Iwaku Mardi Gras 2011

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  1. Ok so in our C-Box insanity/drunkenness we have unanimously decided that Iwaku is going to Mardi Gras in 2011.
  2. And we're going to plan it out.

    Somehow. Fo'sho.
  3. we're gonna have to be at least half sober for this
  4. Sucks that none of the good members are going.
  5. well then get your ass the fuck out of Venezuela bitch
  6. So go sell a kilo and get yoh oss tu Mahdi Grah. /arnold
  7. 1. Purchase two very large hotel rooms.
    2. Purchase lots and lots of alcohol.
    3. Make sure to invite lots of women. Hookers are acceptable.
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT.


  8. you forgot step 1/2 somehow come up with the funding for this
  9. Can I be a hander-out of the beads?

    ....I want to see all the women who flash their bewbs at me...



    Seriously. I like bewbs.....
  10. Personal approval.
  11. I wanna go, set it up and I'll see if I can get off work.

    @TK - You're gonna need a wing man, You know someone to hold the beads. Besides I'm known to attract flashing girls - so it's a win win.
  12. @Oct:

    Bitch, please, I probable could get more chicks than you at a given time.

    You don't know how many girls I've massaged.

  13. Who doesn't?
  14. @TK - ORLY? - Well then let's go to Mardi Gras and find out who's Game is tighter!
  15. Wait....BOOBS?! I WANT IN ON THIS!!!
  16. How to fund it? Like any other party, some people are going to end up chipping in, and others will end up paying by showing up (read: mooching), but in the end it's all about fun anyway!
  17. Oct:

    I already won, no point

  18. LET'S DO THIS!


    Is cool the second time around... now we need a third time.