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  1. As the title suggests, I'm on the lookout for people who play Super Smash 4 for the Wii U. What characters do you like to play as? What characters do you hate getting matched against? Do you play online? Let's talk SSB 4!

    My mains: Ganondorf, Link and Fox.

    Hated matchups: Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Olimar.

    Ok, so I'm going to keep a list of everyone's ID for Wii U and 3DS right here on the front page. If you would like your ID added to the list, please send me your ID in a private message so that I can add it to the list.

    Wii U:
    JPGothamKid: AetherDream
    Thestalos: Laggy Lagiacrus

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  2. I too like to take part in the Wii U smashings.

    Mains: Megaman, Samus, Little Mac, Ike
    Hated Matchups: Rosalina, Sonic, Olimar, Zelda
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  3. I'm really excited to see what the Mewtwo content patch is going to bring to the table. Maybe there will be less, "HOO HAH!" going on in the game. Lord knows I'm tired of getting killed off the top of the screen because of down throw to up air.
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  4. I only tend to play at friends houses since I lack a Wii U myself.

    But preferred characters are: Ike, Shulk, Lucina
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  5. I play on the 3ds, though not much online, my connection can't handle that very well.

    Also I really like platforms.

    I main Yoshi, but I also enjoy playing Robin, Peach, ROB and Ness.
    When it comes to human opponents. I don't like playing Rosalina, DHD or Sonic. The former two because campers, Sonic because of the fucking runaway mix-up.

    Also against Diddy; don't get grabbed, space your normals and you just fucked up 80% of people. The hoo ha is a good kill option (that can be DI'd,) but in neutral he has far, far better.
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  6. Telling me to not get grabbed by Diddy is like telling Diddy players to stop using grab. There are so many ways to make a grab happen with that character. If it was just a matter of not getting grabbed, then Diddy wouldn't be such a dominant force on the tournament scene. I do think people are starting to figure him out, but there are still those players who make the Hoo Ha work very very well.
  7. That's just silly.

    The reason Diddy is good isn't just one kill setup. It has to do with having great aerials, bananas + ranged command grab (nasty shield pressure right there), good mobility, etcetera. Ness has a a kill grab, Luigi can confirm into a kill from grab, the list goes on. Hoo ha is powerful but not so polarising as say... Sheik's needles. Plus it is really hard to grab someone if they're prepared. That is why conditioning your opponent is such a sick tool. Most players are flowchart players, so they have a hard time when it is being broken. Obviously avoiding to get grabbed at high level play is more daunting, but you'll see they'll just rack up damage in other ways or get you off-stage and fair you all day rather than taking you on with the exact trick you're trying to counter. Against most players, though? "Why am I losing? Why won't the internet tell me what I do here?"
  8. I main Mario, and I hate Link.

    Mario is just an all around decent fighter though.
  9. I agree with what you're saying, but man, when you watch tournaments and you see how quickly ye ol' Hoo ha kills off the top of Halberd or Delfino, it's just crazy. I don't really think bananas are as good in Smash 4 as they were in brawl, I don't really see people like Zero, M2K or other top Diddy players using them all that often. But yeah, F-air strings are sick and Monkey kick or whatever are really great tools that he has. But man, it's dat Hoo Ha that closes out most stocks and most games.
  10. Well yeah, but short horizontal blast zones makes Ness bthrow public enemy #1 ;p I don't know. Diddy is good, but his tools aren't omnipotent and the character isn't nearly as good in comparison to the rest of the cast as say, Melee Fox.

    Seriously. I hate melee Fox.

    Though, something I do agree on fully is that DLC is a great move to keep the characters you face more varied. I mean I wanna try Mewtwo again, I loved his garbage tier ass back in melee and I really wanna see how he functions in sm4sh. I'm not as excited about Lucas, but hey it's cool, but I really hope they'll be dropping more great characters in the future.

    EDIT: Speaking of though;

    Melee I mained Yoshi for a while, though I ended up counter-picking Sheik because I don't got AmsA skillz. I got far too competitive and I don't know how my fingers and reflexes managed all that shit. When I play Melee now, I'm going like "Yup, bad move." 2 seconds post-decision

    64 and Brawl I didn't get into anything competitive, so I played a bunch of the cast. Though I loved me some Ice-Climber chaingrab shenanigans. Those characters were so fun.
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  11. I only have the 3DS version, but I'm up for online matches if anyone else does!

    I main Lucina, Robin, Ike, and Rosaluma (levels of skill with them in that order), and I hate Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Villager, and Ness match-ups. I also really don't like fighting Little Mac if I'm playing Lucina, but he's not so bad with other characters.

    I'm not that good, but I don't think I'm really that terrible either.
  12. I miss playing the 64 version, I used to play Fox all the time. When melee rolled around I added Roy to my character roster because I thought he was cooler than Marth. I never really got into competitive smash until recently and started seeing tournaments on twitch. I still don't get how they enter all those commands for wave dashing and can still attack so accurately.
  13. I played Smash since Brawl came out and my mains were Pikachu and Ike back in the day
    Now that SSB4 came out I been using a lot of Jigglypuff and kept on resting my friends back at my college. Alos still played Pikachu and Ike but learning other characters.
    My hated matchups are Bowser, Shulk Greninja and Olimar due to some matches back at college >>
  14. My fave is Lil Mac.
  15. Remind me never to fight you. I have, how you say, an irrational hatred of that little pink sod.
  16. What do you all think of me putting a list together of everyone's IDs in my first post for both 3DS and Wii U?
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  17. Dew it.
    My ID's Thestalos, for those that want to add me. Just keep in mind that I'm nowhere near tournament-level skill, so expect matches against me to be heavily in your favour.
  18. Alrighty, I've started the list!
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