Iwakucon '14

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  1. I think that everyone at Iwaku, should meet up in a central and easy place, and hangout for a weekend.
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    Meet abunch of other members and taught Gibbles and his many sharp things!
    Then dress as out charas like the nerds at Comic con
  3. Nice of us to invite ourselves to Diana's home and stuff.

    Iwaku folks are a fairly diverse bunch, given that we're all across the globe, so organising a meet-up may be tricky.

    My other issue I shall express in song form.

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  4. Awwwww, we <3 ya too Grumpy!
    That why we needs to get together~
  5. I feel so... so happy... Grumpy, I never knew. ;___; -snuggles-

    But yes, we should definitely try to organize something where these couple hundred writer-nerds get together and geek out about our shared passion for this website.
  6. Setting aside the social awkwardness and lack of money most geeky people have, there's also the fact that several hundred people and two bathrooms is a BAD idea. Besides, I know there are at least a few people I'd rather not meet and if you guys think that creepy stalker types won't show up to such a public thing, you're not thinking hard enough.
  7. If the site were to do a convention on any kind of scale outside of personal invites, it would be held in some kind of public place for sure and NOT in a personal home. But not only do most people not have the funds to travel for something like that, we also do not have the funds to host it and there is little way for us to get them!

    And before anyone thinks of trying to raise money for such a function, we could really use that money to go towards the monthly server costs and shiny forum upgrades instead. That is much more of a priority.
  8. I highly encourage people to use conventions already in place to try to have a meet up. Things like Comic Con, which is a big event in a big city can easily get people excited and the group doesn't have to do EVERYTHING together. Personal meet ups are easier to orginize, but enough of you work together to plan something who knows what can happen.

    Good luck!
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  9. Ocha's suggestion is probably the best solution for people who want to do some kind of open-to-anyone meetup!