Iwaku Newsletter: April 2013

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    This Newsletter is brought to you By:
    Diana: Editor
    Cammy: General Spotlight
    SuperCat: Groups Highlight
    Kitti: Iwaku Horoscopes, Quotable and Notables
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    It's spriiiiiiing! Welcome to the active season, Iwaku! For the past two weeks you may have notice the flood gates have opened and tons of new faces are pouring in to join us on roleplaying journeys. From now until the end of summer, expect Iwaku to be hoppin', boppin' and perhaps even driving you a little crazy. We encourage ALL members to take some time to get to know new people, and most of all have some patience with excited silly people. Help answer questions and guide people where you can, or make good use of the report button if you see something staffies need to take care of.

    After several years on vbulletin, we are now switching to a new forum system. You won't need to register or move anything, it will all be automagically. Just sit back and wait for it. You can learn more about it here and ask questions. If you want to test out the system and help us make sure the new system has everything we need, the link to the demo forum is posted up in our Cbox! (You DO need to register on the demo forum!)

    Iwaku needs YOUR ARTWORK for new title banners!
    We have a special Challenge for Artists! On the new system we want to make sure our title banner uses art made 100% by Iwaku. So if you are an artist, give this challenge a whirl!

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    Find many other kinds of roleplays in the OOC Forum.

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    Iwaku is full of talented people: writers, artists, songsters, and more. Check out these awesome showcases, and be sure to leave encouraging comments if you like someone's work! (Some of these artists may even be contributing to the new Iwaku Art Shop!)

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    Our top Challengers this month are Explicit Escritoire, PPBG, and Ella Bailey.

    Here's a look at our most popular Challenges for March:

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    Hey Iwaku! I'm always looking for new and interesting blogs to be put on here. If you would your blog to be featured in the next newsletter issue, send me a Private Message and I'll take a look at it. I'm intrigued by blogs that speak about deep subjects, like writing, art, life and sometimes opinion topics. I will definitely take games, books or movie reviews! These are my favorites! I am always on the look out for blogs that are advertising about their roleplays, and the more time and energy spent into a blog usually means it will make it into the Blog Spotlight. Being aesthetically pleasing is a plus!

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    What's New

    • Girl's Alliance - A safe place for girls and their transgender counterparts to talk about girl stuff!
    • The Iwaku Art Shop - This is your to-go place if you ever need art for your Roleplays. If you're an artist come here to peddle your trade.
    • Poets and Poetry -his group is for all poets and lovers of a good piece of verse to share poems they've written, share the poems of others, learn about different types of poetry and shoot the breeze.
    • DeathLord Nation - For Deathlords, Followers of DeathLords and people who wish to be a DeathLord.
    • Iwaku Underground Slave Traders - Be you a sex slave yourself, or a buyer with needs, join this group to find the perfect slave or master for your RP.

    What's Hot

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    The Staff Member of the month is Revi! She has helped a lot with project managing. Revi is the head in the World Builder's group and has recently had a World Builder's Appreciation week in order to spread the joy of building worlds all over the forum!

    The Member of the month is Explicit Escitoire! He is one of many new members that have come in this season! Since joining, he has jumped right into creating discussion for Diana's 10 topics in 10 days challenge. Not only does he create discussions, but he has been keeping our challenges alive by responding to them!

    The Roleplay of the month is Quest Online and is GMed by Wolfsin! This roleplay is inspired by Sword Are Online and has lots of fighting in it, but there isn't just fighting! This GM has put a lot of work into this roleplay to make it enjoyable for anyone who joins.

    Wolfsin, for jumping straight in and getting his hands dirty with as many roleplays as he could that caught his eye. He's been a pliant and versatile roleplayer who has shown a willingness to accommodate the criticisms of others and work to better himself with practice and integrating advice given to him.

    The Academy Student of the Month is azure_night! She jumped right into doing exercises and requesting a Mentor, as well as checking out Challenges and making a splash on the site.


    [size=+1]The Herald[/size]
    January 2 - February 14
    Do not allow hurt or resentful feelings to grow while you bow your head and submit to those who seem to have a stronger will. Empower yourself and remind your own thoughts that you have skills and abilities as well. With this new attitude, certain friendships and agreements may be seen in a different light. Difficult group dynamics or unpleasant feelings in a relationship may negatively affect productivity.

    [size=+1]The Soulmate[/size]
    February 15 - April 1
    This is a month of emotional receptivity for you dawning, making you sensitive to the criticisms of others but also charming for how you are perceived. To those with whom you are already close, take care to infuse your actions and words with kind and appreciative words for them, lest they feel left by the wayside.

    [size=+1]The Guardian[/size]
    April 2 - May 15
    Is there something that you are avoiding doing as of late, a business dilemma or personal problem? You will continue to feel anxious and guilty over unresolved situations such as this if you do not take action in them and it is better to solve these problems than to let them fester and potentially become problems of an even greater magnitude.

    [size=+1]The Mentor[/size]
    May 16 - July 1
    Remember that minor influence in your life add up, especially when counting your well-being. Small annoyances or minor upsets can weigh down your thoughts until the collection of small things has become a bring burden on your shoulders. Do little things for yourself to ease this as much as possible for a heightened state of personal happiness and greater opportunities for personal satisfaction.

    [size=+1]The Trickster[/size]
    July 2 - August 15
    Your tendency to play safe at life and maintain a distance between yourself and those who might be able to truly stir your heart, or wound it, is a measure that you will often find reward in when someone lets you down. Remember, however, that there are many situations worth taking the risk and to allow a more vulnerable side of yourself to show.

    [size=+1]The Ally[/size]
    August 16 - October 1
    A look into your past, specifically relationships within your family, may shed light on your reactions to other things in your daily life. Thinking through what made you do things a certain way can help you in making decisions with more clarity and a better background for why some things may give you a knee-jerk reaction.

    [size=+1]The Shadow[/size]
    October 2 - November 15
    Organization is the word of the month for you! While other affairs in your life lately may have been taking precedence, between romances and more business or academic affairs, you’re getting everything back on track (or hoping to do so!) and sorting out everything until you’re content with it. With any luck, you’ll have things back tidy and neat as you like it.

    [size=+1]The Rebirth[/size]
    November 16 - January 1
    Your life is on a path, one that does not even become apparent until you look path on the winding route that your life has taken. The person that you were before would likely barely recognize the person that you are now, and that is neither good nor bad, but simply something that you must come to terms with. You are always changing, there is no need to fear it!

    That's it for this month's newsletter! During April we are going to be very focused on working out the kinks in the new forum system before updating. That might even include several polls in the community hub for YOUR opinions, as well as turning off some things on Iwaku before we do test imports. We'll try to make sure there is as little down time as possible. Don't forget to welcome in our flood of newbies with open arms. To get out there and have some fun in roleplays. And to put your best attitude forward! May the muse be with you!
  2. Thank you so much for the mentions, I will continue to do my best to make Quest Online the best it can be, and please remember we are ALWAYS accepting new members =)
  3. Thanks for the mention of my story! I really appreciated this post to keep us all informed.
  4. I read over the list and didn't see my name anywhere other than under challenges. A friend pointed it out to me that I was member of the month, and I was in disbelief. I joined not even half a month ago. I was shocked. And I also woke up everybody in the house with my screams of giddy joy. :D Thanks for making me feel speshul!
  5. My favorite thing about the newsletters are the horoscopes. I find that they are magnificently on spot (at least for me) about the trials and tribulations of life.

    And, if i am to be honest, I find them fascinating.

  6. Thanks for the blog post mention :)