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  1. Ok This idea is basically like a celebrity version of "the Real World" or a similar reality show, where people from different backgrounds are thrown into a mansion together and pretty much left to their own devices. I want everyone to use characters that they already have. But the rps that character has participated in will be considered movies or TV shows. All participants will be Celebrities, though some may be more famous than others. Each participant will have their own room, and the house will also consist of various amenities. A game room with various arcade games and game systems, A pool on the roof, as well as an indoor pool, fully stock bars, etc. Get creative! I hope this idea will bring about some interest. I think it could be fun to look at our characters from a different point of view.
  2. So would characters from every genre would be pushed together into a house?
  3. That's the idea.
  4. Powers and such from Fantasy "Shows" will be considered special effects.
  5. Hey, you've got a pretty interesting concept going there.
  6. Thanks!

    btw, if you want to use characters from rp sites other than Iwaku, that's fine too. I'm new here so I don't really have anything from this site to contribute.
  7. I was actually going to ask that question later on. Thank you for being considerate.
  8. What about a shifter..Like a werewolf?
  9. They wouldn't be able to transform in this rp. They would exist only in their human form.
  10. I'd like at least 4 male and 4 female participants if it's going to start up.Maybe some celebrities would be washed up, or even have drug problems. The idea is to recreate characters into completely different people and see if we're still able to play them.
  11. @Raijuta : Well then, this looks very interesting.
    I would love to be a part of this, if you are still considering going on with the idea.
  12. I may be interested as well.
    I hope this get a foothold.
  13. I'm still very much interested in making it happen. I'll probably post an OOC Discussion either later today or tommorow.
  14. @Raijuta : That sounds great! I can't wait!
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  15. Hopefully you'll post the link here. :D
  16. Sounds awesome! I'd be interested!
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  17. looks fun! I'll sign up tomorrow!
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