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    This Newsletter is brought to you By:
    Diana: Editor
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    Cerulean: Groups Highlight
    Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes, Quotable and Notables
    Ossochanter: Talent Showcase & Challenges
    Zen: Blog Spotlight
    Celestialis: Quotable & Notables

    Greetings Iwaku! Welcome to February, often the most over emotional month of the year! January was a good month for *gasp* newbies! In the span of four weeks we've jump up one hundred new accounts. That's pretty cool, right? This means there are hundreds of new people for us to get to know and play with. So get out there to the New Arrivals forum to make sure you say hello. In the mean time, this month we have another super awesome festival! The Romance Festival is all about showing you how to use romance in your story telling. We encourage all members to help participate! In the mean time, lets get to the news.

    The Vault War and some crazy viral advertising!
    Strange scrolls with numbers. Quotes by members. A mysterious hacking mass PM. Every single one of these things were an -awesome- advertising campaign for Iwaku's latest MYTHOS roleplay The Vault War. If you have ever wanted to get in to one of the Mythos Mass Roleplays, now is the time to go for it!

    Public Service Announcement: Don't Lie about your Age
    Peeps, don't be lying about that age on your accounts! On Iwaku we take the safety of our members serious. Whether it be people are creeping on our teen members, or our teen members risking getting adult members arrested. These special rules and our age restricted areas are here to keep EVERYONE safe. So respect them!

    Remember: The Asylum is Trolling
    We always hate having to give this reminder, seeing as there is GIANT RED DISCLAIMER right there in the Asylum forum. But, damnit. The Asylum is a forum for spamming, trolling, and being stupid. Do not post serious topics in there and expect people to seriously reply. Do not take anything people say in that forum seriously or as spoken truth. Because it's not. That's just the place we let the trolls run free so they don't screw around in the rest of the forums. :D

    Don't Saturate Roleplay threads with Out of Character comments!
    Recently, we've had a very big problem with members spamming roleplay threads with out of character comments. Be it questions about roleplays, bumping, completely off topic comments, and other stuff. Please don't do this! You are disrupting the flow of the roleplay and making it difficult for players and readers to follow the story. We encourage members to make good use of Plot Threads/OOC Threads even if you do not have a signup sheet or require bios. This way all of your players can chat about the roleplay without making a mess in your thread.

    [ Roleplay 101 | Signups & Plot Discussions | Roleplay Talk ]

    <center><iframe src="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/view.php?pg=nwsjumpin" name="newsjumpin" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center" height = "300px" width = "100%">

    <center><iframe src="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/view.php?pg=nwsooc" name="nwsooc" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center" height = "300px" width = "100%">

    Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.

    [ View the General Forum ]

    • Did something hilarious happen in the Cbox that you want to preserve for posterity? Cosmos has started a thread of Notable Chat Quotes!
    • Are you classy in your fedora, or do you Whovians prefer to rock your fez? Share your favourite (or least favourite) hat styles!
    • In this age of computer and console games, are board games a thing of the past? What games did you or do you love to play?
    • Instead of griping and complaining, fight the winter blues by thinking of some of the GOOD THINGS going on with you!
    • And speaking of Winter, how do you http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=18838? Are you a sweatshirt, pj pants and flip-flops in the snow type, or do you go full on Eskimo style?
    • Post Your Wallpaper is back! Show off your current favourite desktop wallpaper, and see how your Iwaku friends roll with their screens.
    • And in other news, how to attack someone with your hair.
    • What character types do you play well? Which ones just don't work for you? Tell us your feelings!
    • Would you have a fake girlfriend on FB? Or a fake ex? Apparently it's the new 'thing'. People will even sell them to you!
    • And finally, for a good laugh, learn how to be a ghost in this great drive-thru prank!

    [ Browse Member Talent Museum ] [ Tackle Challenges ] [ Study at the Academy ] [ Get Creative in Groups ]


    New and old Iwakuans contributed some amazing talent to the Museum all throughout January. Prepare to be impressed.

    New Showcases
    • Bit of Prose Writing: SiariAcionna's short story about a girl and her grandmother is an emotional read.
    • [​IMG] Random Stuffs: magiclove24 wrote a snippet about a death.
    • [​IMG] Fantasyland: Minibit shared a selection of old poems from college.
    • [​IMG] Happy Valentine's Day: A Poem: luvable-lil-monster wrote a not-so-fluffy poem about Valentine's Day.
    • [​IMG] Jezzyboo's story: Evil Love.: Jezzyboo posted her prose detailing the new girl's first day at school.
    • Art: MurasakiXTakusoXNexass's art is cute and simple. Check it out!
    • [​IMG] Poems of Process!: QuLuss has three poems for you to read in her new Showcase.
    • [​IMG] The Otherside: Envy is looking for feedback on his Lovecraft-inspired prose. Let him know what you think.
    • Don't Be Afraid: Blair? posted a short poem.
    • [​IMG] Untitled Excerpt: Absyinthe is open to criticism and comments on this sample of her writing.
    • The Facade: Envy also posted a story discussing views on socialism. He's looking for critiques on this, too!
    • Random pictures: Jericho made a video slideshow of pictures he's found around the internet, set to Enya.
    • [​IMG] My Artwork: Bl00dyroses has a few cute drawings in this thread.
    • [​IMG] Tales of Rodham's Rogues and Riches: Duffy Bracken posted eight chapters of a novella in progress. Go give him some feedback so he can move on!

    New Content


    Our top Challengers this month are Tomboy3, Becca Malik, and Elflady.

    Here's a look at our most popular Challenges for January:


    This month's top hardworking student is Kasumi Ishikawa for her activity in Exercises and the Mentoring Program.

    This month in the Academy:

    [ View the Blogs ]

    [ Join and Visit the Iwaku Groups ]

    What's Hot

    • The DC Comics Fanclub -"Batman, Superman, Green Lantern Corps., Nightwing, and Everyone Else! Rejoice, my friends! Here we dive into all DC characters- just name 'em!"
    • Iwaku's Gaming Guild - To all you gamers! Come here! =D
    • Demons Anonymous - "Be they demons themselves or demon-lovers, we love to RP with demons.Be them Hell made, Earth made, vile and gruesome, inexplicably dropdead sexy- or straight out of a folktale only your grampa knows- we love Demons."
    • Iwaku Horror Group - "Come, shatter your mind and delight in the unfathomable. Lovecraft, Junji Ito, Steven King, Your torture is our pleasure."
    • Guys' Club - Finally! The guys are getting more active. You...get in there and talk about guy stuff!

    What's New

    • Iwaku's League of Whovians - "Whether you've a passing interest or a scary obsession, if you like Dr Who, this is the group you want to be in. So, put on your bow ties, sonic the doors shut, and get posting. Please note that pears will not be handed out as refreshments."
    • The Bunny Nest -"For the purposes of breeding the finest plotbunnies in all the land." Ran by Ozzie!
    • Gigaverse - "An RP in the spirit of Comic Book Universes. Welcome to the Giga Continuum!"
    • Dog Lovers of Iwaku -"Whether you own dogs or just think they're the cutest little things in the world...we welcome you to chat about all things dog related."
    • Lone Wolves Clan - "all are welcome, this is just mainly a random rp clan to meet new friends and have a lil fun. i hope to get some." C'mon Iwaku. Go make some friends! =)

    [ Submit a Quote/Post ]

    Each month, we take a selection of posts and quotes from the Quotables and Notables submissions.These will be featured here in the newsletter. If you have something to submit to next month's newsletter, please use the submission form.

    This month's first notable post is from the RP A Secret Touch on the Heart and was posted by drifting wreckers. The post was nominated because she is able to paint a picture of the scene, her character and exactly what her character is thinking and it all flows together so perfectly.

    The rest of the post can be read here.

    The featured roleplay of the month is Aedia and is GMed by Secluded-Inkling. This role play is for absolutely everyone. The main story line is about the princesses getting back to the magical world but of course they'd come into contact with a LOT of other people along the way.

    The staff member of the month is Malkuthe Highwind! He is one of our new recruits and is doing a swell job! He always lightens the Cbox atmosphere, has his own creature creation challenge, and participates in the United Guild of World Building.

    The member of the month is GeekOut! This member has been welcoming newbies and providing entertainment by posting discussions in General Chatting!

    The Most Valuable Player is Secluded-Inkling for their enthusiastic participation in roleplays across the forum this month, including the new vault war. In addition to posts in many of the roleplay sections, they've also started two roleplays of their own in the past month!

    February 2013

    [size=+1]The Herald[/size]
    January 2 - February 14
    Your impression, while normally seen as someone who is an independent figure who is not in need of being aided, will lend itself to others helping you in the time upcoming, though not out of pity for you. Rather, your ideas are going to draw the attention of others who would like to lend a hand to your personal projects and continued endeavors.

    [size=+1]The Soulmate[/size]
    February 15 - April 1
    Socialization is normally something that you shy away from, despite how fond of you others seem to be. Your general shyness when it comes to meeting new people and going new places will not be altered but this is a fine time to take a few risks and celebrate with friends. Your energy is intoxicating, making you a person most tend to like, but this should be an even more magnetic time for you.

    [size=+1]The Guardian[/size]
    April 2 - May 15
    While your sometimes stubborn attitude can be a good point for you in many cases, the upcoming time for you will be an important one for compromise. You don’t have to sacrifice your strong beliefs for something that you don’t agree with but in minor disagreements over small things, your stubbornness could cause some hurt feelings that didn’t necessarily need to be wounded.

    [size=+1]The Mentor[/size]
    May 16 - July 1
    Any instruction that you give has a special flair to it, your style of instruction tends to be unique and interesting, no matter what you’re trying to give guidance in doing and others will find that particularly valuable in the upcoming time should you choose to dispense your wisdom or experience in something that you know well. Don’t be afraid to lend a hand to someone.

    [size=+1]The Trickster[/size]
    July 2 - August 15
    It can be difficult to remember when you are unsettled by feelings of doubt or dreams that involve unfortunate scenarios that your dreams aren’t likely predictive and are more likely trying to reveal to you how you feel about something going on in your life. If you feel a strong sense of unease in regards to upcoming events or relationships with others, it might be your subconscious encouraging you to explore it.

    [size=+1]The Ally[/size]
    August 16 - October 1
    When it comes to those you care about, it might seem like stress piling on your plate lately might not be something that they’re understanding and you might feel that they’re being unsympathetic or demanding. It’s more likely that they simply don’t know all that you’re dealing with in life. Sit down with them and don’t be afraid to talk over what you’re going through, and don’t forget to hear their side of the story!

    [size=+1]The Shadow[/size]
    October 2 - November 15
    If you’ve been procrastinating in doing something that needs to be done, the upcoming time should be harmonious enough that you ought to be able to find the motivation to finally get it done and when you do, you’ll feel quite accomplished and likely get a real mood boost for the task being finished at last. If motivation can be hard to find, tap into the resources that are your friends for some help keeping focused.

    [size=+1]The Rebirth[/size]
    November 16 - January 1
    It can be pleasant to be around someone who supports your ideas and is in agreement with you but what you need right now is someone willing to challenge you and push you to do better or to try harder. Your creativity and energy will probably blossom, but this surge may go untapped if you don’t have a reason to use it and don’t attempt to apply your ideas.

    That wraps up this month's newsletter! In the month of February, we'd like to remind you that Diana is an evil dictator and should she see anyone complain about Valentine's day on the 14th she WILL abuse her admin controls and ban you for the day. >:] Beyond that, we hope everyone enjoys this months festivals. May the muse be with you!
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    No but seriously Nice, and congrats to Malk!
  3. When I saw this, I did the strange geeking out dance that has given me my name. Thank you!
  4. Heeey yay for mentions! GREAT JOB GAIS! =D
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  6. ... It's eerie to me when my horoscope is so accurate.
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    It's so cool to think that someone out there thinks that my crazy mix of charries are interesting enough to mention. Awesomesauce!

    Thanks to all who cared enough to mention me. And if anyone has questions of positive critiques that can help my charries look and feel as believable as I try to design them, bring them on!

    I only bite if you're covered in powdered donuts. :)
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