it.
    As soon as Greg touched the fireworks, the fuse lit and it shot straight into the sky,exploding in a nice Pumpkin firework, Greg wasn't shocked, scared or surprised, but he was intrigued.

    The Old Man introduced himself as the Master of None, he explained the Firework was a test, and Greg had passed, and was told of his latent power, and the Master of None gave him the opportunity to learn more...much more...
    Let's just say Greg's imagination really flared up from that day forward...


    Flare - Greg can release flares from his fingertips, creating a small popping noise and a smoke trail, not really a combat power, more of a help signal.

    Fire Blast - Greg can erupt a burst of fire from his palms

    Torchlight - Greg can create a small ball of fire that floats in the air around him, creating a makeshift torch

    Potential Future Abilities:

    Summon Familiar - Summons a scary-looking Python Familiar, useful for spying or instilling fear.

    Fire body - Wraps Greg's Body in fire, allowing him to teleport short distances through jumping forward.

    Explosion - Greg Detonate's a blast of fire in a wide radius, incinerating anything inside it.


    Artistry - Greg likes to draw cartoons in his spare time, he's gotten quite good at it.

    Body language Analysis - Greg can tell of a persons motivations and mood by observing there body language, it's not a perfected skill, but it's trained enough to be useful.

    Performing - Greg likes to show off, making a big scene of the smallest things, great for distractions or drawing the attention of crowds, this blends into his fighting as well, he's not that great at fighting without his powers so his ability to Act like he can is his most useful skill.

    Master State Appearance:

    Master State Alterations:
    Greg's fire turns black, almost inky, and becomes red hot, incinerating almost anything it touches, Greg can also cover his body in this substance at will. He becomes slightly less moral in this state, and cares little about what he's doing. He's still quite the performer though, but his lack of morals seem to make his toying around much more dangerous than playful.

    Since Greg never finished school, he's not the brightest kid, a lot of stuff flies over his head.

    I realised my appearance is quite similar to Jack Kent's, want me to change it?​