Iwaku Radio Show - Pilot Episode! (Your Feedback wanted!)

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/B6PHR_TDbMc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Several members of Iwaku have been working on this show and hope to do this on a monthly/semi monthly basis to provide member interviews, roleplay features and fun topics! We would love to have your feedback and suggestions.

Things already being worked on: Video graphics, mic/sound quality, time management.

The Show hosts are now taking questions from members directed at the next Interviewee - Asmodeus! CLICK HERE to send in your questions! Ask him ANYTHING and your question might be featured on the next show! segment recorded!

The Show is also taking site/community related questions for Diana in a mini segment! CLICK HERE to submit a question. Make sure it is about the -community- of Iwaku!
Tegan was clearly the most vocally talented on that show. *accepts bribe and skips off into the night*

But seriously, great work everyone! :D
*Scowls and prepares to write a scathing roast of Zypher*
The people have spoken, Jackie Boy.

And yes, this was a good pilot to start out with. I especially liked Kitti's and Octy's segment.
I will not answer any of the members' questions.

Well dear Asmo-sir...I doubt that our members will like hearing you and me debate stuff for more than 30 seconds.
What is the picture in the background? Why does Tegan sound like a robot? I need these questions answered NAWH.
It's the place where we send all the banned members. And because Tegan is one.
I approve! lol
I liked it. Very fun and informative and stuff. Looking forward to the next installment.
I particularly enjoyed Vay and Myrn's foreigner accent, and October's terrible jokes! XD

Thanks for the reviews all. If you have any suggestions for other segments you might want to see or anything we can improve on, let us know.
I'd listen just for the voices. 8D VOICES MAKE ME HAPPPYYYY.
and I'd like to marry Vay's voice without him knowing.
Thank you.
-gets a gun for the marriage.-
Hahaha perhaps a roleplay spolight for the different forum types?

You know cover Horror fantasy and all that. Like maybe the top or most intriguing.
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