Iwaku Portraits Thread

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  1. Here we(ampie and porg can join) can draw portraits of your characters. Since the old site was lost, I forgot some of the requests and I lost many of them due to driving into flood.

    So... let's start anew. Describe characters and I'll draw.
  2. I've drawn you four times too, I swear.

    Stupid Paorou not scanning his drawings and letting them get wet by flood.
  3. Also, as I said, his weapon is a Broadsword that becomes what's essentially an UMP-45, and a shield to fulfill both the SWAT Mechanic, and the Knight Mechanic.
  4. I wish Paorou would draw me.. But he never will.. siiiiigggghhh...
  6. I already drew you, Darkness.

    Ampie, wanna take the Kitti task? I'll draw my own version too.
  8. Hmmph, I think both did as much as they could to make things to watch and keep track of me.

    At least you have a career. Monster hunter and hero don't pay so much any more.

    Where are you based these days ?

    I order a big mug of hot chocolate and a plate of pastries.

    I saw Lady Sif just the other day by the way.
  9. "Eisley Cloud." The woman said, after taking another sip from her coffee.

    The color seemed to return to her face a little, and she had begun to make a few attempts to straighten up her hair, getting juuust a little distracted in the process. Perhaps it was just a habbit of hers, to keep up her looks incase she was called in at a weird time? Or maybe she just hated having messy hair.​
  10. Because he's a much better option than you, whose picture is already on my devart. -_-

    Fine, fine. I'll do a redraw and scan them, you three.
  11. Thanks Pao <3
  12. It's not like I want to be a mod anyway!

  13. Pao...Man?



    *Timidly looks up at him*
  14. Description TK. Description.
  15. Draw Ampie!
  16. That'll be interesting. Thankfully my Stephanie Brown is on the other side of the country now taking classes and hopefully working for CatCo WorldWide Media, or there could be some bad blood there.
  17. PAOCHAMAA <33 You never got around to drawing Sakrua last time. :33

    I got my hair cut again so...

    Shoulder length hair with bangs & wispy layers. Light brown eyes. Kinda chubby. Short. >_<

    And wearing whatever. CUTE STUFF. <3 AND HAIR STUFF TOO. <3 And a big bow with ribbons...somewhere xD


    Or whatever you feel like, really =D