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  1. There is research done showing that writing offers a multitude of benefits to the brain including relaxation and mood modulation. Improving writing skills is shown to improve your overall ability to learn, helping to strengthen neural connections and pushing those who write to think critically in order to put their thoughts into words that others can understand. I personally feel that practicing my writing on a regular basis, even though it was for pleasure and storytelling rather than a more concrete purpose, helped develop my overall skills and improve my abilities as a communicator.

    In addition to that, as a community, Iwaku gives the opportunity to forge bonds with potentially like-minded people and create friendships (I have made several fast friends here myself).

    Do you think Iwaku has impacted your life?
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  2. In addition to that, as a community, Iwaku gives the opportunity to forge bonds with potentially like-minded people and create friendships (I have made several fast friends here myself).

    I've made a lot of friends on this site. I'm not sure how much of an impact I make on others, I'm a pretty quiet person and tend to lean more on gaming threads than anything else. But my roleplay partners, the ones that I have rped with for months and really got into it have become some of the greatest friends I have. @LilyEvans and @Fluffy have really stood out to me as good friends to me. we've chatted more often than we've roleplayed, and I don't do that with people. There are a few people in General Chatting I tend to really enjoy talking with and really enjoy their threads, or look forward when I see they've responded too. While I won't go as far as calling them friends, I'll say that I defiantly think that while you chat or run into the same people and you actually really enjoy reading what they have to say, you've created a community that really bonds to one another.

    Do you think Iwaku has impacted your life?

    Before I even joined Iwaku, I struggled with my writing. I didn't have a platform to work with, and quite frankly I didn't have the sense of community like I have on here. Iwaku has helped me learn the ropes of talking to people, and learning to laugh at myself. I'm still new to social situations for the most part, but I've really started to branch out. Hell, I've been thinking about doing Xbox 360 playthroughs with games. I'm a shy guy, it takes a lot for me to come out of my shell and with how accepting Iwaku is with people, it's really helped me to open up more.

    It's my biggest hobby. It's helped me become a better writer, and I'll even go as far as saying a better person. It's helped me grow out of certain attitudes. This one incident I posted something about post sizes and I was a real dickhead about it, a user pointed out that it wasn't cool. Many sites I've run into, people don't let the person step back to learn. Instead, it rolled and I learned the error. I've never run into a site so connected with one another that lessons can be learned.

    I know that sounds strange, but to me, that kind of community is what we should strive for. Iwaku certainly has given me a lot of lessons, and a lot of good friends.

    I'll get off my cheesy soapbox now.
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  3. Not to the point it affects my other activities. I guess I joined a skype group I drop by occasionally, but other than that?

    Also roleplaying makes my writing get worse.
  4. I've only been on Iwaku for a year now, but I can definitely say that it (and roleplaying in general) has helped me with my writing skills.

    As for making friends here, well, it's only been a couple of weeks maybe since I actually started participating in the General chatting section. It took me so long because I worry a lot about what kind of people I may or may not find here. ^_^ I am pretty scared of conflict and have the self confidence to fill a teaspoon :'D. But so far posting in the topics and reading replies has been incredibly fun for me.

    I recently moved far away from my home country, and it hasn't been an easy ride for me. I've been struggling with loneliness, depression, and being lost in translation. So Iwaku (and this section in particular) has really been helping me in keeping my chin up and not being as down in the dumps as I used to be perhaps a month ago. :3​
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  5. For me personally I don't think my RP writing has influenced this much, I don't put that much 'critical' thought into roleplaying cause it's mostly just something I go to for fun. I'll discuss and plan future RP developments with others, but I always aim to keep it rather vague/open with possible in order to enable more flexibility in the moment. Basically when it comes to RP's I'm a "Have fun" writer first and a "Make it a work of art" writer second.

    So I more-so feel what on Iwaku has helped me 'think critically' would be General Chatting. The reason for that being:

    1) Debate/Discussion threads.
    When civil, these give a good means to exercise expressing thoughts, opinions etc.

    2) Exposure to a diverse yet tolerant community
    I get exposed to people from all around the globe, which gives me better insight into different views and perspectives than I'd ever get simply surrounding myself with Canadians alone. Combine that with how people are generally more open on the Internet and I can spend more time learning about the way other people work, and less time getting through painful formalities and small talk. Additionally, everyone here has grown up as (and still is) a Geek and/or Nerd. We've all dealt with being bullied and ridiculed growing up, and although I find a couple members here have taken those experiences to justify being vicious to others, the majority of people here are actually pretty cool. Making a mistake is more likely to be met with a pat on the back than public ridicule. Being slightly off in social customs is a welcomed sigh of relief, not something people will start alienating you for. All of this adds up to giving me more time to actually engage with people, get into interesting discussions and learn more about different people rather than worrying about if I'm playing the 'social game' properly, which allows me to learn to think more critically in a social setting, and more time to practice actual communication (including wording).​
    The stuff I said in point 2 would all play into this too. Because of the generally chill and open community we have here it makes it more easy to actually make genuine and close friendships.​
    Individuals on Iwaku? Yea, I've met people here and known people from the Guild who for better or worse (sometimes both) have had big influences in the kind of person I've grown to be, or at least influenced how I try to tackle and address certain situations.

    Iwaku specifically? Kind of.

    See if I had never learned about Iwaku I likely would have stayed on the Guild and been more active in certain Facebook groups instead still getting my fill on online forum activities and such. However, the communities those places have are also very different than the community on Iwaku. The former operates a lot like High School incarnate, cliches, popularity contests and public shaming everywhere. The latter are pretty open and accepting, but they debate threads are a way of life. It's 99% fun poll or debate, very little in between.

    So if I had stayed in those communities for the majority of my time? My general exposure would likely have pushed me into either a more judging and pessimistic person, or kept me stuck in the "Everything should be a debate!" mentality I held in my late teen years. Iwaku however? I'd be lying if I said the community was perfect and I didn't maybe pick up 'any' bad habits (ex: sometimes being paranoid of debates) but for the most part it's been a more positive effect than I think I would have gotten elsewhere. It's helped me be more welcoming and caring to others, it's helped me understand different types of people more easily because where usually a bad first impression could always linger people here are pretty good about giving second chances, or simply letting their opinions not be clouded by one incident.

    Now, you could argue this is the result of the individuals in those communities not Iwaku specifically. And you'd have a point, but the aspect I'm getting at here isn't stuff I point to any one or group of individuals and say "They're the one's who influenced me", it's something basically everyone here has been able to chime into because it's all a bunch of contributions to the overall culture of the site.
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  6. I was an oldass roleplayer before I got to Iwaku, so it never really influenced that aspect. It did get me in contact with roleplay soulmates though. <3

    As for impacting my life, oh god, yes. I only came to admin on Iwaku "temporarily". A few months at best. But I ended up staying for 8 years. =___= I learned that I am a better admin when I work with trusted co-admins and share the responsibility And if manage my staff like I am their BOSS and NOT like their family/friend. Even though some staff and former staff are now good friends, drawing that line made sure things got DONE. I don't worry about if they'll get their feelings hurt and be mad at me. I make sure what is best for Iwaku happens, and not let those personal feelings get in the way. And Iwaku grew and grew and grew for it.

    Speaking of friends. 8D I have met some of the most important people in my life here. People who are now my best friends, who have become more than just peeps I have chatted with on the internet and get involve in my real life. I can't imagine life without these people. Which is pretty awesome because I know when I move on from Iwaku to the next phase, these people will still be with me.
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  7. Im on the Internet a lot more

    And it gives me an outlet to geek out about writing with other writing geeks!
  8. I've met a few people through Iwaku who I enjoy knowing... so that's a plus, right?

  9. First forum I ever signed up on ( back when it first started years ago under Peridox) and maybe the second I ever RP'd on

    Years later, and after occasional hiatuses, several changes in head admins, and many, many years....I'm still on Iwaku.

    And I'm still not bothering to go to another RP forum.
  10. Iwaku gave me hope when I was hopeless, a family when I had no one to turn to, and allowed me to grow into the Arcadia I am today. I have the most amazing Iwaku friends, and experiences I would never trade for anything, good or bad. Iwaku gave me strength, happiness and the power to finally be able to change into something better than I could have ever been anywhere else. Iwaku saved me from my own darkness and I will be forever grateful.
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  11. Now I'm curious as to how. XD
  12. All of them.
  13. So you've been reading every single post I made? :P
  14. Iwaku has greatly improved my writing. Roleplaying in general, for that matter. While I roleplayed a little on FB before going here, this is much better.

    I guess my social skills have improved a bit as well, considering the time I've spent here in GC.
  15. Iwaku has given me another "hobby" and a pretty useful/meaningful one at that. Honing my writing abilities and developing communication skills are side benefits to my discovery of this place, as well as some nice online friends.
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  16. Like, my first roleplaying post went something as such: "As the conversation died out, footsteps could be heard in the soft snow outside." I am pretty certain I've improved.
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