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This is for Vay's and mine 40k Subplot, If you know, want to know, or are up for seriously Grimdark RP, join. Any 40k based characters get a free slot, and I'll let vay decide the max on the rest.
mmm, I think I'd like Archy to be involved in this.
This will include the 40k staples: violence, self defeating creeds, graphic violence and many of our social taboos trampled all over as a matter of course. Though anyone who wants in on the intrigue and espionage followed by explosive action and a nail-biting finale that decides the fate of two universes are welcome.
I will be joinin once I wrap things up with Arsenal, or get JCQuiinn converted.
Building some Barship scouts at present. expect Scout Sergeant J. Rico, Neophytes Williams, Rasczack and others.
would you like to know more?.......
Scouts are good, I see some nice skirmishes with cultists before the chaos marines take notice and move to clear them out with a suspense filled scouthunt following. Sound good.?
And perhaps we shall have some Black Templar joining us soon.
Is it bad that I'm having plans for WMD's characters being the deus ex machinima? I DUN WANT TO HIJACK!!!!!!?
Well WMD has more guys, GMK's only going to have a small strike force of Grey Knights.

So WMD, Vay, JC, Archy, DissonantMuse (If he ever logs his ass on) and Myself.

Ok Vay want to Re-Start everything from the Beginning?
Opening mission planned and dossiers sealed, as soon as GMK starts the thread we are go for fighting back the forces of chaos.
Hmm... too late to get into this? Either I can use my current character and timecut him oooor... perhaps the Grey Knight Contingent also has another Chapter of marines assisting it? Nothing more than a battle company though, was thinking of them showing up in a strike cruiser.
Never too late. Though you'd be working with the inquisitor. Everyone who wants to post can post, you'll be approached either by cultists or the inquisitor to be drawn onto the plot.
Everyone who wants do, come up with a reason to have yourself in a mildly Chaos tainted Iwaku mall.
Bonus points if you make yourselves approachable by either Chaos cultists or Inquisitor Locke
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