Iwaku Party Rap

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It's Iwaku party. It's Iwaku party. It's Iwaku party...

So the other day I went down to visit Iwaku,
that's when I saw Orion's belt fell to his shoes.
I fell in a Trance. Is a kitsune that caused it,
And I had to seek for Grandmaster_Karsikan not a minute too soon.
Diana Not a cat and Pirogeth's Not a bat,
though I forgot entirely why I had to Shade Jack.

Tegan Toppa was on Animax last peaceful night,
I heat up my fireplace and got Torsty by the light.
Sakura Is a baby when it got to the fight scenes,
but Necella Is a bitch so we got nasty.

Then, throughout last October Knight,
I became a 'Orny non-conformist.
Not gonna stick to conventions, yo, 'coz that's just boring.

Used my Tain to wrap up my favorite bear,
but I turned around to find that they were Never There.
A Sadistic Beauty would be misunderstood,
she just needs a pal like everyone, so try not to be rude.
Odd Was a corvus and Isabella Is a Bella,
but throw them in the water and you've got Acquariana.

Yeah, so I'm gonna wrap this up,
but remember, you Americans, that for always and ever, Flare Is Asian.
I don't know if the people are ready for this.
Man, we should totally add a beat, record a hook and make an official Iwaku Rap.
XDD I like this, a lot. Made me laugh.