Iwaku Triad: NEW CARDS

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    Hello everyone! You might know me as the gravemaster of Iwaku (which I am) but I have another project that doesn't require quite as many corpses. That would be the Iwaku Triad! If you don't know what that is, it's a card game that you can play right here on Iwaku. Ever wondered who would win in a battle, Zen or Celestialis? Wonder no more! (Note: No Zens or Celestiali were harmed in the making of this game).

    Continuing on from that, I want to make new cards for all of the people who weren't around when the last ones were made. However, to do that, I need your help! If you would like a card made for yourself, please send me a PM.

    Here's what I need from you:
    • A PM from you, if you've been a posting member for at least two weeks.
    • A sentence or two about something that you like or who you are as a person!

    I'll make you famous.
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    You're not getting a card if you joined after later February/early March and you don't request one from me.