Iwakuans In Spaaaaace

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  1. Well I got bored real quick of things on my computer and with time not allowing for serious thinking for RP posts I was looking around for something else to do in five minutes every once in awhile and I fell back on a game I used to enjoy back in highschool.

    With it still being there now I was wondering if a group of you guys would like to join me on one of the Universes in Ogame (http://www.ogame.org/) Thinking Universe 7 should be good under the name Pseudoping. So let me hear if you are interested or have some random stories about it if you played it before.
  2. Doesn't the whole space-kitten.org thing ALREADY mean Iwakuans are in space?


    Never played it before though. . . would it be HORRIBLE OF ME to ask for a brief summary of what it is for me and other people that might not admit to having no idea what this is?
  3. (Merry Christmas!)
  4. A space-based grand strategy game? Why din'tcha tell me?

    I'll probably get in on this if I can maintain interest.
  5. *Salutes Pirogeth*

    My fleet will soon be awaiting your orders grand admirable. My ships will gladly commit genocide at your word. Let the heavens burn with the glory of our ultimate triumph.

    Signed into "7. Universe" under the name "Makaan"
  6. Name: Luna Cambridge

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Abnormality: Luna-Ergokinesis-The ability to manipulate lunar energy. This ability includes various skills such as drawing energy from moonlight to physically enhance the user, create lunar constructs, sense the location of objects that are touched by moonlight, and absorption of moonlight for minor-healing.

    However, amateur users can only use their abilities when the moon is out and when they are experiencing moments of heightened emotion, he or she tends to illuminate. Sometimes the light is soft, other times it is intense and blinding. The user may also suffer from depressive episodes if they are deprived of contact with moonlight for too long. Their powers are weakened/cancelled when combating shadow abilities.

    Personality: Due to her blank and quiet nature, Luna is very patient and a surprisingly good listener. She's difficult to anger, as she prefers to make friends rather than enemies. She also packs a heavy punch despite her lithe figure.

    The spotlight is never a place she wishes to put herself in but she will do so if the situation demands it. Once she latches onto a friend or loved one, she becomes extremely protective of them and will stop at nothing to assure their safety. Beneath the indifferent mask is a spark of sass not seen by many. If it wasn't for her awkwardness, she could toss out some witty and clever remarks.

    History: Luna grew up in the slums surrounded by theft, drug addicts, and underground fight clubs. In this "dog eat dog" world, she and her family were the only ones they could rely on. A father stopped being in the picture since he left when the eldest sibling, Jade, was born.

    In order to help their mother with finances, Luna and her siblings resorted to loitering about the wealthier areas of town. It was there that Luna's oldest sister, Jade, pick-pocketed random passerby while her other sister Armani hoaxed people into donating for a struggling foster home. All of the donations went straight to their pockets. Monti earned money in an underground fight club.

    Meanwhile, Luna could not shake off her guilt; her mother had no idea that her children were committing crimes. They had told the frail woman that they were earning pay by mopping the floors of a local diner. Thus, Luna opted for posing as lookout for any law enforcement. Her siblings conceded to her wishes. For extra precaution, Monti taught Luna Muay-Thai and street smarts.




    One day, Luna stayed home with her mother to prepare a small dinner. Around late afternoon, a burglar broke into their home and threatened their lives if they didn't cooperate. As he searched the room for any valuable items, Luna grabbed Monti's wooden bat and struck the burglar in the back of his skull.

    She did not expect the blow to kill him.

    Horrified, her mother calmed her before they cleaned up the mess and hid the body. Luna's siblings returned soon after. Initially, they were confused by Luna's panicking until they were informed about what happened. Luna's family assured her that what she did was not evil nor a crime; she saved their mother and their home. However, Luna found that hard to believe and, to this day, the guilt eats away at her.


    A year later, Monti was killed in the fighting ring, which left the family devastated. It was then that the siblings told their mother the truth and ceased stealing. Their finances worsened without the extra cash, so their mother was forced to get two part-time jobs. On that tragic day, Luna promised herself to redeem her family, get a steady paying career, and approach life with morals. She never wanted to share the same fate as her brother.




    Finally, she's got a weakness for freckles. Heaven give her strength...

  7. Oh god not Ogame!!

    Ive lost too many random weeks to that game >>
  8. I joined in Universe 7 under the name Miru.
    I would humbly request a tutorial. ^^;
  9. Well a slightly more detailed tutorial huh. Well I can provide one but if you want to take the time they made their own accessible through a cleverly hidden button. The picture below shows you where that button is.

    Show Spoiler

    Otherwise you can listen to me for a paragraph or two. Basically what you want is to improve your Metal Mine, your Crystal Mine, and your Deutrium Mine all of which help produce more of said resources. Now you do have a maximum amount of resources you can have but the limits on that are controlled by your other buildings on the same page, the resources page. There is Metal Storage for more Metal, Crystal Storage for more Crystal, and Deutrium tank for more Oil. Resources are probably the biggest concern within the first week or so that's why I'm still kinda going over it. But once you have that stuff done and you want to move on go look for what you ultimately want and start building the tech tree to get to it. The tech tree button to get something is found after clicking on the desired item. So let's say you want the almighty Deathstar in your arsenal.

    Well to get the Deathstar you need many things, once I click on the tech button it shows me this screen:

    Show Spoiler

    As you can see it is a pretty jumbled mess but there is a tab up top that says technology. It will give you the entire list of things needed from buildings to research. Now you know about that you have a pretty good grasp on what to do to get something in ogame.
  10. John

    He smiled back at her as they walked to the car.


    He smiled back at her, still kissing her.
  11. (I'm just going to leave clareout for now.)

    I frowned slightly and then smile, "Well let's go to the uh, I honestly don't know where to go."
  12. John

    "True, but their choice nearly got agents killed. If Belle and I weren't here..." He didn't want to think of the body count.


    "I'm sorry you had to go through that. No one should have to live in an abuse home."


    "Indeed. As CEO or boyfriend to the most amazing woman ever?" He smiled at her.
  13. Winnifred


    He suddenly hugs me to him and I can feel the happiness radiating off of him. Oh my goodness...did I die and end up going to heaven? This doesn't feel like its real. It's almost too good to be real.

    He confirms how happy he actually is and I feel my heart hammer against my chest as he pulls the pillow away from me. I'm exposed, he can see the entirety of my red, red face

    "S-should w-we go anywhere?" I ask uncertainly "I mean...we still are under lock down."


    (She just doesn't bring up the fact that she is sick very often)

    "They usually meant well. I was shocked that they didn't think of Jack and I as freaks. But they loved us, strangely enough, even though Jack was a pain in the ass. And they were very...er, scary sometimes?" I laugh softly "You'd be surprised to see their ruler collection."

    "You'd let me take energy from you?" I ask uncertainly, frowning "Oh goodness Alex, I don't want to hurt you...I-I always find ways to get it...but you are my friend and I don't want to end up...taking too much." I shake my head "B-but...if you do overheat...I can help..." I offer, biting my lip hard. I liked the feeling of his energy. It was so warm...it scares me now. I don't like it when I like the feeling of others energy. I've never gotten addicted before but I'm afraid it may happen if I'm not careful.


    "He will get suspicious." I admit with a frown as I hear her stomach growl "Listen...I could always get you to the kitchen and teleport myself back here. Warren doesn't have that tracker on you and you can get back quickly, I'll just tell him you went upstairs to sleep or something..." I frown then smile again as she promises she will be careful. I am glad. I don't want anything bad to happen to her
  14. Hawthorne

    He cleared his throat "Adjustments will be made. Originally we wanted to keep them under tighter surveillance, considering our incident with Jason. But..I can pull some strings if this truly is a bother,"


    "Mm. You just like seeing me blush don't you Jay?" She rubbed her palm against her cheek as to try and calm the heat "But thank you. Just don't spoil me too much."


    "I will I will." She promised as she kissed him back "You have a good day at work. I love you too." She smiled hesitantly
  15. I'm surprised Ryker hasn't shown up in here yet.
  16. Belle

    "Do you think he's still out there?" She asked softly "I try to think that he is. But I don't always believe it."


    "Jay we can do whatever. We can stay at Beta a little while longer. I just want you to know I'm not planning on hiding away for long."
  17. Sakamoto
    I fall asleep holding onto her. I was glad for this calmness as it was a crazy day.
    "Youre cozy." I hear her say in a small voice and smiled.
    I then droft off to sleep

    "Exaclty...i mean its wierd for someone to just disappear...then come back like how he did. Maybe her brother could be the reason she is here though."i say.
    She looked down as i asked about her friends and i tilted my head.
    "What happened?" I asked gently," you know if you want to talk about it...."

    I sighed he talked about staying and looked at the guy. It wasn't that easy
    "Just please don't tell anyone about me. It will mess everything up." I say to the guy seriously," just staying here isn't that easy...."
    I then get silent i wasn't going to tell him. I just met him and i didn't want him trying to make me stay more then he was already
    "Don't worry we wont hog everything." I then say.
  18. Jacqueline

    "honestly if I was to disappear I'd like not to be found." I grumble lightly "Unless it was an abduction, and in that case I know Jack wouldn't go down lightly. Kicking and screaming I tell you." I chuckle softly

    Oh please. I hear his groggy voice boom in my skull If it was you you'd be hair pulling and freaking screeching. Maybe even digging your dainty little nails into someone's face. Now wouldn't that be amusing. Jackie are you feeling alright? Im still sleepy...but otherwise just dandy. You seem slightly upset.

    I am fine.
    I tell him and feel my brows scrunch inwards. I don't know if that is true I am just thinking about Penelope and her friends. I feel horrible for leaving Cyrus defenseless.

    Think about it this way Jackie-Lynn, if that blood bender girl was without energy, they would have been possibly screwed. Now what could that four eyed kid do? Probably not much. Trip over his own laces and get kidnapped? You betcha.

    I grimace and push him out. I honestly don't know how I live with this godforsaken kid.

    "I stole energy from someone because I was exhausted." I admit "I tried to help them by giving energy but it was too much on me...needless to say they didn't take it well. But Jack is 'sort of' connected with one of them..."

    I shared her body. You know how awkward it is to be shoved inside a teenage girl's body? Hormones, but you should know how that is. It's gross.

    Same goes for you, snot-brain.

    Curly bitch.

    Immature brat.

    Needy wench.

    Perverse sociopath.

    Insecure vixen.

    We go back and forth for a while. It's exhausting.


    "How bad is your situation kiddo?" I ask her, concerned now, but still suspicious beyond a doubt. She was hiding something for sure, whether it be malicious or not. "We can help you know..." I bite my lip and examine her further. My head tilts. Something about her just doesn't feel right. My mother would call this a gut feeling, or at least a spiritual instinct. I thought both to be bull at the time but now I am not so sure. I didn't have any evidence to support my hypothesis, and yet I believe it to be true. "Actually, take as much as you need." I offer her, still frowning deeply "You might not be getting anything else later from what I can tell."
  19. Metal, Crystal, Deuterium. I'm gonna try and get working on a fleet worthy of the emperor's holy inquisition.

    may take a while.