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  1. [video]http://www.elderscrolls.com/[/video]

    Yeah, Insanity.
  2. That dragon's pretty rad.

    Looks like another game my boyfriend's going to be wanting for his collection. That boy loves Oblivion. Oi...
  3. Why does that seem epic to me? O.O
  4. New Elder Scrolls? Woo!!! I loved playing Oblivion...
  5. I hear the number of voice actors has been raised to a record-breaking 3.
  6. Well thank crikey fuck for that, then.
  7. What about the tile sets for dungeons and caves? Expanded to 3?
  8. .....fuck you guys. now i want to play the ES games again. ASKLDNVGSLKDNGFLSKADNGSMNEKG/
  9. Fuck Caves, Dungeon sets definitely need to be expanded though.

    Badass background music combines with Elder Scrolls vikings.
  10. http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/elder-...a-20110110162156647080/g-20070105111946415055

    Linky with somemore info.

    Sooo... if it holds true to the information given to us it won't be... bad...

    Still a dumbing down again...

    - Set 200 years after Oblivion.

    - No class selection at the start. Also a level cap at 50.

    - One can now dual wield weapons (and the fandom rejoiced!) ... hopefully this doesn't extend to bows...

    - Down to 5 cities from 9 (if one can call Kvatch a city) in Oblivion

    - Mysticism has been dropped. Does that mean no hope for Mark/Recall making a presence? Darn...

    - Level-scaling is back... damn... damn it all to hell... (though if it is like Fallout 3... it could be tolerable to an extent).

    - Once again, a celebrity appearance! As your (the player's) mentor... That right there almost guarantees he dies in the first 1/12 of the game.

    - 18 skills down from 21 in Oblivion (and more in Morrowind). Wonder if that meant Axes and Blades are all now under "cutty stabby items" and light/heavy armor is just "armor".

    - No tidbits of info on what options there may be for modding.

    Overall, it looks interesting... and had a nice annoucement trailer.

    Buuut... my heart still remains in Morrowind, and after my dismay at Oblivion... I'm not going to hold many hopes about this game.

    But I will keep an eye on it.
  11. Regenerating Health. I'm calling it now...
  12. @Gibs, you can do that in Oblivion, all you need is a Restore health X points on wearer. combines with some serious Spell reflection and damage reflection items, you can literally make yourself invincible WITHOUT cheating.

    @Wood, They might be merging mercantile with speechcraft, Block jammed in with whatever type of armor/weapon you're wearing/wielding.
    Dualies is definitely a plus and mysticism was only good for soul trapping anyway.
  13. didn't like oblivion that much, but Morrowind was a blast
  14. Yeah Oblivion you either need to set your primary skills to something useless or the game get's hard as fuck
  15. fuckers. now i either play total war empire and get my KICK THE FROGS ARSES! thrill or play oblivion and be the madgod.

  16. You know you want to visit Warmaster Death...

    Speaking of Oblivion (slightly off topic), has anyone else tried the Nehrim Total Conversion mod?
  18. Level-scaling is back, eh? Ahem.


    Shit sucks. Have they learned nothing from Fallout? That's like being level 30 in New Vegas and getting killed by a fucking Bloatfly.

    Also, if the level cap is 50, lets hope they fix that bullshit of a level system this time around. Seriously. Leveling up in Oblivion was like watching an igloo melt in the middle of winter. Slow, boring, slow, and did I mention slow?
  19. Oblivion was slow at times, especially since you HAVE to use your major skills, can't pull out your sword against a magically resistant dungeon/cave and expect to ding.