Iwaku Portraits Thread



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Here we(ampie and porg can join) can draw portraits of your characters. Since the old site was lost, I forgot some of the requests and I lost many of them due to driving into flood.

So... let's start anew. Describe characters and I'll draw.
Pao... I've described mine four times already ;__;

Brown hair that is medium in length with waves/loose curls, blue-gray eyes, and creamy white wings.
I've drawn you four times too, I swear.

Stupid Paorou not scanning his drawings and letting them get wet by flood.
Geez, stupid Paorou, GEEZ.

kitti sounds like she would be pretty to draw...
I already drew you, Darkness.

Ampie, wanna take the Kitti task? I'll draw my own version too.
Because he's a much better option than you, whose picture is already on my devart. -_-

Fine, fine. I'll do a redraw and scan them, you three.



*Timidly looks up at him*
a drawing of Myrnodyn would be great...

I know you don't like to draw myrn's puppy form, so human form it is....

Slightly overweight, but tall enough to compensate somewhat. Long blonde hair, which is usually a mess and left dangling over his shoulders with a slight curl, without obscuring his face. He has a moustache and short beard, but only a stubble running across his jaw and neck.(as if he's too lazy to shave regularly). His eyes are blue-grey, slightly deeper in their sockets as average but with the light of intelligence in them, as they peer through rectangular glasses.

He wears a stained lab-coat, over a wrinkled (white) shirt and (generally black) jeans. His posture is usually a bit slouched and he generally will be carrying a couple of gizmo's and thingamajigs along, ranging from steam-punkish to sleek sci-fi in how they look.
PAOCHAMAA <33 You never got around to drawing Sakrua last time. :33

I got my hair cut again so...

Shoulder length hair with bangs & wispy layers. Light brown eyes. Kinda chubby. Short. >_<

And wearing whatever. CUTE STUFF. <3 AND HAIR STUFF TOO. <3 And a big bow with ribbons...somewhere xD


Or whatever you feel like, really =D