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  1. Aragon's having a party! Come join!


    The big castle looms over the town. Even with the ample decorations that adorn the huge building, a certain air of age likely haunting seems to permeate the property. And yet, Aragon has seen fit to buy just this property for his home, and has created in it a place for entertainment. The stone walls, the wood floors with plush red carpets, and leather upholstered furniture all lend a comfortable opulence to the interior. Somehow, it seems to fit Aragon's lifestyle.

    He has made much food, and has arranged for this party, with much planning and a bit of his gayness involved. So, there are many, many stylish decorations inside and out. He waits for the first partier to join him.
  2. Michael walks hesitantly up to the front door. He heard there was a party or something going on here. No one had lived in this house for a while so there were many rumors of it being haunted or a vampire living here. He shook his head, they were just rumors. Michael knocked on the door, hopefully there was actually a party being held here and that wasnt just another rumor. Michael would hate to have disturb the owner of this house.
  3. Jeremy sat at his desk. It was almost Christmas, so he got a day off. Jeremy turned the television on to hopefully spend his time when suddenly he heared his laptop make a dingle sound. It was his E-mail. "Hmm... Who, or What could send me a message now?!" It said: 'Would you like to join my party? It is gonna be great! -Aragon' Jeremy was silent for a moment. ".... a party? ....me?! YES! Oh, i am SO going now! MOOOM! wait... she doesn't even need to know.. i am a grownup now!" Jeremy was so happ that he could just kick the cat to the North Pole. He ran to his car, started it and drove as fast as he could. "I am going to a party! Yes! .... wait.... Where is it? Waaait... " Jeremy got a flashback. "Oh yeah.. there was a rumor going on, that there would be a party at the big castle! Well, lets go there!" As Jeremy came there and parked the car, he saw Michael standing in front of the door. "Eh.. hi?"
  4. "Oh hey dude, what's up?" Michael asked surprised to see Jeremy of all people. Then again the other boy was probably just as surprised to see him there. "Uh, heard about the party huh?" Michael asked venturing into idle chit chat.
  5. Coming to the door, Aragon saw both of his guests, welcomed them in, and said, "I have plenty of food, drink and places to sit, chat and socialize. Come in and make yourselves comfortable."
  6. "Cool." Michael uttered stepping into the large house. "Dude, woah." He said amazed taking it all in. Once or twice, okay five times, he and his friends had broke in to look for vampires and ghosts. It wasnt anything too impressive, but now, it was breathtaking. This guy really knew how to decorate. "Place looks awesome." Michael commented flashing a smile over at the host of the party.
  7. "Woah.. yeah! This place is even more cool than a galactic space puppy! Err... i mean.. nothing." Jeremy ran towards the chicken and drinks "Twis iws thwe bewst parwty evvaahh!!"
  8. Michael laughed at Jeremy while he stuffed his face with food. "Dude really? And you dont even leave me some!" Michael feigned hurt as he walked over to the table. He scanned the table, eyes landing on a crock pot. He lifted the lid and smiled. "BUFF CHICK DIP. PARTY IS STARTED~!" Michael unplugged the pot and lifted it out, taking it with him. He grabbed a whole back of tostitos and plopped on the couch. "Dude, deff best party ever!"
  9. "I know rigwht?! Iwf ownly we had sowme more peowple." Burp' " 'cuse me"
  10. "Dude manners!" Micheal laughs chucking a pillow at Jeremy. "Aragon, think anyone else will show?" Half of him was curious to find if anyone else was brave enough to venture up to the castle, the other half wanted to know who he had to defend his precious chip dip from.
  11. Aragon shrugged, "I do not know, friend. I sent out a public invitation, so whoever comes, comes. I am happy to have all of you. As to the food, trust me when I say this: I have plenty for an army." He chuckled and walked to the kitchen, returning soon with more food.
  12. "Dude, I think I love you." Michael said staring at all the food. Despite his thin frame he ate enough for three men.
  13. ((I have a question is this humans only?))
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