Iwaku's semi-broken alert system

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by LuckycoolHawk9, Jun 1, 2016.

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  1. Okay, I know a lot of people have this problem and it drives me crazy. If you ignore even one alert ( or miss one) from any of your watched threads ( even if it is your own) the site seems to think that it shouldn't alert you that the thread is moving on, it goes to the point where it won't even tell you if you are tagged if you ignore one. So, what do you guys think about the alert system? Do you have nightmares trying to catch up with nearly twenty pages because you didn't want to read one post? Or does it not bother you?
  2. Hmm It bugged me at first but not anymore, mostly because

    a) I don't have any active rps anymore.
    b) I stop most alerts anyway.
    c) I'm only in GC now and well, I have the whole day to read and reread stuff.
  3. There is already a thread describing why exactly this happens. And honestly, I would greatly prefer it over being spammed with alerts for a thread that I haven't even checked yet. One alert is enough to tell me that there are new posts to read.

    Personally, I've never had any issues with it. All you have to do is just not ignore anything, and be thorough about checking your alerts (and if you can't read all your alerts in one sitting, then just keep in mind that you left some of them unchecked and remember to look at your watched threads list later to get caught up). It is very rare that my alerts ever "break" on me. And even when they do, it isn't much of a problem -- because I'll see that the thread is still "unread" whenever I go to my watched threads list (which I access whenever I need an easy way of getting to one of those threads), and so, I generally never miss more than a handful of posts. Not hard to catch up on.

    That being said, it might help that I use email notifications to know when new posts are coming in. However, I'm still thorough about checking the alerts I get for ratings and tags, and I also stop getting email notifications on those rare occasions when my alerts "break" because I somehow missed something, so... yeah, I'm not sure what difference that makes.
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  4. What she said.

    Just check your Watched Thread tab once a day and you stay golden, Ponyboy.
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  5. I will have to put that under my required readings. Also, that makes thing more simple. . . I usually check it once a day on everything now. Also, that is good.
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  6. It's definitely different that FP ;) But at least it's not as spammy, that's for sure.
  7. Yeah, FP is very spammy. I think I like this slighty more.
  8. You have been converted. Congratulations!
  9. Yeah. I think I will make another thread for a seperate compliant about people who vote in polls but don't participate in the roleplay around that. ( It is one of those weird why things)
  10. Are you talking about interest checks? Because if that's the case, well, not everyone who pokes around at an interest check will decide to commit to the actual RP...
  11. No, I am talking about polls that are literally on the same page as the group info/ plot dicussion and they only vote but do no posting in the thread or activity there.
  12. Just use email notifications. It'll harass you with emails about threads more than the most persistent Nigerian Prince.
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  13. Will do.
  14. That's true. As soon as you click the alert tab here, it removes the tag. But in emails :D Well, I had 100s to take care of. Ha ha ha... yeah it wasn't funny.
  15. Oh. Huh. That's strange. I've honestly never seen that.

    Yeah, I guess with emails, you can at least glance at a list of notifications without having them all lock up on you until being checked -- which makes it easier to go through a list without missing anything. Maybe that's why email notifications make things easier for me.
  16. Strangely enough, one thing that does possibly warrant being called a real "problem" with alerts is the fact that I seem to stop receiving alerts whenever a donator member bumps that particular thread.

    Like, it behaves exactly as it would if I got an alert and then ignored it, except, I wasn't alerted about anything to begin with, because no one actually posted to begin with. o_o

    Like I said, it's still not a huge issue if you just check your watched threads list once in a while, but... yeah. Weird how that happens. Maybe I should post about it on the help desk...
  17. Go and do that.
  18. Wait, if you miss alert it alerts you if your tagged o.o What it doesn't do is alert you of a post and a tag in the same thread at the same time. But honestly, I don't use the emails or watched threads and never had a problem with the alert system o.o And with other means of viewing your alerts (you can even extend the the alert menu to view them all) calling the system broken is a little much o.o;
  19. I was wrong, it's just the way that it is.
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