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  1. Welcome To Iwaku Idol
    This will be starting very soon, you will get to choose your songs and our prizes will be done and will be fantastic. Now please emerse yourself in a world of song and fun. This is meant to be fun and not taken to seriously. However a competition is a competition.

    1. Number one Rule Have Fun
    2. I will give you a week to get all entries in, if not in by the end of that week you will be put at the bottom of the list
    3. Our week starts on Sunday, well today is Tuesday so you will get a full extra week to do your recordings. Yay me for being a lazy ass and busy these last few days.
    4. I will give the genre on Sunday after I have ranked and listened to everyones song.
    5. This will be 12 weeks and who ever is the winner will actually get to hear me sing as a prize along with what ever my amazing prize Designers Come up with
    6. You may send your entry via pm to the 3 of us judges in a group or put it here. If you send it to us via pm that's okay just let us know if you want us to share it or not
    7. No one will be disqualified unless we actually do get more interest, after week one I will not allow new entries.
    Weekly Genre's

    Let's get a little fun and silly our first week loosen up all of you.

    Week 1: Disney ( seriously pick your favorite Disney Song from any Disney, Yes I will allow Pixar and Anastasia )
    Songs for The week (open)
    B and the b
    I see the light Tangled
    Candle on the water
    I won't say I'm in love
    Proud of your boy

    I'll make a man out of you

    Winners Circle

    Week 2: Dreamworks Songs
    Songs This week (open)
    For the dancing and the dreaming Prince of Egypt
    I will always return Spirit

    Winners Circle

    Week 3: Alternative ( Need ideas for any Genre I am an open book)
    Winners Circle

    Week 4: Country ( were back in need any help please ask)
    Winners Circle

    Week 5: Songs from Either Psych Musical Episode or Scrubs Musical episode
    Winners Circle

    Week 6: Wicked week (because I want it dedicated to this l. I dk)
    Winners Circle

    Week 7: Tim Burton songs ( need help ask, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc)
    Winners Circle

    Week 8: Showtunes (wicked ( songs not done from Wicked week), les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, Chicago, Memphis, Fiddler on the Roof, CATS, Burlesque, Mama Mia and Into the woods etc)
    Winners Circle

    Week 9: Glee week (uh duh why did I forget)
    Winners Circle

    Week 10: You pick any Genre you want
    Winners Circle

    Week 11: Suprise pick judges will pick for you.
    Winners Circle

    Week 12: Today's Hits ( This I have a list of songs for you to choose from.)
    Winners Circle

    Alright please let me know your song for each Genre. when that week Comes about. Good luck and May the odds be ever in your favor. ( Bad joke )

    Week 6: Wicked the Musical Week

    Due May 15th
    Link to help with this week songs
    @Scorpio Queen


    Prize Designers
    @Gwazi Magnum


    @Princess Poisoned Rose

    Hey guys! It's Happily, just wanted to say you all are awesome talented people, and we are only ranking the top three each week to help determine the prize winner at the end of the twelve weeks!
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  2. Oooh!
    My Disney Selection:

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  3. sweet
  4. Yikes, that's a lot of weeks! I didn't realize this was going to be such a long-term commitment. @_@ I did put myself down as a "maybe" initially, so... yeah, I don't think I can stay as a contestant. Sorry! Hope the rest of you have fun without me.
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  5. I was going to say something, but...
    Kaga beat me to the point.
    If you were planning for a 3 month deal you should have advertised it as such at the start.

    Your original thread gave the impression it was a one time thing.
  6. Same. :/
  7. No I said 12 weeks in original thread
  8. actually if you look it said 12 weeks
  9. see
  10. So I know that we have to record but do you have a suggested program? The most I can do is a video but it'd show my face. Which I have no problem with.
  11. you can do video off camera or sound cloud
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  12. >_> To be fair, I'm still not sure I can say that was abundantly obvious. Especially if it was only brought up that one time, and so out-of-context. The rest of that post was talking about how we would set this up, not when -- given that, I'm not surprised that it went right over my head and I forgot about it so quickly.

    At any rate, sorry for not picking up on that.
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  13. your good sorry thought it was clear this wasn't a one and done thing that would be a horrible competition if it was lol
  14. Just to make sure, what is the date the Disney songs are due here? Sunday after next?
  15. ^This

    It was mentioned one time briefly off-hand, and only as a possibility/consideration.
  16. next Sunday
    read above
  17. For my Disney selection I'd like to do the Hebrew dub of I See the Light from Tangled. Is that alright or does it have to be the original English version?
  18. I was hoping for English if you don't mind
  19. Would Dreamworks songs be allowed in for the Disney/Pixar week?
  20. Okie doke. No problem, always good to ask first :)
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