Iwaku Zodiac: The Herald

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  1. The Herald
    January 2 - February 14
    The Herald is the element of communication. Heralds often have the ability to put events into perspective and connect the wider ideas together to form patterns and make sense. Heralds are often in tune with history and can see things that might repeat themselves. Unlike the Mentor, these are not things that they typically warn against or attempt to circumvent. Instead, many Heralds see these things as part of an inevitable cycle. Mistakes are part of life and it’s easier to learn through experience than through teachings. Mentors typically pass on stories and songs through a love of language and sharing. The Herald is peace-loving, often because they are not suited to war and know the suffering that it entails. Heralds thrive on balance, since elements of order and chaos are important to maintaining the cycle. For these reasons, many heralds are seen as the most unbiased of the signs.
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  2. I ... think this is me in a nut shell. Though I am not as smart as this makes it seem. ;P I am not in tune with history, but I have to admit, a lot of this is right on.

    I may have to read into this more to see if I still think this later.
  3. WOW not a single word were right :D Okay maybe one xD the thing that seemed to fit on me were peace-loving xD hahah
  4. Hmm, that's pretty damn close...almost scary
  5. Oh wow, it's really weird … I have two brothers, they were both born in early January but one is totally like this and the other one totally not xD
  6. This is me in a nutshell. Enough said.