Iwaku Party Rap

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  1. (Too early or too late?)


    She shook her head "I'm not either. I used to fake it in college." She snorted and then laughed at the memory "I'd rather not relieve my idiotic tendencies." She took a sip and said "Besides this is more for the social aspect. You get to meet people and just relax. Also keep my keys still in my knuckles but that's besides the point."


    "I am glad to provide the service." She smiled at him then plopped down again in a seat "I think I could get used to being your friend..." she glanced at him with a mischevious glint in her eye "Not to mention motivator."
  2. Ray

    He grinned against her lips. "Mmm, you are very good at your job." He smiled and kept kissing her. He wrapped his arms around her.


    He jumped back when he saw what was happening to Zack. Zack started being contained. He looked at him. 'do I kill him? He'd do the same to me, he's tried. He usually comes back, but he won't if I use it...' He didn't know what to do.
  3. What ya mean, Torsty? o_o
  4. Man, we should totally add a beat, record a hook and make an official Iwaku Rap.
  5. John

    "More than yours." He teased. He lead her to his car.


    He went to his car and went to his place to change.