Iwaku World - The Wolf's Tavern & Inn (OOC)

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This is the out of character thread for a simple, jump-in style sideplot that I'm going to set up. Well, it's not so much a sideplot as an unofficial location.

The Wolf's Tavern & Inn is a sort of log-cabin-styled, owned by Xindaris (the character). It has a ground floor, which is the tavern, an upper floor, the inn, and a basement level where the supplies and such are. It's fairly modest in appearance and size, but has several machines inside that make it very easy for a single person to run it; it almost, though not quite, runs itself. When the in-character thread comes up, any character of Iwaku World can walk in and start participating at any time. Please note, however, that I would prefer the place to avoid EPIC DESTRUCTION and whatnot if at all possible, and that Xindaris (the character) acts as a bouncer for the place; should anything get out of hand he will at least attempt to throw the offender(s) out.

Overall, TWT&I is intended as a hangout, where characters can sit around, chat, have some food and drink. It's not supposed to have a plot per se, so please do not complain of there being no plot, or attempt to impose a ridiculous plot on the place. It's also supposed to be fairly lighthearted, so I'd rather there not be major angst, but I guess that's really up to the characters.

There will be a list of employees if some characters decide to take up work in TWT&I, and it'll go in this post.

In this thread goes, presumably, OOC chatter regarding the IC part, once it starts up.
Before it begins, I'd like to know which subforum of this subforum IC sideplots ought to go, so that I don't have to guess, so if there's someone who knows that reading this please let me know.
Al openl IC threads go in the "Absolute War" section!
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