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    Cooperative writing. We know that it's just code word for roleplaying, but in a sense it is at the core of what we do. In any roleplay setting, be it forum, chat, table top or MMOs it is through cooperation and team work that we creat a fun game, an entertaining story, or just a good time.

    Take the lessons you learn from roleplaying in real life. We all need to cooperate with our classmates, co-workers and family even when we'd rather not. It is through working together, not against each other, that great things are made.

    GENERAL SPOTLIGHT, orangered



    The Writing and Art Museum had a healthy amount of activity this month from new faces and from regular contributors! Remember, if you like someone's stuff, give them feedback to encourage them and maybe they'll post some more. (Also, thanks to Cosmos, our new Museum Curator, for compiling a list of art-related Community Features!)

    New Showcases

    • SHOWCASE ImpArt: Imp linked to his Facebook art page and hints at more to come.
    • SHOWCASE Diana's Siggy Request Shop!: Diana is offering her services in graphical rendering to make banners for your signatures! Go make her make you things.
    • SHOWCASE Time Is Something Precious: Iron Men And Saints was inspired to write a short story by a short 5-panel comic.
    • SHOWCASE Kiki's Picture Book: PeachyKiki's new showcase is chock full of pastel adorableness.
    • SHOWCASE The Huldra - A short story: Stacisaur shared a short story (and cautionary tale?) about mythological beings.
    • SHOWCASE Revi Attempts to Speedpaint: Revision did a speedpaint of one of her favorite musicians.
    • SHOWCASE Withdrawn: everstrange is looking for feedback on her poetry. Go tell her what you think!
    • SHOWCASE a s t e r i s m o s: Tsunni has a few pieces to check out in this art dump thread.
    • SHOWCASE just to share...: Angel wrote and illustrated a short poem.
    • SHOWCASE Mermaids!: Joker The Clown drew a slew of cute mermaid pictures.
    New Content

    • SHOWCASE The Good the Bad and the UGHLY: Ms_Wrong has had a very artsy month, with several new things in her showcase (including a doodle of a Godzilla-scale Iwaku Plotbunny!)
    • SHOWCASE Zizi's Muses: Drawings and Writings: Zizi-J has so much new stuff to look at that I don't even know where to start! Just go check it out for yourself.
    • SHOWCASE My art :D: SebastianMichaelis drew and painted a vampire.
    • SHOWCASE BFFP: "Frayed" Custom Anime Production{Posting Welcome!}: The Great Me! has updated with finished animation scenes for his collaborative original animation.
    • SHOWCASE Loaded Tablet Pen: Mana posted some signature art.
    • SHOWCASE Sticks and Stones: Ozzie Chanter colored some recent lineart and made a Cthulhu-themed card for Father's Day.
    • SHOWCASE Revision's Artwork: Revision is considering publishing a new short story.
    • SHOWCASE Examples of my work: Zen has a new painting and a charcoal drawing up.


    There were some absolutely stellar challenges this month, with some new faces on board, however, there are several new topics which were neglected! A great example is Diana’s fantastic challenges, such as her roleplay post challenges or Cinderella's Shoe at High School or Oh For Goodness' Sake, Get Down Off That Crucifix, Someone Needs the Wood. One of Malkuthe’s Creature Creation Challenges is also lacking submissions, as is Hellion’s Music Challenge along with Lstorm’s Myth-Take Challenges! With this in mind, I would like to challenge all of the challengees to post at least one response to any and all challenges in the section that have no responses. Remember: A challenge is not about the challenger, it is about those who post responses, about you having fun broadening your horizons and expanding your perspectives.

    Now with that out of the way, here are the most popular challenges of this month:
    Interview With a Character 2
    A Letter to Yourself
    Plot Challenge: Plaid Coat
    What Does Summer Mean to You?

    And that is that! Now, for this month’s top challengers, who responded the most to the calls of our hard-working challengees:
    darkened shadow


    The Roleplay of the Month is Toko Aida Military Academy, a JumpIn started by Diana. Set in Diana's Toko Aida universe and inspired by the May Masquerade's theme, this RP quickly got a lot of activity and fun players!

    The Most Valuable Player for June is Iron Men And Saints. He's very active across the site in a multitude of genres, and his posts are always stylish and interesting to read.

    The Member of the Month is EpitaphQueen, our newest Community Volunteer Mod, who has been helping out the Staff with forum maintenance. Thank you so much, Epitaph!

    The Institute Student of the Month is Zorilla, who has been an avid participant in discussion threads and the new Vocabulary Word thread.

    A Look At the Stars
    The Herald
    January 2 - February 14
    Take the words from your dreams and let them ignite your imagination, give them substance in your waking thoughts, and you might find that you feel more motivated and creative. Even if your dream has no base in reality, recognizing the ideas presented can give you content or simply a positive mood remembering a happy dream. Alternately, nightmares can jumpstart your thoughts with problem-solving ideas.
    The Soulmate
    February 15 - April 1
    The emotions and whims of other people can sometimes leave you feeling ignored or neglected when they seem unresponsive to you or moody but it is important to remember that the moods of others are not always directed toward you and if you haven’t done anything wrong, there’s no need to stress over their detachment. If they’re important to you, an attempt to cheer their mood might even go a long way toward making them feel better and softening them toward you.
    The Guardian
    April 2 - May 15
    It’s vital for you to remember that you cannot control everything in a day and sometimes, things refuse to go as planned. Don’t let it drag you down and make you feel helpless, rather use it as an opportunity to test your skills in improvisation, thinking on the fly, and coming up with new solutions to arising problems. Doing a good job at rolling with the punches might even get you more recognition, both for a well-made plan and for excelling when the plan fell apart.
    The Mentor
    May 16 - July 1
    Newfound power in controlling your life and your surroundings can strengthen your home life and the relationships therein, as long as you remember to cooperate harmoniously with the others who share the space. Making new changes and altering the space in which you live to suit yourself is a worthy goal that can make a living space more of a comfort and a sanctuary than simply a place to sleep and eat. Cooperation doesn’t mean just one person getting their way, however, and compromise is essential (unless you live alone, in which case, it does!).
    The Trickster
    July 2 - August 15
    Projects and people have needs and it might feel like those are piling up or becoming overwhelming for you, which can result in stress if you don’t make a plan for how to handle it and allow yourself a moment to breathe and organize how you’re going to accomplish it all. Prioritize and don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re only human with all the limitations of one. Plan as best you can to accomplish reasonable goals and then work out with others extended deadlines or alternate plans for the rest.
    The Ally
    August 16 - October 1
    The desire to better yourself and make a more appealing you is probably a strong one, as well as a noble goal so long as you take time to appreciate who you are as a person and don’t try to change everything about yourself. Expressing who you are is natural and healthy and changing for the wrong reasons, like making someone else happy, will often lead to resentment or failure down the road. That said, you possess the willpower and motivation to achieve your ends.
    The Shadow
    October 2 - November 15
    This is a bright opportunity to reach out and make connections or form bonds with others around you. If you’ve been keeping more or less to yourself, the warming of the seasons and the opportunity for social interaction can awaken a wish for camaraderie. Thought you might not have noticed, the potential for making friends is everywhere if you’re willing to look for it. Striking up a conversation can be all it takes to finding commonalities and shared interests.
    The Rebirth
    November 16 - January 1
    You are bursting with magnetism and will likely find that people are simply drawn to you right now, though you might not know why. Your charm and sense of confidence will pull others in, so long as you allow yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t over-think and don’t worry too much about how others view you, which will make you feel uneasy and nervous.

    CURTAIN CALL, darkorange

    While Roleplay might be the spirit of Iwaku, and community the soul, donations is the life blood of this great place for without the generosity of so many members we would not have the opportunity to enjoy each others creativity and company.

    Donators in June:
    Lusterless Nova
    Beast Boy

    So thank you to both the donors and to all the members that make Iwaku a great place and may the Muse be with you!

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