Iwaku Ravens [RP based on Iwaku's Roleplayers]

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  1. Basically, I had this idea.

    The basis of this idea - us, the Roleplayers of Iwaku, are the protagonists(mostly) of this Roleplay. You, yes, you, possess the ability to temporarily turn into several of your Roleplay characters. Of course, at first, it'll just be five at first, but you can obtain more forms as time passes.

    So, here are the ideas

    Idea 1: Outbreak
    An odd virus has infected the Iwaku database, and thus, the internal backup system has summoned a group of warriors to aid the database. These warriors are users of Iwaku, who have gained the ability to transform into the products of their own imagination - their characters. Now, they find the problem. Various characters from across many roleplays roam the virtual streets of the Iwaku Database, infected by the virus, gaining a feral mind and attacking warriors and regular roleplayers across, while destroying the database bit by bit.

    The Warriors' task - to help in defeating the rogue characters and cure them of this odd virus, and deal with the source.

    Idea 2: Eden Genesis
    The warriors are kidnapped subjects of an odd magic-tech experiment in an attempt to grant people knowledge of past lives and incarnations, in order to find out a way to develop people with knowledge of the ancients. However, the subjects gain odd, new, transformation-activated powers, and are now in the process of escaping the facility, towards a destination far away from this place...

    On their way towards a safer haven, they encounter many obstacles, many hardships that will halt them. But they have chosen to move on, to carry on...
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  2. I actually really like both of those ideas. One thing I could mention, though. You start out with five of your characters. Now, I don't know how many characters users have on average, but I only really have five that I use in multiple RPs and they are so diverse I don't think I'd even need another character. In my opinion we should start out with just one form and develop further into the others.
    In Outbreak that could simply mean we state our characters and choose one of them and you could have us run into them at a later point where we fuse with them or something?
    In Eden Genesis these transformation-activated powers could still be developing within us as we move along, giving us more forms as time passes.

    I don't know. I just prefer the simple game mechanic of unlocking more as you play the game, but it's your call really. Love the idea.
  3. I was thinking one form was too little so a 2 or 3 for a minimum start could do the trick. Maybe 3 is a better start for Outbreak.

    For Outbreak, yes, you are allowed to encounter infected characters of yours, and after they are cured, you can fuse with and transform into them. Well, how you can do so will be shown later. It's a minorly complicated process that's better off shown later. The first step, however, is to kill the infected character in order to revert it to a floppy drive thing called a disc.

    For Eden Genesis, yes, that was what I was aiming for.
  4. Sounds way interesting, I'm in...... I like the thought of it all..........
  5. I like the sound of this as well. Sadly, most of my characters kind of suck for fighting, but it can work. ;D Excited to see how this develops.
  6. it would be a hard choice for me, I have DxD char that can see souls, and can fight, a couple of vampires, things like that.
  7. Man, I need to find your roleplays! I have some previous Supernatural type characters, but I haven't used them here in RPs. Closest here is that would be useful is a ninja/stealth type character with Kunai and Daggers.
  8. well, if anything, I'll make a lot of bookmarks with all my cs's
  9. Oh, and I have a Shadow Dragon Slayer on a FT reincarnated
  10. I'll ask for links that prove that the character did indeed exist, plus I won't bar you from using characters exclusively from Libertine Roleplays or Liberteen Roleplays....

    These words are very contradictory, but I think I will find a way.
  11. lol there could always be some sort of limit (like only from ones that aren't pure romance, ect)
  12. Obviously. In fact, it's reccomended that if your form isn't combat-based, it's best if it came with some cool stuff that are. Like a really big gun that shoots things.
  13. Lol, so is it officially five to start off with, or what start have you thought of?
  14. I'm thinking of using Idea 1 while starting with just 3 forms, obtaining more later on.

    Also, do note that an individual cannot have any two forms originating from the same Roleplay.

    If your character form is that of a pair of twins, you can go ahead and make your twins. If for some reason your character form is an entire race... keep it balanced by limiting the number of individuals you'll be splitting into, preferably a number less than ten.
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  15. Okay *rubs hands together manically* I shall start hunting
  16. This is one of two that are in groups (the other is an open group, so there is no issue with it, but this is from my personal one, it's also in a mixed writing style because it was done during my 1st person stage.....)
    Number 1 (open)
    Only a deep blue instead of the black clothing and crimson eyes.

    In-Game Name: Azazul

    Gender- Male

    Age- 16

    Personality- I am an act first, thing later kind of person. I would throw myself in front of someone if it means that I would get to see them safe, even at my own expense. When I am upset or worked up about something, you can find me near a pool of water. I have an odd connection to the water, one that very few know truly why, but I have told people about it. I am one of the people you don't make mad because I am good at holding a grudge, especially if it involves pain to myself or someone I care for. That mixed with my fiery attitude makes me one of your best allies.

    Weapon Type- I use a single handed blade, somewhere between a standard sword and a rapier. It tends to be of a medium to high weight and mixing it with my kendo background make me a great swordsman.
    Number 2 (open)
    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-life-of-a-devil-ooc.102347/page-5 It's about two messages down, bookmarks aren't working for some reason....
    Number 3 (open)
    https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-groups-thread/angels-rose-registration-forms.7881/?page=1#post-448980 It's the fourth one down (named Haru)

    Are these good? If you can't see Haru's just let me know and I'll edit the spoiler, I don't remember if it's a public group or not...
  17. Oooh, I'd be interested! Just one question, though, can we have rp characters from different sites? Like, say, most of my combat characters are from DeviantArt.
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  18. I think it's an awesome idea. I like the first plot idea best. If you're taking people, I'm up for it.
  19. I do not think so.
  20. Aw, shame. Okay then.
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