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  1. That's the old Iwaku Radio Show, back when there was people with mad editing skills, management capabilities, and punctuality made amusing shows for us. 8D

    They made a LOT of great shows! O__O The Christmas Special is one of my favorites.

  2. Revive it!

    Expand our Internet footprint!
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  3. That's a lot of work. t___t A LOT OF WORK. Like a huge monument of work.

    RATHER BE ROLEPLAYING. -puts on shades and jumps out a window!-
  4. I'd happily do it during the summer, if I had people who'd want to game and talk about shite for funsies :3
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  5. Need more than one person; need editing, need consistent guests and interview skills and time/people management and to talk about things people are actually interested in hearing about in a well-directed, on-topic conversation.

    /would also rather be roleplaying
    /has studied all the above, and could use kudos for podcast experience
    /has No time to be tempted though!
  6. This channel would need a crew like someone to share it, but if we plan to expand our foot hold in this massive world called the internet then we must take over Youtube with our antics. Those that volunteer would be the first soldiers in conquering this place!

    Go! Go forth warriors and take over the Internet!

    That quickly devolved into a rambling. I need to quit my meds...
  7. If there's talk about robots, sure.

    Anyway, the only thing I can do kinda-sorta well lately is watch videos, so this'd be awesome.
  8. Step 1: Volunteer
    Step 2: Get ALL the fans
    Step 3: ???
    Step 4: Profit
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  9. I could do, uh, video game and hardware discussions?
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  10. Yeeeeep.

    There's also the issue of content restrictions in an online venue like that. To cite a specific example: I used to do a thing called Roleplay Roasts. They were basically role play reading sessions with whoever wanted to be part of them, which as the name suggested, involved a lot of criticism through a typically humorous lens, and use such criticism in a typically educational manner. Throughout them and near the end I would always go out of my way to point out positive aspects (unless they broke site rules, then y'know, all's fair in love and war) but it still caused drama. So I went out of my way to try and mend this. I asked people to volunteer role plays if they wanted, and I'd read them after. There were two particular cases where people offered up their own RP's, I warned them exactly what would happen, they did it anyway, I read through them, and they wigged out on me and left the Skype call.

    Thing is, if you want to do something like this, you need to have the liberty to make antics. If you're talking specifically about role plays, whether as a matter of fact, or as a matter of comedy, you can very easily offend people. I remember quite distinctly once making a joke that someone seemed obsessed with making loli characters, and that person stalked me out to join the Skype group just to try and prove me wrong. Luckily in the end they were a pretty good sport about it.

    I mean, I could do something like this. I know how to use YouTube, I've hosted shows of this nature before via Skype, and basic video editing to slap a picture on a screen isn't hard. Drama also wouldn't really bother me. The issue is getting enough people interested in the project. (I also couldn't promise it on a regular schedule immediately. I have some IRL shit to take care of first.)

    I could probably host a couple of Skype reading sessions again though. That's really not hard at all. Could even record them and post them on a YouTube channel. It'd first require anyone being interested though. :ferret:
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  11. Hides my youtube channel
  12. Well, READING would be great speaking, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary practice for me (especially since I'm going to the country competition in English soon). However I often stutter and get tired easily, so this probably wouldn't be a too good idea.

    Do you have a link to the Roleplay Roasts, though?
  13. Considering they ceased months ago? No. I still occasionally do them for shits n' giggles with my Skype group, but not in any sort of official or even pseudo-official capacity. :ferret:
  14. Ah, okay then.

    Well, maybe you could do something similar of the sort, but just a bit differently? Or what about simply narrating/reading/re-enacting them?
  15. That could be fun, but I'd need to get a group of people who want to read a menagerie of characters. It could be done, but I have no idea if the interest is even there.

    (EDIT: If people have interest in this sort of thing, riiiight about now is when y'all should probably be saying so.)
  16. I'd be up for helping with this sort of thing. :3
  17. People are going to be people. I've seen it time and time again; can you give me an opinion? And honest one? Sure, you need to touch up here-mother of hades, did you just slap me for giving you an honest opinion when you asked?

    Anywho, I think reviving the channel would be good. With the building amount of members, and how close we are to the top of the top site list, this can really boost the site. If I had the items to help in this, I'd do it in a heart beat but I only got a webcam that doesn't like to work most days because fuck you Logic that's why.
  18. Not that I disagree with you, but whenever stuff like this get's attempted people (including myself) are usually forgetting one key piece of information.
    Yes this one of the most popular sites for RP, but it is also one of the most popular sites for a heavily introverted hobby.

    One where the majority of people prefer sticking to one person at a time. And any time a thread get's made about people's social lives, meeting up IRL etc. you always get the people who go to the extreme of claiming they'd give even their closest friends essentially cold silence (assuming they don't lock the doors and run away screaming) if they ever met them off a Computer Screen.

    As a result it's important to remember that the Extroverted people, the types willing to go to public events, perform publicly, our resources will be drawn from the minority of extroverts. Or at least those extroverted enough that they can enjoy being in crowds. And also as a result such a show will usually only appeal to the minority Extroverted audience, the majority of introverts would likely avoid such a thing. And if you're looking at me confused cause of how social General Chatting is, remember this sub-forum already thins down the herd of who is willing to be active in a big community and who prefers to sit back with a select group of people.

    With that said though, I do like the idea and would be willing to help get it going again. But we need to realize that most of the Iwaku Community just doesn't give a shit about interacting with most other people, which is what such shows live on.
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