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  1. [size=+1]
    Now in the Iwaku Info Wiki, you can find a brand new treat presented to you by yours truly. That's right, everyone, the long anticipated has finally come to pass! Now available for your pleasure...

    [/size][size=+2][blink]The Iwaku Zodiac Aspect Profiles[/size][/blink]

    [size=+1]This can be found under the section labeled "Iwaku Zodiac". This is open for analysis of the aspects, a personal interpretation of how this aspect does or does not fit you as a person, and just sharing with others what aspect you fall under to find fellows who share it with you. See if maybe you can't find common traits between yourself and the others of your aspect!
  2. It's FABULOUS!

    I love how easily these can inspire awesome character ideas, too. >:3
  3. I find those archetypes rigid and over-simplistic. >:[
  4. I'm touched that you like it enough to jokingly criticize it T___T
    I'm so happy.
  5. Awesome! I like it. It actually fits quite well with me.
  6. It's fantastic, and the description is very accurate for me:)
  7. True- Good job Kitti. Selenite is a Mentor.

    Can I ask on what is it based upon? If there is anything....
  8. Haha, I'm a shaaaadoooow.
  9. *waves his arms around frantically in the background*

    Oh wait, nevermind.

    But yeah, I've always figured I was more of a trickster than a mentor.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.