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  1. Greetings Members!

    The Iwaku Newsletter is all about YOU the members and it is written by YOU the members!

    Did you know that Staff members are not the only people who can submit columns to our Monthly Newsletter?

    YOU can submit your own column at any time!


    • HAVE A FRESH IDEA THAT IS RELATED TO IWAKU IN SOME WAY! All content featured in our newsletter must somehow be related to Iwaku. View our past newsletters to see examples!
    • CHECK TO SEE IF SOMEONE ELSE IS ALREADY DOING THAT IDEA. Sometimes people have similar ideas, and we don't want to step on their toes or run the same kind of article in the same month. We have an official Newsletter Group for all newsletter discussions. Ask to see if someone is doing and idea. If not -- GO FOR IT!
    • SUBMIT YOUR COLUMN -BEFORE- THE 28TH OF EACH MONTH. The Newsletter is always posted on the 1st day of the month - and we need a couple days to edit everything and make it pretty. So if you're sending in an article that is time sensitive - make sure you get it sent on time!
    • SEND YOUR ARTICLES THROUGH THE SUBMISSION FORM! Fix it up with any code you need (minus colored text) and send! It will be ready in our box. You can also find this link in the Iwaku Wiki Menu in the navbar at any time.

    That's it! 8D

    This thread is for all comments, questions, or random chattering about the newsletter. OR you can discuss the newsletter in our group.
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  2. @Diana - Oooooo this looks really interesting! I'll be cooking up some ideas ^^ Lemme know if there's a general theme or as it may happen a specific topic you would like to see written about, I'm very flexible.
  3. I have no useful suggestions, but always love submissions! 8D
  4. If you submit, do it in unformatted text. So no colors or fonts or whatnot. Diana will pretty it up for you.