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  1. Okay guys! So I am starting the writing process of the game! Here's the deal. I'm going to let each member who's interested help me write their branch of the game! Also, I am in huge need of an extra boring name for the narrator to call the character to begin with (it will probably change with each branch) So if you're ready to see this game get into the headway of production, help me write your part! Also, here's the link with the original thread. I've decided to do a type of Stanley parable iwaku parody style of game so everyone gets a part. :)



    I am hosting voice auditions for the narrator of iwaku's game! You will each get to voice act your own branch, but the narrator will be the one who guides the character into the game or transitions from one thing to the next! It's a very very important role! If you're looking for what you should read and record or read to me over Skype or something to see if you qualify, please reply here or contact me somehow!
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  2. Alright o.o I'll try and figure out something (though I may need to be reminded since I'm a scatterbrained person >.<)
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  3. I might be interested, but my mic can get quiet 0_o
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  4. Go for it!
  5. I'd advise caution with letting everybody voice act.

    Audio quality is a big thing, and there's nothing immersion breaking like obvious headset/built in microphones.
    That being said though, if you designed the environment of your game right where such voices are to be expected in the game world you could probably get away with it more easily.
  6. well no one is going for the idea so it's doubtful.
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