Iwaku World?

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  1. What's that? I've read and heard people talk about it but I don't see it around. o.o
  2. *Shakes a fist!* I told you in the cbox but you ran away!

    Iwaku World is a Mythos and a large roleplay than ran in multiple forms! We have the information about it up and saved, so people can still run their own spin-offs of Iwaku Roleplays. :D You can see this with Asmo's Dark Reign or Woodrat's Moonwings rp.
  3. Sorry! My cbox fucks up in IE 9 and I couldn't log in on Chrome for some reason.

    Oh, so occasionally roleplays in the Iwaku World are still put on and etc? COOL!
  4. I did read some stuff from it, but it was .. A lot. So it's just an ongoing storyline where all of our rps are in?
  5. Some people continue the story line, and some people just do their own story lines, and some people make up their own Mythos all together! :D
  6. It's a mythologised account of the forum, where we play our Usernames/Avatars in a meta-fictional cosmos.

    It began about 5 or 6 years ago with the Iwaku Bomb Comic.




  7. Sounds bloody cool. Gimme a heads up when a new one is set up so I can join!
  8. That is closed, no?
  9. There's also been other less 'canon' plots that have been done over the years. Probably the least canon was the so called "Civil War." Which pitted members of the forum against demi-gods known as the Pharaohs. This one was also a departure from normal noob foes to a member named Johnny.
  10. No.

    It's eternally open.

    To those who can stand the heat. >:|
  11. 8D
    too much to read.
    I gave up.
    -thumbs up face.-
  12. True that. So many pages.
  13. I was helpful. ;__;
    **Hides beneath Asmo's computer**
  14. I love Asmo.
  15. I love brudduh, Dawn, Di-san, Oct-kun, Kitti, StephSteph, Mags, Vay, MyrnFaceMan, Sho-kun, Grgbear, scott pilgrim man, and GibsFace.
    I win.
  16. Ah, the Glory Days~

    *Shoots lasers out of his eyes, dressed like the Mad King*
  17. Nic watches.

    Nic watches and waits.
  18. Nic is already a rather dull and peripheral NPC tasked only with pseudo-scientific exposition.