Iwakylon 5

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  1. I would like to thank Vay & Osso for helping me compile this archive.

  2. Bester!

    Very nice, you guys~
  3. A typo, you say? I see no typo. You're crazy. >>
  4. Oh god....
  5. What the devil am I looking at! O__O
  6. The best thing since Firefly.
  7. What are Isabellas sposto be? Looks like a cat dude with tails for hair!
  8. ​This is so damn accurate, it frightens me.
  9. I've never seen this, but yay, mentionings! ' 3 '
  10. I have the best hair out of you all.
  11. Don't forget NaTegs.


    She walked off the set in season 2 because she got pissed with the makeup or some shit.

    That's what Tegan would do.
  12. I never knew that the staff was so awesome that they had their own television show, but now I do. And the more you know... All jokes aside, this looks awesome. I would watch Iwakylon 5 if it existed! Unfortunately, doing something like an animated series probably takes too much time and effort from the staff, so...
  13. I would probably understand this better if I had actually seen the show.