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October Knight

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
What do you do besides Roleplay?

we all roleplay, that is pretty obvious as we are all members on a RP forum....but what else does Iwaku do? What are your hobbies/likes/interests outside of Roleplay?

October Knight wants to know!!!!
I run, at least once a week, and regularly go for walks when it's a bit darker/quieter outside. It's nothing creepy I just prefer the quiet. I also cook things from scratch a lot, all of which are 100% vegetarian (no hate for you meat lovers though, I promise I am -not- affiliated PETA). The make from scratch thing itself is a bit of a hobby. I always like to see what I can make myself, especially from recycled materials. Sometimes the results are interesting, sometimes the results are . . . terrifying.

I also do body art (Henna), which is much more interesting. I'll get a camera one of these days so I can take some pictures and show you people but if you just google some pictures you can see how wonderful it can be. I like to get creative with it. There are the typical more traditional designs and I do use their elements, however, I enjoy exploring new shapes and things. I've been really into symbology since I was a little kid.

Edit: Derp. And I play bass, hence the name Hartke. I'm not that experienced though which is probably why I didn't list it.
muuuuuuuuuuusic :D (obviously, that's why I go in a music school)
but besides that
horror movies are my passion
manga are my love interest
anime are my wife
books are my best friends
Well obviously I enjoy writing. I don't just write RP's but poetry, prose, and sometimes snippets of short stories. I also like reading of course (though that's a rare hobby these days). Piano is another passion/hobby of mine. I'm not GREAT but I like to mess around on my keyboard. Of course I also tend to just go out and hang with friends when I'm not on iwaku, and sometimes this is the reason I'm not on for good stents. I love you guys but nothing beats physically going out and having a GREAT time with friends haha. We know that Angl is also a total nerd too so i'm also often doign research and school work huur
I'll be able to pick up video games as a hobby again once I get a TV that can actually display the text. Goddammit.

Besides that, I screw around on the Internet a lot, and I'm about to pick up knitting again. Yarn is really expensive.
I used to play games on Facebook, but I got really frustrated with having to do co-op stuff, cause I hate hate hate most people. >>;; So I had to stop...

I like playing with dressup doll games. :D

I watch a lot of movies and tv shows to relax. Or read books!
@ Hartke Oh my god. I love henna. I haven't been able to do my own henna in a long time simply because it's difficult for me to get the supplies I need, but definitely show some pictures. I would love to see them.

As far as hobbies go, I love writing. Writing started as a huge therapeutic thing for me growing up and as I've learned to deal with things, I've started writing stories. Aside from that... *inhales deeply* My hobbies are reading, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, music, cooking, baking, taking walks, talking/hanging out with friends, going to the dog park, and playing video games. As you can imagine, my room is full of a LOT of crap.
Curi would do running if her lungs weren't fucked and her shins didn't feel they were having something driven in them whenever she ran. So, she opts to walk. Walking clears the mind and it's fun to think whilst walking no where. Just thoughts in the back of the head that otherwise would make sleep impossible.

But. I used to knit. I used to knit knit knit, and. I stopped because I was never consistent, even when I attempted to make a scarf. Uh. Sewing, yes, sewing I used to do while younger. Hm. I also... did dog shows, went to animal shelters, was a girl scout, went camping, hiked investigated creepy crawlers in cricks, uh, fishing. Mmm, fishing. Attempted skiing, wasn't my cup of tea. OH WRITING. I do writing lots of that. Music music music. Choir/Band.

But that's just a handful of things I have an interest in.... Honesty, right now I have to state the following are my top hobbies: Ren Faire, horse riding, writing/reading, and... learning things.
well....idk...i roleplay here, i work, i help out with an afterschool activity where we play tabletop rp's, i listen to music...oh, and im helping my fiancee publish his cd...sometimes i read, but mostly im on the computer anymore...lol...
I like to water paint. *blush*

Other things... um read, write, listen to piano and violin duets, draw, take pictures, and just lay on my bed and day dream.

I also like to work, it makes me feel like I'm needed blah blah blah

I've also taken on flirting as a hobby apparently.
I usually draw. Being an artist is kind of a hobby of mine. It helps me express my thoughts and moods and gets my mind off of stuff I don't want to think about. I mainly draw fantasy type things from my imagination.

I also like to write short stories, though they usually never get finished, haha. Basically fantasy and sci-fi.
I draw, occasionally write, I play a loooot of video games and I read a lot of books. I do like anime and manga as well. I'm an avid league of legends player!
-submission grappling
-comic books
-old movies from the 30s and 40s
-musical composition
-ancient history
-japanese language
-creative writing
-scuba diving
-renaissance literature
-classic literature
-constitutional epimutations
-going to anime conventions
-tabletop roleplaying
-video games
Ditto GMK. I play Warhammer though I perfer the modelling aspect of the game.

Also tend to like games of all types. Video games, table top reoleplaying, wargames... name it and I probably have played it.
Hhhm, taking care of my lil girl isn't really a hobby but I love doing it.

Photography, Fishing, Hunting, Walking, scrapbooking, playing video games (That's more like a stress reliever.), Hhhmm editing pictures when I have the time, writing, I love reading; sometimes I'll get really interested in a book and forget to do posts or check stuff online, cooking/baking. Does planning my wedding count as a hobby or chore? o.o; I'm not sure. But yupp..That about sums it up.
My hobbies outside of Iwaku tend to trickle in anyway so most of what I'm going to say won't be much of a surprise XD

I love music, mostly Eurovision and Morning Musume and as two major things they usually have a lot of news and interesting things to read about both. I like playing video games, Skyrim has been taking up almost all my time lately. I like going out for walks around the city, and in Central Parkk. Otherwise I'm pretty boring and sit around talking to you yahoos.
Play guitar, waste away at my work and wonder if I'm studying what I'm supposed to be studying, videogames, and drinking profusely.
I steal puppies and use them to control minds of others. 8D

But srsly,
I think most people can tell what my hobbies are by now.
I play video games, write poetry, sing, listen to music and cook. Those are my main hobbies. When I'm not feeling sick [which is often] or exhausted from work, I'll lift some weights. I love feeling strong after a session of that.

I otherwise don't do much. I'm anti-social and most comfortable in my own home, so I just laze about when I don't have something important to do. I have artistic hobbies, I suppose. Such as painting wooden sculptures, though I only do those when I'm making gifts or I've been assigned such a project. I don't paint things for myself. I like to walk, too. I've done less of it lately, sadly, because I've got no one to walk with. My sister only sometimes wants to go with me...

Hmm. Does drinking Coca-Cola count as a hobbie? I do a lot of that, too. *nuzzles Cherry Coke bottle*