Iwaku trading card game?

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  1. I have a few friends on another website making a trading card game of members from that forum and was Wondering: could the same thing be done with Iwaku? I know, the site is a bit different,mbut we could all work it ou. We'd need coders, artists and other people. Here is the link for those who are interested.


    So, would anyone be up for making this? Discuss it with me!
  2. There's no method of dealing damage...
    And the power level is way too reliant on post count. :/
  3. That reminds me of a thread someone made about making your own Yugioh card. I don't remember if I saved mine, though...
  4. Honestly if were to make a TCG on us I'd base it off Magic. :P
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  5. I found it!

  6. Ah Rituals.

    Such a fun idea as a kid, but so poorly executed cause the monsters weren't any more powerful than generic ones.
    Actually, most Polymerizations shared that same problem.
  7. As awesome as it would be to have an iwaku card game, you'd need a hella badass and dedicated project manager with consistent and dedicated minions to help with the work load! Which is nearly impossible. There's a reason why these sorts of things don't work out for very long on communities and never get finished. >>

    If you did get that, you'd then have to deal with a hundred people complaining about how you were doing it wrong. ;__;

    I wish we could magically have one, though. >:[ It would be kinda cool.
  8. Didn't we have one at one point? There was an Iwaku card game, and you could purchase cards with points and stuff.
  9. We had triad cards on the vbulletin! But there was no port over to xenforo and no support for card making. D:
  10. That's the one. I was wondering what happened to it, you know.
  11. Loving this idear.
    would like to put self up as a card
  12. Everyone would just want to be a super powerful card. It'd fall apart pretty quickly.
  13. The point is to have a big ole circlejerk/popularity contest, not to make an actual playable set of cards. :P
  14. Well then I can't imagine this "project" would actually require as much planning and management as Diana seems to believe. It'd be as simple as everyone chipping in their own card, and then just collecting them all into a single post.
  15. Can my card be banned because I win all the things?
    Yeah? Yeah.
  16. You're forgetting that most people don't have the knowledge, skill or time to make their own card, though. O_O There would still have to be someone(S) making cards for people and someone to wrangle shit.
  17. Base it on a overly complex, unintuitive system that I've played since I was a child? I'm in.

    Seriusly though

    @Asuras ; You are so wrong on so many levels. IF you want to make a actual working card game you need a system for resource allocation and balance that then needs to be playtested and compared to each other. You also need a system of different kids of mechanics, like win conditions, special effects and card types. Card games are just as complex as making a videogame, if not more so.
  18. This has been attempted (mostly by Paorou) multiple times and every time the project drifts off to limbo.

    The old Iwaku tarot cards (also by paopao) managed completion methinks. That was a pretty cool project.
  19. Asuras wasn't saying to make it a working game, ze was saying that if all the cards could be as insanely powerful as the user behind them wanted it to be, you wouldn't need overly complicated game mechanics because they would just be wasted on a, to quote Jorick, "big ole cirklejerk/ popularity contest".
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