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  1. Hello, and thank you for your interest ( or at least your curiosity, whatever caused you to open my thread. )

    Important parts of this ad will be in purple, if I have a preference/craving it will be blue and accompanied by a number asterisks (*) to show my level of interest to save space. My no go's will be red for emphasis and for you skimmers.

    As my username implies, you may call me Jace.

    Things You Should Know:
    • I play males, willing to play females as well.
    • I play genres including fantasy(modern**&medieval), romance**, modern, and slice of life.
    • I don't do these genres/kinks: furry, yaoi, strict fandoms, sci-fi, strictly horror, historical, yuri.
    • I write strictly in third person and in past tense, and will not RP with someone who can't.
    • I don't personally prefer to fade to black, but have nothing against it if that's what my partner is comfortable with.
    • I don't write, nor do I respond to anything less than a paragraph of at least 4-5 sentences of a decent length. One liners will automatically end my interest in the RP.
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  2. Hey ^^
    I'd be interesting in rping with you :)
  3. You're welcome to send me a pm then.
  4. I'm very interested in doing an RP with you!
  5. The same goes for you as the above, then.
  6. For those of you wondering, I am still searching.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.