Iwaku Riffoff

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  1. Okay so as many of you may know already. The FABULOUS Angl Kate made an Iwaku parody of a song! And so inspired me to do so.. (it's not finished yet.. no where near finished.. i don't evey know how i'm going to get it finish XD)

    But here's the challenge. Pick a song! Tell me what it is! Because no one else is going to be allowed to use that song. And then Iwakuize it! in a week or two the challenge will be over! i haven't quite decided.. it might be two just to give you jokesters enough time to do it! Alright then! lets get to it!!!

    Iwaku invasion of youtube is a GO!
  2. Well people.. i guess i should give you an official date on which this is due huh? and since no one has posted for me yet, i will extend from my original idea. On the 19 i will officially close of entriees to judge! so i hope people start creating ( btw, it doesn't have to sound good. i just have to like the idea and the lyrics.)
  3. i was going to post something but righ tnow my schedule is way to hectic to record anything X_x
  4. hahaha well that's all right you have until next week and if no one posts then.. i will then extend it again!
  5. well bugger people!!!! Has no one the Iwaku spirit?! Geez! Another week XD and then this will probably just close down....