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  1. Let's see what we can name. Obviously, I'm the source of quite a few of them.

    Nerf Castle
    Viva la Revolution
    Charizarding and its...variants
    @Asmodeus being...Asmodeus
    @Gwazi Magnum being as big a shitposter as me
    @Diana being an notanowl, or maybe an owl?

    what else, folks?
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  2. YOU'RE FIRED. >:[
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  3. @Unknowledge and anything perverted, although I think he went poof again.
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  5. Forced memes aren't funny Razilin!!!!
  6. but...none of them were forced

    My post count is now OVER 9000.
  8. RACKS2016
    @Ser K+ -Something about being @Ser K+

    Edit: Wasn't Jorick being a dick collector a thing too?
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  9. *places an understanding hand gravely on shoulder*
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  10. I don't recognize any of these memes.
  11. @The Butterfly for being the resident buttgoblin (That title will never leave you sir)

    @Gonzo as Iwaku's own cheese hack
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  12. @Diana stop firing people who doesn't work for you D:
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  13. Thank you!
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  14. I'm not a shit poster.
    I just keep spreading the love to people.
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  15. You claimed sharp is better, you are not a true knower of cheese.

    @Gonzo as the official headless horseman of Iwaku that puts everyone else's attire to shame.
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  16. This thread is now ducks...



    No, that's not right.

    I support the opening of Forum 22?

    Decidedly so.
  17. Well at least you tried, and that's all that matters.

    But srsly go away with your Roleplayer Guild memes you nerd. :P
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  18. none of those things are Iwaku Memes...


    Most people knew about these things at one point... died down a bit though...

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