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  1. [Please note that if I were to run this game, it will be run almost like a Dungeon and Dragons game. Relax, I won't be using dice, but please be willing to cooperate with others. This will be an Adventure genre so expect of a lot of encounters. Much of the setting and conflicts will be made possible by you the players. {I will be using memories to make up the setting.} Also note that this roleplay will make it possible for you to play evil and guilty characters. You can play as someone who was innocent but know that this person will have to play well with the hardened criminals.

    [If you think this game sounds cool, let me know and tell me what you think could be improved on. As of right now it's up in the air.]

    Today is a special day. Today is your execution day, and you only get one of these. Funny how it works isn't it? Most people have several birthdays, sometimes decades worth but everyone only gets one death day. Yours unfortunately has been changed into an execution.

    Although some would say that death would be a better option than what you're going through. What was your sentence again? Oh yes that's it...

    Exile into Misera by the Ban Hammer.

    You must have done something scathing to get that ruling. What did you do? Murder? Rape? Sell slaves? Kill a nobleman? My, you must have a track record. Then again if you do, I doubt there's much pity for you. Probably why you got such a harsh sentence.

    What, you think there's hope for you? Oh please, you've heard the stories. Once you're bopped with the Hammer it's lights out. There's no way for you to come back. I don't even know what happens to your brain. Your body still works; but they put you in your coffin for when your body gives out. Mind still works, but you never wake up. Once your heart stops beating they close the casket and set you alight. I've seen it happen in the square before.

    What's that?

    Oh yes... It is rather cruel of Queen Diana but you can't complain. You got yourself into this mess. Me, all I did was steal some money. I'll be out of here soon. But you... I don't feel one lick of sympathy for you. Our Queen's a forgiving sort, so whatever you've done you must've unleashed the demons within her.
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  2. I've always wanted to be a part of an Iwaku roleplay and a D&D (sort of) game and you're offering both! I'm definitely interested but I have to warn you that I know little of the Iwaku universe and D&D-type roleplays. It would be awesome if you're willing to have a noob like me. But I'd totally understand if you can't.
  3. I've also been meaning to get involved in a Mythos rp for some time. I've been a bit uninspired of late, but I felt a spark with this setting. Count me in!
  4. I am intrigued, and would love to be a part of this. I've been in one Iwakuverse rp before, though only briefly, and the DnD style has always been something I've wanted to attempt.
  5. Oh yay! You decided to do this!

    I will throw my hat into the ring if this gets started up.
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  6. You don't need a lot of knowledge of the Iwakuverse to play this game. Really all I'm asking of my players is that they write well and are willing to work together to tell a story. The character that you play though tends to be a spin off of your username.
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  7. Awesome! Count me in then.
  8. Oh, I mention D&D style because it's a heavily GM driven plot. This isn't sandbox style where everyone gets to do whatever they want, everyone is united under one goal and they get hints and clues from me about what's happening. However I am always open to suggestions and will need suggestions to construct certain settings and plot lines.
  9. This....looks awesome. Hehehe, it's really ignited the evil within me.