Iwaku Horoscope!



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Just thought up a hilarious project idea in the CBOX just now (that I didn't want to spoil).

How about, along with the monthly newsletter...


But make it hi-larious. :D
Writing horoscopes is fun. I wrote them for school newspapers some years ago. XD

Fun idear, Sith Lord. <3 I'm sure we can fit that in there somewhere, if you wanna make some up.
Would we use traditional horoscopes or make up our own Iwaku-related ones? (Although the real ones would be easier to do...)
Oooo! Why not slightly renamed traditional ones with Iwakian themes? Change it each month too? Or am I being too complex?
I want joke horoscopes, because that would be HILARIOUS. XD

I would LOVE if we made our own Iwaku Culture signs though!
Hmmm, well I don't know about the other signs, but if we changed Gemini into Yaoi Girl.... *snickers*
Hmm... What we could do, is take the traditional Zodiacs and make joke horoscopes for them, but use Iwaku culture for our own unique imagery of each one!

So, we would call it Gemini, but use a Yuri-girl picture or something for it. Y/N?
Sei, I'll help you do this if you'd like. It sounds like a blast.

You can first make a "Horoscope Personalities" info thingy to post in the IwakuWiki

And then each month write up silly horoscopes for the newsletters. >:D

There's only a week left before the next newsletter, so we can make it a project goal to finish before August 1st?