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  1. [align=center]Iwakustalgia[/align]

    From those of old who sought to bring us this land regale upon us over a glass of fine whiskey and vodka what early adventures you had. Bring us the tales of old, the triumph that was your sporting highlight and what has you still captivated to this land. Come join us oldies of Iwaku tell us your story!

    Since about early 2006 I was with the Iwaku. Didn’t have much to do as I was recruited from Megatokyo by Gabe. With this whole identity thread recently (look it up here) I felt I had to take a look back where it had originated. Back then I was still in school and was full of ideas and had fun browsing through the general section. Heck I was even part of the oh so holy Staff once upon a time. I did most of my work at night when it came to RP’ing and stuff though so I started thinking of a phrase to end off my posts with. That phrase came to be Writing in the Moonlight.

    From there I took on the persona of someone who had the ally of the moon behind him. Although that slowly drifted away but I still tend to rely on it as my identity. Most of my time back then was devoted to finally finishing off ICSYL and now it has even made a come back in its third rendition made by original player Weavel. Ah yes we have come a long way from them old days back on proboards, Iwaku has its own home and new sets of Admins. Heck even Asmodeus took a step down from Admin status. Even though us oldies do not want Iwaku to change it is much like a family to us and no matter which way we go we are behind each other.

    So cheers to all of those old and to those who are here to carry on these stories further than our old geezer butts can.
  2. I came to Iwaku in March of 2006, sometime during HS, around Sophomore/Junior year. I was brought in here by Gabe posting on our non RP related site. It was what is now known as Grunge Media but was Anarchy Zero back in the day. Our place DID have a nice RPing section so when I saw this site, it looked legit and I joined up since I actually WANTED to complete an RP. Got sick of all the ones that died on AZ.

    Originally with my name I was a bit conflicted. Metroid Prime Hunters was out at the time so I was inspired by that. Just plain Weavel didn't cut it so I added the King onto it. I originally had that character as an avatar but eventually I grew weary of it... I wanted something else. Something that matched me. I grabbed a copy of Sneak King one day and played it... I was inspired. So I took on the Burger King image and have not looked back since then.

    Iwaku is also notable for being the place that motivated me to actually get a mic and skype. So thus I did, my connection kinda sucked back then but now it's soooo much better and more stable than the rest. I was a staff member for a time as well.. Mostly remember dealing with things in the c-box, such as a certain user whom caused trouble even on my own birthday and of course the drama machine known as Johnny.

    RP wise, I recall being one of those members who suffered from trying to make too many RPs within the same time frame around when I joined. Future War/The Final War, Deus Ex Mecha and the Unix RP, which I might actually love to bring back one day with BETTER names. ICSYL was the first RP I was in to ever be completed. That one was quite epic to be apart of as was the second one. Good times...

    Oh and my dude in Red As Crimson DRANK space whaaaaaaaalesss as his price....I don't care if that's rather recent,needs to be restated. Was so fun working that Iwaku based meme into a character like that without totally making it not work and ruin the setting.
  3. I don't remember what year it was, but it was years ago. I was running a different roleplay community several years old, but community spirit was declining bad. D:

    Gabe registered and sent me a PM asking if I wanted to be sibling sites. And had this great idea of us doing cross-community events. 8D Getting members to meet each other and building this cool buddy-bond. (Which is WAY better than how some forums try to kill each other. XD)

    I checked out Iwaku and I LOVED the people in it. I hung out in the cbox and posted a little on the forums. I just really loved the atmosphere. It felt like what my own community used to feel like before things went down the crapper.

    I thought it was hilarious how lots of the Iwaku peeps said they wanted to keep me and that they were going to kidnap me from my site for Iwaku. I laughed, and thought it would be the opposite. Cause I had been admining my site for years and outlive most rp sites. I expected Iwaku to be dead in a year and me take all it's members.

    LOW AND BEHOLD. Something happened and I closed my site. O____O And Rory later asked me for help because after Gabe left, it left Iwaku without an experienced admin and everyone was getting mad at Asmo and nobody knew how to get everything back on track.

    ...so Iwaku got me after all. XD I am happy. Working with Iwaku has been a FANTASTIC experience.
  4. I was with Iwaku back when it FIRST started under Peridox. Homac, Gabriel Zero, Reikei, me, and the rest of the Old Guard were recruited either through Peridox or Gabe Zero trolling dragon-tear.net, Gaia Online, and Megatokyo. I was plucked out of dragon-tear. At the time, Iwaku was mostly a Dot Hack site with just a smidgin of other anime, manga, and Western RP.

    After the Crash, when Peridox shut down the site and Gabe Zero and Homac did some heroic efforts in getting a good chunk of members' emails, Iwaku was brought back with Homac and eventually Gabe Zero as the head of the site. The oft-mentioned Nerf Castle Wars that I started happened around that time and I was briefly a moderator.

    And I've been lurking, becoming more involved, becoming less involved, returning, leaving, returning, leaving, and returning again ever since. Iwaku's changed hands a lot since it started. Actually, just how long has it been up now?
  5. Considering Iwaku gets its birthday in October and it has been technically here since 2005, by October this year Iwaku will be 7 years old. Ah Iwaku is old enough to be in something like the second grade.
  6. I've been with Iwaku for like....Three years now? Almost 4? *Checks the old site* Oh, since January 2009. So I've been here for a little over three years, near the end of the Proboards era. Kitti dragged me here from that money-grubbing pit of bad RPs, Gaia. Funnily enough, it -used- to be fun there, but eh. I've been with Gaia since. I had a time I was on staff, but I left because I thought I wasn't doing enough and got scared. I ended up back on staff, but I had to leave again (or I got removed, I forget which...) because college bumrushed me out the door. I finally got it under control, and I'm getting active again ^^
  7. I don't remember what year exactly it was, but I used to play on Gaia and a couple other sites (I tried Neopets and got banned for some moronic reason I don't recall). On Gaia, I started a roleplaying guild with Silent-Kiwi and Xindy and ended up getting whisked away to Iwaku by Gabe's recruitment phase. I was only in junior high at the time, so... about 2006 or so, I guess it must have been.

    I quit Iwaku for a month, just a week after I first started because Kaoru said mean things to me and made me upset. Mister Homac pulled me back and apologized for it and I discovered how much I loved roleplaying in a forum with other awesome people. I loved it enough that I quit Gaia completely but then got persuaded to go back and try to drag people from my friends on Gaia to Iwaku.

    I managed to take a Miru back with me! :D
  8. SEVEN YEARS?! The hell!?

    Has it really been seven years?

    Well, now that I think about it, I was in college when this whole thing started, and I've graduated both college and medical school quite a while ago.


    Just wow.
  9. I've been with Iwaku for 5 or 6 years now, not entirely sure which. The day I joined was a riot. I joined with the name 'Chaos'. Chaos has been around longer than me and was quite well known, so people were pretty amused; especially Chaos himself. I remember being embarrassed as hell and even disappeared for a few days, afraid that people were upset with me. *giggles* But now? I'm glad it happened that way. My mistake got people laughing, and it serves as a positive memory to some.
  10. i've debated with Jinx when exactly I came aboard Iwaku...I can't remember. I joined originally at one point in time and was on for a short stent then life caught up and Id ropped off the face of Iwaku for oh i dunno a while..few months to a year or something. Then slipped back in...

    i heard mention of space whales!! PIRO!!! WE NEED TO TALK TO TITAN AND SEE IF HE HAS THE RECORDINGS STILL!! God that was a riot haha

    anyways yeah probably been on at least a good solid 3 years for sure. I remember there was debate for a while if my name was Angel or Angle....honestly I think originally I didn't care which was used though I told everyone angel anyways XD silly me. I still remember the MASSIVE skype nights that used to go on and me being dragged in ALL THE FREAKING TIME!! D< so i'd just sit there quietly and get harrassed now and then for not talking JERKS. But yeah...I wouldn't consider myself an oldy per say but I do remember the Pro-board days! o.O

    Oh iwaku how you've been good to me. :p
  11. I joined up in 2008, if memory serves. Fluffy posted a link to this place and I checked it out; I think it was Legacy that made me create an account ASAP and get RPing here.

  12. While I have been poking my head around Iwaku since Diana first mentioned it to me many moons ago, I really only posted in Insanity and the ... I want to say it was a media section. I recall some comic discussions. I didn't really get involved until about three years ago as AFTA was shrinking to the size of a walnut. Then I made the mistake of giving Diana a few ideas and suggestions and she dragged me into staff. I've loved watching Iwaku change and grow onto such an awesome community. I came for the Roleplays, I stayed for the company.
  13. So I think I figured out at some point that I've been here for 6 years.. might be more.. don't think it's less.. scary as that is..

    I first got into RP shortly before heading here.. on the forums for the MMORPG Dofus. There was only like 8 of us and it was my first time doing such a thing, I somehow ended up being the central character and leading the damned thing.. I remember it being epic as hell and a good story, though It'd probably be horrendous to read if I were to hunt it down..

    But yeah that eventually died, there wasn't many of us and the forum wasn't made for RP. So I basically googled for a Roleplay site.. and after finding a couple that had aloof idiots on and required you to properly prove yourself in special 'baby' section of the site before being allowed into most of the forum I found Iwaku (for some reason i remember it being the first i came to but it cant be..)

    I became fairly good friends with some people, especially Shadey, there was a whole thing about barricades in the cbox. I think I joined Legacy pretty much within a week of joining, and not much else. My character was an awful pre-existing Kingdom hearts self-insert/fan-character, which kinda got me a reputation with some people (quite rightly for the most part) of making rather 'disneyish' characters.

    I've sort of evolved and adapted that character over time, he appeared in a different incarnation in the Iwaku Mythos (I'm a continuity junky so I try to tie in the history however awful >>) but yeah.. I haven't played with much else if im honest.. should sort that at some point..

    I took an interest in the Iwaku Mythos, and even became a staff member in charge of a project based on it. I was considered the Mythos keeper for a short while.. This promptly went awry due mostly to my own inability as a mod and lack of understanding and experience of several things. I do regret the fact that it didn't work, and that I am mostly to blame, but it's not something I can change, and there are others better suited to the job.

    I've come and i've gone, left a few times, never really intentionally, just phased out of the habit of being here.. Always end up coming back sooner or later though.

    I've had a couple of bad patches here, a point where I kinda feel I screwed a lot of stuff up people, and gave a lot of people reasons to dislike me. It.. was not the best time and I regret it, but it's not something I can undo, however much I wish I could.

    But yeah, I always come back, and while I'm not entirely sure of my notoriety on the site I seem to at least be one of those names people recognize =D Hopefully when Uni ends this year I can start being even more active, though I've got a few things in mind for Iwaku-based projects.

    Also I brought Myrn here! ;D
  14. Damn right, Porg brought me here! :P and I'm forever grateful!

    I wouldn't remember when exactly, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't long after Porg Joined. I remember fondly the nights in the C-box then, I was always there, playing some prank or another. I briefly joined the Legacy RP, and a few others. I mainly remember joining RP's by Fluffy and Xindaris. I also joined the Shapeshifters guild. I was in a phase where I really liked werewolves at the time and it seemed a perfect fit. I also read the comic EGS, which inspired the TF gun the shapeshifters guildies used all the time.

    Later, after we moved the site and Iwaku World was started up, I became an assistant to the moderators working on IW, approving (and helping improving) character sheets mostly. Despite not having any aspirations of being a moderator, and after much deliberating after being asked to be one, I finally joined the mod team and quickly profiled myself as "the smut mod" by helping Diana develop the smut club (which during that time was the only place to smut RP) ... and well, Here I am today.

    It's been a LOOONG ass journey, though not nearly as long as some people on the site have been sticking with Iwaku. Overall, I don't do the nostalgia thing much. The site how it is now might be bigger, and everyone knows each other less, but ultimately that's because the site has gotten better over the years, and I've only grown fonder of the site since I've first got here.

    Here's to another seven years (at least) of Iwaku. *raises glass*
  15. Pretty sure you were already here when I first arrived, Myrn, so that puts you in 2008 if not before.

  16. - w-
    I expect to tell of my story upon entering this place in five more years, at least.
    Til then.
    Let the memories build.~