Iwaku Space Opera?

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  1. Anybody interested in an Iwaku World style RP but in space? I'm thinking that Iwaku would be the name of the ship or something...anyways I'm not actually wanting to GM this just seeing if anyone would like to and also who would be intrested in this, I definitely would. I'm not sure who these RPs exactly work, but I still think this is a cool idea.
  2. There was an attempt to do one called 'Moonwings' or something similar. It was a very good idea, but succumbed to inactivity.
  3. still sounds fun....but i no like that you used the word Opera.....the first thing i thought was repo man the genetic opera
  4. He's naming a specific sub-genre of science fiction, Nightingale; Space Opera has been around for a long while now. Think Star Wars and Flash Gordon.

    Iwaku World as a Sci-Fi game is an interesting concept that you could do a lot with; like unanun said it's been attempted before, but that's no reason for you not to give it a shot as well if you reckon you can pull it off. I'd recommend reading up a bit on previous (and current) Iwaku World incarnations, but don't feel honour-bound to follow them religiously. Creative freedom and all that.
  5. i still only picture repo man the genetic opera....if i can play a person almost like blind mag then i will be happy
  6. Hmm okay...I really don't have time to GM a game atm, just wondering about this idea....If nobody take this idea up then I might eventually spend the time and effort to create this RP...but not for awhile. :\

    And it also depends if it would ever gain people to join.
  7. I'd do it, not enough sci-fi in my life ATM.
  8. I've actually decided to do this...so you can do it with me.
  9. If you come up with something let me know so I can be all judgemental and stuff.
  10. is that the same as being bitchy because if so i can help ^_^ im good at being a bitch and telling you what your doing wrong.
  11. Well then Ill definitely let you guys be judging bitches! :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.