Iwaku Zodiac: The Soulmate

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  1. The Soulmate

    February 15 - April 1
    Often, Soulmates find it hard to determine their purpose in life since so many things can use their talents. Things seem to blossom beneath the touch of the Soulmate, so they tend to want to spread this influence as much as possible. This can lead to the Soulmate overstretching themselves to try to accomplish everything. Mercurial in temperament, the Soulmate can be capable of changing based on the situation at hand and adapt to new challenges. Soulmates do not tend to cope well with being told what they can and cannot do, instead doing what they feel to be right. The capabilities of the Soulmates are wide because their careful attention lends itself to succeeding at many things, which will often only confuse a Soulmate as to what their strength truly is. Though a soulmate may be intelligent, many tend to associate the soulmate with their emotional side instead, which can frustrate an intellectually gifted soulmate.
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  2. ~♥Pisces♥~
  3. Apparently I'm a soulmate according to the Iwaku Zodiac.
  4. This would be me. Pisces in the celestial horoscope.

    I agree with this, actually.
    Especially with the tendency to give in to the emotional side rather than the intelligent side, always.
    It's hard. D: I FEEL MAN, I FEEL.
  5. Very much like myself. [Pisces. ;3]
  6. Soulmate also, this does sound like me, especially the finding it hard to determine what I should do in my life.
    Loving my Pisces.
  7. I dun care what the newest celestial zodiac changes my horoscope to.. I am still an Aries. I am no seafood.
    however this description of Soulmate is surprisingly accurate....
  8. I just love how The Soulmate/Pisces just fit me so well, I guess now I truly believe in zodiacs~! :D
  9. Soulmate all up in this shit.
  10. I don't think I'm like this but I might be becasue appearently I'm all sorts of stuff but I don't think so. So I might be. . . .
  11. Soulmate. Also I'm a sheep by the chinese zodiac, and aries.
  12. Aw, this actually is very cute and similar to my actual astrological sign. :3
  13. Fish are Friends, and not food~! Pieces all the way! This is like me. Especilly the part about giving into my emotional side more often than that of my Intellegence. ^.^
  14. I am a fishy wood dog soulmate :3
  15. ... If things seem to blossom under my touch, how come my stevia plants died last week?
  16. This is absolutely me. If there was a definition for Linarrina in the dictionary this would be it.
  17. Sounds pretty accurate honeslty I'm an intellectual soulamte but I don't feel too conflicted like it says still I do pretty well in most of the things I do so yeah I guess it right lol
  18. THis actually fits me!
  19. I am a fish and apparently a Soulmate too. I like!!
  20. Wow. I'm a soulmate~ It fits me fairly well, in most senses. :) I'm at the early part of Aries for the western zodiac...But I think the Iwaku zodiac seems pretty neat.

    Also, that last part fits me really well. :)