J-Horror, anyone?

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  1. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a Japanese Horror taking place in a fictional town called Kozenji, where strange events would start to take place. Think of it a bit like those do your own adventure-style novels mixed with Dating Sims elements but instead of getting the girl or guy, each character will try to stay alive and better their suddenly precarious situation.

    I have not yet a plot for this, but wanted to test the water and, perhaps, get some input.
  2. Ooh! A HorRor, never treid one before, I think its about time that I do. :3
  3. Interested :)
  4. I am very interested in this. I'm willing to try it out.
  5. Alright then! Do any of you have a preference for the plot?
  6. Some ancient curse is taking effect?
  7. Well, I am new and as well interested.
    Still, I have a question, why one ? I mean why one story ? Let's say like a game. A sunny day (the place), a always happens (I mean the characters are totally strangers, they don't know each other, or maybe two-three people to know each other) a man/woman comes and tells horror stories, at first everything is interesting and so on, but everything takes a strange look as the stories that the man/woman told became real and affects the group (the characters). As the story unfolds everything takes a strange outlook as the characters began to notice the akward coincidence that always brings them up together. I don't know yet how to affect everyone, maybe from a weird coincidence, they met but only something like waiter-customer, or medic-patience. I thought that of their different background, each story somehow to relate to them, in a way or another. And I was thinking that at the middle to be a twist. The man/women that tells the stories to be a creature or a demon, or something that feeds with souls and the stories that come to life are more or less minions. The ideea is that no one, once they listened to the story they can never escape from this maze. And what about that at every 'story' the group to discover something like a clue that drags them closer to solve the big mistery, or something like this.
    So what you think ? ​
  8. Adding onto that idea maybe two brothers who are demons tell the story -I'VE BEEN SAVING A PICTURE I WANNA USE I ADMIT-.

    However one is more kinder (me) while the other is wicked.

    Except, despite being kinder he has his perks of being wicked and helps/joins the group of humans to be away from the hands of his brother. Therefore the brother assumes his kind demon brother is on his side and doesn't know he is slightly helping the group survive longer then expected.

    Edit: but of course kindness and help from someone who knows this comes with a price or consequence. Therefore hes both wicked and kind.
  9. Brilliant ! @Noceur I love it, but are you up, how to say, for the kinder to have a slightly narcissistic trait in him, or a little mischievous ? I imagine it as a smoky hot babe, with a wicked smile, a little narcissistic, a lier, but kinder ( yea I have a thing for bad guys). If you have it why you din't use it unil now ?

    Uh Gods I can't wait to start.
  10. Yeah I edited my post basically summing the kind lying mischievous demon XD.

    He shows hints of sadism. But its not as noticing as his brothers. And BY LOOKS the kind brother looks bad, the wicked brother looks like the good one but in reality the one that looks badder is kinder and vise versa 8D

    My image I've been saving

    Keep in mind he's also wicked. His kindness and help usually comes with a price or consequence XD SO BE AFRAIDDDD.
    IE, If you're conceited and care for looks he'll tell you to 'cut your hair off' which is a 'price' or allow him to 'disfigure' you in some way with his powers which is a consequence (of acting rude, thinkin high of yourself, making fun of disabled people's, etc)
  11. @Noceur - No, you are way to evil. Shoo Shoo -hide in a corner and cry- The pic is lovely and yes, somehow is the kind of man that I pictured. The idea of the character is brilliant, once again. I can't wait to see your style of role-playing. If you write the same way you think, God, I met a God ?
    And I was thinking, what if above every character sheet to write something like a motto ? Or a few words that describe the whole character ? I thought that will be interesting. Somehow the idea with "cut your hair off" reminded my of a fanfic that I once read =)
    As for my character I already have an idee, still I am torn between a cliche character or not. But well, I want make the sort of character that won't be easy forgotten and to not be a cliche.
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  12. We will be lovely roleplaying buddies I bet 8D and my characters motto,"I am a narcissictic bitch/douche.. Take pride in yourself." Trolol.

    Hes based on a character from MALEFCIENT BY LOOKS MOSTLY BUT I SHALL NOT SPOIL.
  13. @Noceur - I laugh like a maniac at the idea right now. Indeed, I think we wil be great buddies :) Until then, I will stalk this thread to see others opinion and GM as well (in fact he's the mighty one)
  14. Yeah.. I hope it'll be accepted.
  15. @Noceur - I God I know him ! But no I will keep my mouth zipped. My thought is, why to not be accepted. Yea, maybe a little complicated to say, but let's see what other have in mind and GM will have as always the final word.
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  16. Um, if you guys already have your own plot idea, why don't you just start it up? XD
  17. Initially my idea was for @Verdant Feather plot, but as @Noceur came along with his idea, we combine it and BANG it was made. As he wish, I don't know. I have bad luck when it comes to make something :) I just need a muse for the moment (and there it was my muse for the moment)
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