Iwakuans In Spaaaaace

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Well I got bored real quick of things on my computer and with time not allowing for serious thinking for RP posts I was looking around for something else to do in five minutes every once in awhile and I fell back on a game I used to enjoy back in highschool.

With it still being there now I was wondering if a group of you guys would like to join me on one of the Universes in Ogame (http://www.ogame.org/) Thinking Universe 7 should be good under the name Pseudoping. So let me hear if you are interested or have some random stories about it if you played it before.
Doesn't the whole space-kitten.org thing ALREADY mean Iwakuans are in space?


Never played it before though. . . would it be HORRIBLE OF ME to ask for a brief summary of what it is for me and other people that might not admit to having no idea what this is?
Alright here goes nothing. Ogame is a text based real time game where you control your own array of planets. You start off with one planet and can have up to 9. Overall your supposed to get three types of resources from your planets which you use to build up defenses and offesnive fleets. The resources are Metal, a basic material used for pretty much anything and usually has the highest price value in items, Crystals, another basic resource which is used more in research I believe, and Deutrium aka Oil. Deutrium is used to fuel ships and keep them in orbit and such.

As far as it goes when I say real time I mean real time as it takes minutes, hours, even days to make things so it is a low maitenance sort of deal to play ogame. Forming the Iwaku Armada is just a fun idea I thought we could all get in on.
A space-based grand strategy game? Why din'tcha tell me?

I'll probably get in on this if I can maintain interest.
*Salutes Pirogeth*

My fleet will soon be awaiting your orders grand admirable. My ships will gladly commit genocide at your word. Let the heavens burn with the glory of our ultimate triumph.

Signed into "7. Universe" under the name "Makaan"
Alright sent a buddy request and so you guys don't have to search so hard for the search button like I did it is at the top. Also my Planet's position is 1:6:7 so Galaxy 1 System 6 Position 7 and Vay is only one system over making transport between us easy to do.
Oh god not Ogame!!

Ive lost too many random weeks to that game >>
I joined in Universe 7 under the name Miru.
I would humbly request a tutorial. ^^;
Well a slightly more detailed tutorial huh. Well I can provide one but if you want to take the time they made their own accessible through a cleverly hidden button. The picture below shows you where that button is.


Otherwise you can listen to me for a paragraph or two. Basically what you want is to improve your Metal Mine, your Crystal Mine, and your Deutrium Mine all of which help produce more of said resources. Now you do have a maximum amount of resources you can have but the limits on that are controlled by your other buildings on the same page, the resources page. There is Metal Storage for more Metal, Crystal Storage for more Crystal, and Deutrium tank for more Oil. Resources are probably the biggest concern within the first week or so that's why I'm still kinda going over it. But once you have that stuff done and you want to move on go look for what you ultimately want and start building the tech tree to get to it. The tech tree button to get something is found after clicking on the desired item. So let's say you want the almighty Deathstar in your arsenal.

Well to get the Deathstar you need many things, once I click on the tech button it shows me this screen:


As you can see it is a pretty jumbled mess but there is a tab up top that says technology. It will give you the entire list of things needed from buildings to research. Now you know about that you have a pretty good grasp on what to do to get something in ogame.
I'll accept your buddy request and track down Miru (whose now our mascot) then begin the slow climb up the economic ladder and getting a fleet together.
I have joined Universe 7 under Teh Username GMK, the resources of the Grey Knights of Titan are your to command, may we scourge the galaxy of the unclean.

My homeworld is located at 1:12:10
For some reason I can't do invites. You have to take action somehow...just not sure. *has not found an invitation button yet*

[EDIT]Alright found out how you can apply for the alliance. Go into the search menu by clicking the search button at the top, go to the alliances tab and search for the ISAF. Then there should be a button that when hovered over says "Apply for this Alliance." So try that and I know where I can go over applications.
I'm surprised Ryker hasn't shown up in here yet.
I'm in Andromeda already, and part of the Hearts Of Iron alliance under the name "King Gustav V".

here on SWITZERLAND PRIME we had to fight DEMONIC MECHABEASTS before we even made our first rocket launcher...

and now of course we have a colony and several plasma cannons.
Are the resources and stuff on your homeworld random? I'd like to know if my planet has much of anything to offer anyone. o-O
Metal, Crystal, Deuterium. I'm gonna try and get working on a fleet worthy of the emperor's holy inquisition.

may take a while.