Iwaku Tf2 score hunter competition

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When should the contest start?

  1. 6:00 PM EST

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  2. 7:00 PM EST

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  3. 8:00 PM EST

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  4. 9:00 PM EST

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  1. Hello everyone. If you have played on the iwaku team fortress 2 server, you probably noticed that it is a bit empty. That's kinda sad, considering how much work is put into it. Let's change that with a contest.

    Now i bet you want to know: "Why would I want to participate?" Simple reason: The top 3 players will be given prizes. These prizes will be given to the players with the highest scores.
    The top player will get 2 tour of duty tickets.
    Second place will earn one random hat.
    Third place will be given a weapon for one of the 9 classes. Keep in mind that it will be a normal one. No strange, no killstreak, no australium. If I don't have it, I will craft it just for you.

    The rewards are only given to members of Iwakuroleplay. Other players can compete too, but they will not earn prizes, no matter how good their score will be.

    We will play 3 matches. Your scores will be added at the end of each round. If you are kicked from the server/disconnect/ect, your score of the round will be reset by the game. Be careful not to make that happen. If you miss one round, the remaining scores are still added to your final score.

    You are allowed to change your class and loadout at any point of the game. You can also change the team in the middle of the battle.

    I will join in as well, but only as spectator. My job will be to screenshot the scores at the end of the 3 rounds.

    Let's talk about the date. Most of us probably don't have time in the middle of the week, so let's do this on the 8th November (Saturday). You can vote for the time at the top of the page. To compare timezones, click this link: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?pl=1&lid=2825297,2643743,5128581&h=2825297

    -Sign up-
    I just want to know who will be participating. You will be added to a list once you are accepted.
    Steam name:
    Iwaku name:

    Any questions? Feel free to ask. I will answer ASAP

    Accepted players (open)
    Iwaku: Levont
    Steam: Raiden
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  2. Hmm. tf2 eh. 'll join cuz why not.

    Iwaku: Levont
    Steam: Raiden
  3. The event is cancelled due to the reason that apparently only one person is interested. Sorry about that.
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