Iwaku World - Luna Ashe Founding; Coronation OOC

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There is NO limit on characters in that storyline thread, to allow everyone the chance to wrap up any plot-points they need to get across AT the actual Coronation and Iwaku City Castle before they moved on in to their own plots.

I have this OOC up to see if there's ANYone else that really needs to do something at this party? Do you need to speak with Diana or another character there?

I have one "big" thing planned with Porg, and then I'M done and ready to move on to the next scenes. >>
I see... and i will be wrapping up my business in it as soon as Arsenal posts.
I really don't NEED to do something anymore, but as one o the more prominent figures in Iwaku, it would be great if I got a chance to talk to Diana, especially since the plot will take me away from the centre of power fora long time.
I feel as though I need to have Chaos at least catch a glimpse of Diana. Just cause Chaos was brought up to speed doesn't mean he has any idea what he should do.

I also wouldn't mind finding someone who actually knows Chaos.
Then is there any possibly of having these chance meetings outside of the big party thing? Like in a new scene and setup? After chatting with Porg (and if no one else has some dire "must be at the party" wish) I want to get us moving. >>; I'm going to have Miss Diana preparing to leave Iwaku City in the next day/thread.

That could give a lot of characters a night to "sleep on it", and whomever wants a discussion can do so before she leaves the city and/or join her on her quest oooorr give her a big "FUCK YOU" and go on their own quest. >:D
I'm all for a conversation between Myrn and Diana when she's about to retire for the night...Him teleporting in and going "I need to talk to you..."
....That sounds so dirty, Myrn... >:D
Well....It could be >.> but lets keep the "fanfiction" outside of Iwaku for now and focus on good storytelling and having fun *nods*
Remember, the barship is watching. always watching. same for the kabal, except they prefer to plot and scheme rather than watch.
Hm. I guess I'll give Chaos a night to sleep off his injuries and let the magic finish healing him. Then he'll just drop in later on.

Course, Chaos is a rather sporadic ally. Once minute he's there, the next something else has his attention.

We'll see what happens.
So then all I have to do to wrap up the Founding thread is the convo with Porg, a small time skip to the evening time and a weird conversation with Myrn? XD Then I start a new thread.

Aaaaaanyone else need something on this day from Diana? And does everyone have any ideas of where they're going to go after this day? >>
I don't need anything from Diana.. but I kinda need to have a link to the harbringer.. I Could use their help with something trivial.. Any ideas?
Well, you could always go and "get your belongings" from the harbinger...it's Jack Shade's ship though...

Me, I'm going to Vetmimir...and if I can Jack to help once again, I'm going to take the Harbinger there too, as well as Drake...To make sure all mythological creatures will always have a safe haven in Iwaku.
Something trivial! I'll show you trivial! *Crashes into Porg*

Seriously though...I'll be active again soon, just getting term papers out of the way.

I will be going with Myrn though...that much is established.

But where to take Jack and the Legacy?
I have plans to let a random footsoldier record the coronation for the Empire to archive.

Is that okay?
I could use a wrap between Zypher's new regency and Diana's departure
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