Iwaku Show: The Asmodeus Interview

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  1. This weekend we have a SPECIAL treat, before we post the next Iwaku Show. Jack and Tegan Interviewed Asmodeus, and here in this three part segment you can listen to him rant and rave about Iwaku.

    Asmodeus Interview: Part One

    Asmodeus Interview: Part Two

    Asmodeus Interview: Part Three

    We have a Public Group, where members can add themselves to an interview list, or volunteer to do the occasional segment for future shows.

    Don't forget to give the producers your comments or advice on improving the show! :D
  2. Oh yes, definitely great Pseudoping Channel Favoriting and subscribing.
  3. Better save THIS CHANNEL!

    All of the official Iwaku videos will be added there, once we get our shizzle together. XD
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  4. Hope ya'll enjoy the bit made to humanize Asmo.

    Fear him not, for he is mortal.
  5. the crisps are gone?

    sad day indeed

    anyways nice show ;p
  6. Interesting interview, love the disagreement bit about chips/crisps. >.<
  7. :D
    I enjoyed this.
    Asmo does not seem so evil anymore to me.
  8. Very clever and unique! Makes me enjoy this site much more ^^
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