Iwaku Radio Show: Episode Uno

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  1. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Cfo_XXLKdaM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    And for your listening pleasure, here is the first official show. :pikachu:

    You can help participate in future shows by joining the Iwaku Show Group and sharing ideas or volunteering!
  2. Oh October, you sound SO excited about those roleplays! XD I loves it!

    Great show guys! >:3
  3. That was great! You've done a nice job. I don't know if you want feedback, but the only thing is make sure you balance out the audio so that the background music doesn't overpower the talking. It was a little hard to hear at the beginning, but it just needs to be bumped down a little bit. I look forward to your next episode.
  4. Audio issues have already been addressed and discussed; so that shouldn't be as much of a worry. As with all projects, it will take a few episodes before all the kinks are knocked out. Overall, I love the premise. Keep it up. :D
  5. Really good so far, guys! :]
  6. Yaaaay!~ ^^
    -Throws baby suckers and giant gummi bears in the air.-
    Such great fun.~
  7. I quite support this by liking and favoriting on my channel. I also am thinking about doing an occasional segment myself. :)
  8. Good Job guise! I myself as a radio announcer for my school thinks it was pretty good, lots of echo though :S
  9. I laughed when I heard "The Sex" xD

    Good job guys! =)
  10. *slow reaction*

    October was...really excited it did seem. I agree with Dia on that. It sounded like he kept cutting Kitti off. XD
    Great job, guys~ :3 Loved it.
  11. I love Ocha's voice!!


    so cool :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.