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  1. Kitsume Yobu hadn't been at the Academy very long. She felt honestly that she didn't belong here, but after her father had come into a great amount of money, he'd immediately sent her here, explaining that it was the best of the best and she deserved the best. His words, not hers. It was Summer Break, meaning no one was here- they'd all gone home- so she was free to explore and get used to the routes she'd use to get to her class. and other various rooms of the building.

    She wondered what extracurricular groups they'd have, and if she'd feel right joining any of them. She looked around, her bob-cut brown hair bouncing as she used the tiles on the floor to make her feet do a little jig out of boredom. She wondered if there was a music club. Oh, maybe they had a choir! She loved choir. Her mother had taught her to sing before the divorce... now she barely saw her. Kitsume looked around and saw, at the end of a hallway, a large set of double doors. The sign above it read Music Room #3. She grinned as she hopscotched toward it and pulled the doors open, fully expecting an abandon band room. What she got was much more. With a gush of wind- rose scented?- and a flurry of flower petals, she was blinded by a bright light. When it died down, she saw the oddest thing.

    A group of seven young men, posing as if for a picture. They were all almost unnaturally good looking, but one made her heart skip. In the back, there was a tall young man with dark hair and a nearly vacant expression on his face, but he was still looking at her. Just like the rest of them.

    "U-Uhm, I'm sorry I guess I h-have the wrong room!"

    She bowed deeply, apologetic for intruding on... whatever it was they were doing.

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  2. [​IMG]

    "Welcome!!" The boys chorus, just as they had practiced. What great luck that someone, a girl of all people, had wandered in just as they were going over plans for the club for the upcoming year. The rose petals seemed to be working well and their voices had called off in unison even though the opened door hadn't been expected. Tamaki didn't have to look up to see if everyone was in their proper place. He could feel it.

    A satisfied smile stretched along Tamaki's face as he gazed at their little visitor from his plush chair, carrying on with the charade even though they weren't official open for business. He uncrossed his legs, spreading out his arms as he stood. "Welcome, Princess to the Host Club here at Ouran Academy! The Ouran Host Club is where the schools handsomest boys with too much time on their hands, entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super rich and beautiful!" He had walked some of the room as he spewed his little monologue, the line basically engraved in his mind. As he finished, he spun back toward the guest, stopping only a couple feet from her. "There's no need to apologize, dear miss. May I have the honor of receiving your name Princess?"
  3. Kyoya Ootori

    Kyoya watched as the 'King' had started swooning the girl. With a flip of his hand he opened the black book he had been carrying. "Her name is Kitsume Yobu, she is still relatively new here, isn't she in one of your classes Haruhi?" Kyoya asked with a blank face. 'Well assuming she's here we should be seeing a lot more of her' he thought to himself righting in the black book of his, as a glare came over his glasses, he pushed them closer to his face. He wrote several more things before closing the book entirely.
  4. Kitsume could only stutter, words not being able to fall from her lips as Kyoya spoke. Damn, he was good. She nodded a bit, gesturing to the strange Know-It-All guy in the glasses with a 'yeah he's right' expression. She did blush as she was called Princess, but something told her this over-dramatic blond kid called every girl a princess, so she managed to shake it off in no time. She wasn't easy to flatter, especially when she knew it was false flattery. She did smile at him though, not wanting to be rude.

    "Yes, I'm Kitsume. Kit for short, but people rarely call me that. So, this is a host club? Like, what, a brothel or something? Because I'm not into that, I just need people to talk to..."

    Her eyes wandered around, eyeing every guy suspiciously. Two identical twins, a know-it-all, the leader, a shorter, feminine one, the tall handsome one and-

    "Hi, I'm Honey!! Want some of my cake? It's strawberry!"

    A tiny blond haired boy holding a floppy pink bunny bounced up to her, the biggest smile on his face and a piece of strawberry cake on a little china plate. How old was he? She didn't really care, because...

    He was SO CUTE!! She couldn't help but 'squee' a bit as she nodded, her eyes growing to saucers as she wandered off with Honey to go have cake and talk about his stuffed bunny.
  5. [​IMG]

    Haruhi Fujioka was not surprised at all , that someone had stumbled into the infamous Ouran High School Host Club . Heck , she was one of those people , save that she wasn't rich , famous or even here to 'play' . But then again , being a host from a dog was definitely a better position to hold , and now she had somehow grown albeit used and attached to the antics of all the members of the host club , even Kyoya who used to remind her of her debt after she oh so gracefully , broke that throat-cutting vase .

    "Her name is Kitsume Yobu, she is still relatively new here, isn't she in one of your classes Haruhi?"

    The brunette host looked up at her said classmate before recognition hit her . "Oh , yes , hello , Yobu-san , how are you ?" , she asked the female with her usual friendly smile before approaching her , ready to make her feel welcomed , in a less....host style .
  6. Kitsume smiled at the brunette, covering her mouth daintily with one hand as she chewed the piece of cake in her mouth and swallowed before greeting him. He seemed nice enough, and he looked like the best bet for someone to talk to around here. She turned back toward Honey-Senpai just as the twins plopped down in front of her, eyeing her. It made her feel... like something was in her teeth. She blushed while running her tongue along her teeth, making sure there was nothing there, then smiled toward them. They spoke, their voices running together fluidly, as she had pretty much expected.

    "Yeah Kaoru?"
    "She's pretty."

    The one she was guessing was Kaoru turned to his brother, who pulled him into a very close embrace, their lips almost touching and suddenly it was as if Kitsume was transported to a soap opera.

    "Tell me you aren't already falling for her!"
    "N-Never, Hikaru! How could I ever love someone when you're all I need?"

    Kitsume bit back the giggles. They were cute, but she saw through their act. Everyone had a vice though, she admitted to herself.
  7. Honey flounced over to Tamaki, tugging on his sleeve in the cute way he did everything.

    "Boss, where are all the ladies?"

    Kitsume spoke up, clearing her throat and using her softest voice.

    "Well... It may have something to do with it being Summer break. I'm only here because I'm new and I was exploring. There doesn't seem to be a lot of other people here..."
  8. Hikaru absentmindedly ghosted his fingers along his brother's jawline, head tilted to the side ever so slightly as he let their lips brush, only half listening to what was going on around them. Completely immersed in their performance. But as soon as Kitsume finished speaking and Kaoru began squirming a bit, he seemed to snap out of it. He wrapped an arm around Kaoru's waist, a soft smile gracing his face when he felt his twin's arm settling on his own hip automatically, just belonging there. They took long strides in perfect sync until they grudgingly separated and ended up on either side of the girl, leaning forward as they examined her.
    "Really, Hikaru, listen to her. She's just so... Cute~"
    "Timid. Gentle. Soft. We should keep her. Tamaki? Can we keep her?"
  9. Azami Mizuki was by no means a lovely little lady, and spat venom at anyone who had the balls to try and change her ways. She had plenty of money, though she rarely dressed the part. She was a tom-girl, through and through, and hated the soup opera drama that was always associated with high school. So, why was she tiptoeing closer and closer to the doors of the oh so incredibly infamous Host Club? Because she lost a bet. It was infuriating, really. Usually the auburn haired beauty had a knack for gambling, but apparently her talents disappeared when summer break arrived. She blew out a soft sigh and adjusted her ponytail.

    Bitterly, the young woman supposed that this was a somewhat decent alternative to getting sun poisoning. Albeit, this was far more painful to her dignity. "Damn you, Anna..." She growled under her breath. Slowly she stepped into the room, her posture calm and collected, and her light brown eyes ever so vigilant. Slowly moving her toothpick around in her mouth, she studied the room's inhabitants. There was a decent sampling of young men in the room, all running through their list of charms with such fragrance that even an American actor could envy. All just to impress a girl. Judging by the soft scowl on her face, she was terribly unamused by the motions. She rolled down the sleeves of her soft grey sweatshirt. What am I getting myself into...?!

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  10. Honey was busy chewing on a strawberry covered in cake frosting when he heard the door open. He looked over from his conversation with Kitsume and smiled wide as he saw another guest wander in. She seemed like she didn't want to be here, but he could change that. He excused himself for a moment and when Kitsume nodded, he hopped over to Kyoya and tugged his sleeve, motioning to their new Guest before he hopped over with a piece of cake, offering it up for her.

    "Welcome to the Ouran High School Host Club! Would you like some cake?"
  11. Azami watched as a little kid alerted someone who appeared to be in charge of this whole weird operation. Then the kid came running up to her with a piece of cake. At least they have comfort food here... She thought wryly. "Uh, sure, I guess." She responded a bit awkwardly to his offer of cake, gingerly taking the plate from his hands. She looked around for somewhere to sit, and slowly made her way over to the couches. She threw out her toothpick along the way. Sitting across from another girl and the twins, she neatly crossed her legs and quietly ate her cake, taking small bites and attempting to ignore pretty much everything going on around her.
  12. Before Tamaki could even answer Honey, the door burst open and another guest wandered in looking less than the normal clientele. He decided to let Honey greet her while he took care of the infuriating twins. He gave then a sidelong glance. "Lady Kitsume isn't something that can be owned boys, however she is rather cute," Tamaki shot the girl his dazzling smile with an innocent wink. He sat down besides the twins as the girl in the hoodie joined them. He met her gaze and smiled. "Welcome, Princess. May I ask you name?"
  13. Calm and cool, Azami finished her bite of cake before regarding the blonde haired idiot who came to sit by her. Her light brown eyes fixed upon him with a well-practiced wintery glare. "The name's Mizuki. Azami Mizuki. And I don't exactly enjoy being called princess." Her voice was flat and in control, hopefully off-putting enough to let her continue eating her cake in peace. She didn't care much for how these odd boys saw her, but she knew she wasn't one to be fawned over and that was that.
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  14. Konami was in the one place she found comfort and silence. The library of course. But it seemed even now she couldn't have some peace and quiet as she heard some commotion just down the hallway and she poked her head out to see what the noise was that was so rudely disrupting her reading. She didn't look the type to be such a bookworm but here she was, shoving her nose into a bunch of books. She in fact looked like your stereotype school girl, but her personality didn't quite fit her looks.
    "Well of course it had to be a bunch of boys. Hmm~ I wonder why I didn't think that to begin with? Well, hopefully they don't want to bother me... Maybe they will leave me alone..."
    But then again she could only hope for the b est and except things to go well for her, but she had a tendency to get into situations that didn't exactly favor what she would like and it tried her patience more than most would expect.​
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