Iwaku workforce! What is your favourite part of your job?

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  1. I work at a cafe where I'm a barista, waitress, dishwasher, grill girl, janitor, and cashier

    My favourite thing is making lattes; I do the swirls on the foam and I'd love to learn more impressive coffee art to make my drinks pretty!
  2. I work at both a daycare and a youth group (ironically, I am a hardcore atheist and the only adult who doesn't believe what so ever, but youth group is better than kids going into drugs and gangs).

    I love seeing them smile, and growing up to live a happy life.
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  3. I work in retail catering particularly to special sizes (plus sizes and petites).

    My favorite part is encouraging woman to love their shape and buy clothes that they feel pretty in. :)
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  4. I am a House Elf. I wash clothes and dishes. I cook dinners. I do all of the shopping, errands, and management of the household. When I get sick, it's like the apocalypse happens and I wake up in a post-apoc city. o_______o My favorite part of being a House Elf is meal planning and cooking dinners! I like fiddling with new recipes and perfecting old ones. >:3

    I am also a Site Administrator for Iwaku and a few friends business webpages. >:[ I don't get paid for that either! But I love tweaking things and making them pretty. >>
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  5. I am a computer Technician at a private school.

    My favorite part of my job is when I get to learn a new skill, particularly in physical repair. For example, last week I learned how to make a crossover cable....I have no idea what they are for though (^.^`)
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  6. I'm a cashier and operator-in-training at an indie movie theatre. My favourite part of working there is probably the ambiance in general. My colleagues are the sweetest people I've ever met, too. The work itself is pretty easy and nothing special, but I just love it there. It's like a second home to me.
  7. I work in an office and do mostly filing and answering phones. My favorite part of the job is the friends I've made here and the dish of candy my supervisor has on her desk..... ^^
  8. I'm a stay at home mom, which compares to a day job pretty damn well. I'm a combination of a maid, a teacher, and a general laborer. lol I'm the one who does most of the cleaning, I'm constantly helping my son learn new skills, I get my exercise from running around and lifting so much, I do most of the cooking, I keep track of the bills, I file our documents, I make appointments, I even keep my boyfriend on schedule with his job at Pizza Hut. (Wow, guess I'm also kind of a secretary...)

    PLUS I'm going to school. XP I'm usually exhausted as hell by the end of the day. I don't know where I'd be without my coffee and my booze. Coffee keeps me going through the day, wine relaxes me at night when the LO is tucked into bed.

    Anyway, what I do is a full time job. My best part about it is watching my son develop. He's improving so much on his skills, and seeing how happy and healthy he is brings me so much joy. Someday, probably after we move out of this shithole town, I'll have a good job that he can be proud of me for. :]
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  9. Back when I had a job, my favorite part was going home. ._. I hated my last job.
  10. I work at PetSmart! Which I honestly think is the best job ever. I am a cashier.

    The best part of my job thought is when a puppy comes behind a counter to talk to me while their parent is paying for their items Its always fun when i get to play and talk to them. It also warms my heart to see pet parent and their pets shopping together.
  11. I work as an assistant manager at a franchised chain coffee shop on the US east coast. It's a fast paced environment that demands accuracy and speed of service, but the best, best, best part of my job is being able to be serve each and every person with the biggest, happiest good morning I can manage -- and I love it. I think it's incredibly crucial to be genuine in working with people, and I get to do that every day I go to work.

    I'm also a massage therapist, and let me tell you, that's all wonders right there. I can't. It's beautiful to feel a person relax beneath my hands.