Iwaku, what do you do when you wake up waaay too early?

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  1. Seriously, I wasn't planning to be up for another three hours.

    What do you do when you're up too early and you can't sleep?
  2. Well I do various things...all from bed! Cuddle with my dogs (more like telling them they better be awake because I'm awake), check my emails, instagram, like pictures on facebook, get on netflix and watch Law and Order SVU...spend a lot of time talking to the wall and some reflection time. =D
  3. I come here to find yall asleep
  4. I find that if I wake up earlier than I wanted to, then I simply just can not go back to sleep, so I proceed to wake up and go about my usual routine. I have breakfast, wake myself up and do what I wanted to do. Then, when I am tired in the afternoon, I just take a nap to make up for the lost time, that is, if I am feeling tired enough. Otherwise, I just slave through the day and go to sleep earlier.
  5. I just lay there and do a lot of thinking until I feel like getting out of bed. I reflect, I think about what I wanna do today, what I want to eat when I'm dressed... And if I feel like it, I'll tell my gorilla of a boyfriend to switch bedsides with me so I can get to my computer or the Xbox. I can always take a nap later.

    Otherwise, I pack myself a bowl, smoke it, and then get back in bed. I'll either fall back to sleep or enjoy feeling mind numbed while I stare at the ceiling. Patterns come to life before my very eyes.
  6. I never really sleep for longer than 2 or 3 hours. I'm up too late, too often and too much > < So "waking up" for me is whenever I have to actually get out of bed and start getting ready to leave. When I didn't have to work it was great cause I wouldn't hesitate to just stay up til whenever and sleep if I could, when I could. Now though, it hurts when I don't get at least 5 hours. Trying not to drink and take pharmaceuticals, but the natural shit just doesn't cut it. I guess I close my eyes and pretend I'm asleep sometimes before I have to get up.

    Wait, what was the question?
  7. Typically hop onto the computer or start cleaning my room. I don't always wake up early so it's a rare occurrence for me.
  8. Assuming you're not just being a trollface...

    My boyfriend has a similar sleeping condition; if I catch him napping during the day or sleeping late, I never rouse him; it makes up for all the nights he hardly sleeps at all (he's also weirdly happy when he comes home from work dead on his feat; it means he can sleep later). All nighters aren't a feat most of the time, they're just what happens. Been this way since he was a kid, so no it's not just twenty-something weird sleep habits.

    Anyway, suggestions! You mentioned all-natural stuff so you're probably on it already, but try using Melatonin to get drowsy, cutting off caffeine and sugars will help, too. Also set yourself a bedtime, even if you're not sleepy, lying in a bed instead of sitting upright will help get you there; try changing the lighting after dinner, not enough to strain your eyes but instead of keeping the ceiling lights on, maybe invest in a couple table lamps. If you don't want to lie staring at the ceiling until sleep comes (and who does?) you can use your laptop or phone or handheld game system or even (HEAVENS TO BETSY OLD FASHIONED) a book. This doesn't work for everybody, but soothing music or even the TV as a dull background sound can help, too (I like to have a fan going to help me sleep, and I don't have any kind of sleeping disorder.)

    EDIT: I'm not trying to be an expert, or a know-it-all, I only know what I've seen from living with someone who has a similar problem, if you've talked to medical people about it they probably know more than me, but the internet is a public forum, and the whole point of a forum is for people to swap ideas and learn new things from outside sources.
  9. Find a cat to blame, blame it, go back to sleep.
  10. Play video games if I want to stay up, watch the news if I want to fall back to sleep.
  11. I come on here and then bitch at the people in chat before playing a few games on steam until I eventually feel tired.

    This happened just last night too when my smoke detectors went off in my home at 2 am. I couldn't fall asleep for about 4 hours afterwards.