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  1. The final thread. This is all Iwakuans who are on the member list today. What factoids can you add? And I mean factoids, not just whatever claim to fame you personally acquired.
  2. Name: (Ominous) Flare
    Approx. Join Date: April 3rd, 2010, more than a week ago
    Factoid: Torsty invited me from RPGFO under another name. Forgot what the name is... again. <_< Didn't start posting until a few days after I joined.
  3. Name: Acquariana (I tend to use Acqua/Aqua, though :])
    Join Date: 01-31-2010
    1. I was recruited by Trance Kitsune from Tinierme.com.
    2. When I joined, the main Iwaku RP was currently on Chapter 2.
  4. Name: Grandmaster_Karsikan
    Join Date: 2-12-2010
    Factoid: I came across the site whilst drunk and bored, I was looking up Warhammer 40k stuff and I ended up here.
  5. Name: Seiji
    Join Date: 01-22-2010
    1. Long-time member of Space-Kitten.org's communities. I just had a tendency of periodic bouts of inactivity/MIA.
    2. I've known Diana since I was 11-ish. We've never seen completely eye-to-eye, but we've never been downright antagonistic.
    3. I got Tain to come here after explaining that this place doesn't suck.
  6. Factoid: Iwaku is not a democratic community, however none of the staff actually owns Iwaku. It seems Iwaku Admins have always chosen their successors and passed it on to the next generations to help keep the community alive! Cool, huh?

    Factoid: 60 to 70 members of Iwaku log on to the site every day!

    Factoid: There's always at least one "trap" on Iwaku. Do you know who the most active trap is right now? >:D
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  7. Name: Miru Maybeaneko (Call me Miru. =P)
    Join Date: Umm....I can't remember. XD
    Factoid: I was referred by Kitti from the depths of Gaia after knowing her for roughly a year and a half to two years.
    Factoid: I arrived at Iwaku when it was on proboards, near the end of that "era", so to speak.
  8. 1. Was recruited by Gabe from Animelyrics.com where I was keeping the entire RP board alive... with just my RP's. : (

    2. Joined prior to Iwaku's first crash though under a different name.

    3. Earned the title "Voice Of Iwaku" from Gabe, and numerous female members after a leaking of one of my vocal recordings for a song I was working on.

    4. Developed a mentor, and older brother relationship with a few members, and often offer then guidance, and advice.

    5. Known to give out his phone number in order to converse with members cause Jumi thinks all Iwakuans are cool.

    6. Voted Best Beard five consecutive years in a row. : D
  9. 1. Was recruited by Gabe from Megatokyo forums. At the time I was working on a sheet for one of their rps....I never submitted that sheet.

    2. The first roleplays I ended up joining was One Realm, Jumi's Mature board rp (Yes, we had a mature board then...before the proboards people raged because Asmo and Ryker were being too graphic) and Curse of the Wounded King. I joined that roleplay midway through and became a large antagonist towards the end. To this day it is one of the only non mass rps that actually lived to its end.

    3. I was dubbed Voice of Iwaku (or God) By Kitti and Woodrat at one time (Dunno where Jumi was at that point) But it faded out after a year or so.

    4. I became a Welcoming Mod partly due to the hilarity by which Ryker obliterated me in every welcoming thread I said hello in (Got up to the hundreds or so methinks)

    5. I was a lot funnier back when I could understand all your insanity references and keep up with the sexual innuendos...

    6. The Admin war actually started with the Breadcult Offensive...back when it was still in Insanity and Asmo didn't take it seriously

    7. I've dated a few members from the site at one point or another in my life including Simica, Lycan Queen, and Kitti...all of which did not end well.
  10. Name: Pattypixie
    Join date: 9-21-09
    1- I was recruited by Rory, over tea, discussing how classy we were.

    2- I know 3 active members of Iwaku in person.

    3- The first roleplay I participated in ended after less than 10 posts. (Henchmen!)

    4- I had the first official fanclub on Iwaku.

    5- My favorite Cbox weapon is a Giant squeeky hammer, which came from when I was "Harliquinn" for Halloween.

    6- I was scared of the Cbox for about 2 weeks after I arrived. XP
  11. Sorry Raz, people love talking about themselves.
  12. Name: Ike
    Date of Iwakuan birth: 03-29-2009
    Factoid: My brother who I watch over his shoulder while he was on here one day. *well that was on the older one not this one, but still it is the same story*
  13. Probably one of the most enjoyable schemes we've ever done was THE GREAT EXODUS.

    Sick and tired of Probards TOS and meddling girlfriends of the indifferent site owner; the staff, lead by Asmo(who was at that time demoted for insurgency) schemed with Diana to make a new better Iwaku.

    After a couple of months, the Space-Kitten version was ready. Everyone then gathered all the members that they can contact(except Feral lololol) and got them to register here.

    Posting on proboards Iwaku was disabled except for the Mass RP: Iwaku War. Where it remained open for the finale: Homac was made into a the final boss; and when he was defeated, the site was closed down for good.
  14. That ladies and gentlemen, is how we do Factoids. newbaits need to hear the past glory of the forum, rather than our own callings to fame.:bananaman:<- happy dancing bannana for non-confrontation
  15. And yet Feral still managed to find his way here.

    Proof that emo-kids are persistent little bastards.
  16. The Exodus was great, but I think the greater achievement were the discussions we had beforehand. That was one of the first times I had seen the entire site involved in a decision and planning for the future of Iwaku. The eventual decision for the Exodus only came after 'our' (rory and Asmo's) request for complete control over the site was shut down by Homac, who at that point was inactive to the point of invisibility.

    There has been talk of Rory running the site alone, but luckily Asmo decided to stay on, and Diana joined the team for GREAT JUSTICE.


    I wouldn't know the true statistics (ask Diana) But I believe roughly half the current active members used to be around on either AFTA or Moonwings, earlier sites made by Diana. The drive to join Iwaku began slightly before the exodus, but really got going when Iwaku got hosted on the same web-address as AFTA.


    The old Proboards site used to have an adult section which was password protected and contained shirtless pics (Asmo was one of the first to post, for all of you fangirls) As well as some private RP's, naughty games (guess the above posters fetish!) and serious mature discussions. It was ermoved after Proboards pointed out that it was against their TOS, which led to Member ridicule of the proboards terms of service, and the use of "TOS Violation" as a sort of censorbar for nasty stuff. For example: "I'm going to TOS VIOLATE you so hard that your TOS Violation will be the size of a grapefruit!" It has turned into an old injoke since then and is rarely used anymore.

    The old adult forums are back though, in the form of Diana's membergroup "Smutclub." Check it out if you are over 16 and interested.